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UberX base fare: Down from $3 to $2.55.
Per mile rate: Down from $2.15 to $1.75.
Per minute rate: Down from $0.40 to $0.30.
Minimum fare: Down from $8 to $7.

Some Uber Drivers Strike To Protest Company’s Fare Cuts


Uber’s game plan is simple: it wants to drive the rates so low as to increase demand – by luring some of the customers who would otherwise have used their own car or public transport. And to do that, it is willing to burn a lot of cash, while rapidly expanding into adjacent industries, from food to package delivery.

An obvious but rarely asked question is: whose cash is Uber burning? With investors like Google , Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Goldman Sachs behind it, Uber is a perfect example of a company whose global expansion has been facilitated by the inability of governments to tax profits made by hi-tech and financial giants.


Uber Settles Case, Won’t Claim It Has “Safest Ride On The Road” Anymore

  • Uber has reached a settlement in a pair of lawsuits that accused it of falsely advertising itself as “the safest ride on the road” and wrongly charging riders a “safe rider” fee.

  • Should that settlement be approved by a judge, Uber will pay $28.5 million to 25 million riders who used the service between Jan. 1, 2013, and January 31, 2016.

  • Uber has agreed to rebrand its “safe ride fee” as a booking fee.
  • www.buzzfeed.com/johanabhuiyan/uber-settles-case-wont-claim-it-has-safest-ride-on-the-road#.rn09Bo1eR


    Uber drivers can earn $500 per week. I know from experience and did it several times. Uber screwed me which is why I no longer look for the surges. On Christmas Eve, my account was deactivated. Merry Christmas, a lump of Uber in your stocking.

    Logic, intuition and luck, it’s like fishing. Know where to go and when to park it, don’t drive around wasting gas. The ping will come. After finishing a fare, know where to go next. You never know where a passenger is going: the airport is best.

    Based upon conversations with passengers who are professionals, Uber is popular because it is cheaper and more reliable than taxis.

    After Christmas, I vsited the Uber office, now closed, and showed the rep that there was conflicting data. The app showed I had 643 trips while my account said 715. My rating on the app was 4.29 but on my account for the total number of trips was 4.3 and for the month was 4.34…My last five trips, 12/23, rated as 5 stars.

    ‘I nearly passed out’: A $640 Uber ride for a 30-mile trip to the airport

    Jeremy Gilchrist
    1/30/2016 9:27 AM EST

    It is her own fault. Uber allows you to estimate the fare before you request and it would have taken the 4.4x into account. That would have told her it was going to be north of $600. Additionally the app makes you type in the multiplier before requesting, and it shows you what the base fare will be just for getting in the car.

    1/28/2016 7:35 PM EST

    Uber’s surge pricing is designed to encourage more Uber drivers to get on the road during events such as bad weather.


    Oh that is just dandy. We really need more cars on the road during major weather problems.

    1/28/2016 1:11 PM EST

    Uber always gives you a price estimate before your trip. It’s too bad the passenger can’t read.

    1/28/2016 11:15 AM EST [Edited]

    “Surge pricing” sounds much nicer than “price gouging”.

    West North
    1/28/2016 12:37 PM EST

    Would you prefer no service at all, or the choice to take a service at a higher price?

    Cassidy Paul Allen Ferrel
    1/28/2016 10:55 AM EST

    Uber still made money after paying out the driver. Uber takes like a 28% cut according to my research on how they get paid. When I lived in DC I just hired the van that picks up folks to go to the airport for $35.

    1/27/2016 11:11 PM EST

    I’m never going to use Uber…

    1/28/2016 9:58 AM EST
    The great thing about Uber is that no one is forcing you to use it, unlike the traditional cab monopolies which use the force of government to exclude competitors.

    1/28/2016 11:17 AM EST

    Pretty sure no one is forced to use a cab, either.

    1/27/2016 3:08 PM EST

    Meanwhile the taxi drivers stopped serving during the storm and the taxi companies tried and failed to draw drivers back out on the roads with their own $15 surcharge. So you called and got false assurances they’ll come at some unstated time at a premium price. Because they only brought X amount of tokens from the county/district and were only able to tempt X% of X amount of drivers to accept fares at that time.
    Uber was decent enough to assign her a driver and provide an updated estimate of the time of arrival and cost of the trip.

    1/27/2016 3:07 PM EST

    I don’t get why it’s called surge pricing if the intent is to get drivers on the road. Wouldn’t the extra supply of drivers drive (pun intended) the price down, not up? I think they should call it gouge pricing or screw you over in a time of need pricing.

    1/27/2016 3:09 PM EST [Edited]

    That’s the point. When the demand of riders is high and/or supply of drivers is down, the surge pricing is applied to drive the number of drivers up and/or riders down. It’s an incentive.

    1/27/2016 2:52 PM EST

    Next Blizzard, I am renting a Hummer and driving for Uber!

    Mick Truitt
    11:13 PM EST

    For commenters that are putting down UBER in this case did you skip the sentence where the passenger said she understood the 4.4 multiplier and that she missed the $144 base charge. So she admitted that it was her mistake and the company still gave her a partial refund. WOW!

    10:57 PM EST

    Uber exalts the false, pretentious and fraudulent meme that it is a technology company (and not a cab company) when in fact it is only a modern, petty example of greed = and not for the drivers.

    10:55 PM EST

    When it comes down to it, Uber is evil. It will surcharge you when you need it most, it relies on its drivers not figuring out the cost of mileage on their vehicles, it hires felons, … Hold Uber to the same standard as cabs, with complete driver background checks, fixed rates, regular vehicle checks, etc. and see how long Uber will survive. You can’t build a business model by cutting corners.

    10:53 PM EST

    I’m shocked that this individual was so complacent about the total waxing she was given at the hands of this “business”.
    Uber exhibits an annual turnover rate of drivers of somewhere on the order of 50%.
    Seems to me they are doing a fine job of screwing their customers AND their drivers 50% oft he time.

    colin thorne
    10:47 PM EST

    Forget Uber.



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