Trump for President

Donald ? Could happen — not likely, but he would be an improvement over the platoon of retreads like Newt Gingrich or wannabes like Michele Bachmann et al, which is not saying much. The Donald’s ego might push his hat, or toupee, into the ring but would his super-size Ego, hold the fries, be appropriate for the White House?

Retail politics, shaking hands, holding babies, making speeches without looking like a Wall Street banker, might be too formidable a task during the primaries but the contrast with President Obama during the general election could carry the day: November 1st, 2012. Another advantage would be his appeal to the main stream media – sound bites.

Stay tuned. On May 16th, NBC announces its programming for the Fall, but don’t bet your casino on Trump’s ambition. In order to run for the office of president, he will have to disclose his financial assets and liabilities, which could be a blow to his ego.

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NY1 Exclusive: Donald Trump Slams “Evil” Bush, Praises Obama

By: Dominic Carter

If there’s one thing certain about real estate mogul Donald Trump, it’s that he likes to win… even though he endorsed John McCain for president.

“McCain, really, that was almost an impossible situation,” said Trump. Bush has been so bad, maybe the worst president in the history of this country. He has been so incompetent, so bad, so evil that I don’t think any Republican could have won.”

During an exclusive interview with NY1 in his Midtown office on Fifth Avenue, Trump slammed President George Bush’s foreign policies.

“You know, you can be enemies with people, whether it’s Iran, Iraq, or anyplace else and you can still have dialogue. These people wouldn’t even talk with him. It’s terrible,” said Trump.

While he had harsh words for the outgoing president, he had a much different opinion of President-elect Barack Obama.

“I think he has a chance to go down as a great president. Now, if he’s not a great president, this country is in serious trouble,” said Trump.

“I think [Obama's] going to lead through consensus,” continued Trump. “It’s not going to be just a bull run like Bush did. He just did whatever the hell he wanted. He’d go into a country, attack Iraq, which had nothing to do with the World Trade Center and just do it because he wanted to do it.”

Trump was then asked if he ever thought he would see an African-American president in his lifetime.

“They always said 100 years before a black man or woman could be elected president. And the 100 years turned out to be, like, one year. He’s done an amazing job,” said Trump.

An Associated Press GFK poll released Tuesday shows that a majority of people share Trump’s approval of Obama.

A total of 72 percent of those surveyed say they are confident the president-elect will do what it takes to revive the economy, while 68 percent say Obama will be able to carry out his campaign promises.

Strengthening the economy is a top priority for 61 percent of those surveyed.

The poll was conducted from November 6-10 by telephone interviews with more than 1,000 adults. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

Meanwhile, no interview with the man they call “the Donald” would be complete without a little bragging.

“I’m in many, many rappers’ songs. And I know them,” said Trump. “50 Cent is sort of a friend of mine. I mean, he likes me. He just did a show, it was a copy of ‘The Apprentice.’ It will fail because he’s not Trump, but he’s actually a nice guy.”

But to a degree, that ego may be well-earned. Trump confirmed reports that he sold a single home in West Palm Beach, Florida for nearly $100 million before the market crashed.—i–donald-trump-slams–evil–bush–praises-obama/

6 Reasons Donald Trump Would Make A Great President

The Donald Trump for President boomlet is in full swing. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough is excited about a Trump run. The orange-haired real estate developer is making a transparent effort to appeal to Republican primary voters by questioning President Obama’s birth certificate and disavowing moderate views on social issues. The strategy seems to be working: A CNN poll shows Trump tied with the lead in the Republican primary alongside former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

The USA Today reports that Trump is willing to invest $600 million of his own money in a run and would invite Americans to invest alongside him. (Lets hope this investment works out better than Trump Casinos and Resorts. The publicly held vehicle that housed Trump’s Atlantic City properties has made so many trips to Chapter 11 it now gets comped at the restaurant.)

In the accompanying video, veteran political consultant Hank Scheinkopf says we shouldn’t dismiss Trump’s potential candidacy. “Trump is doing a service for Republicans,” he said.

While Trump is a brilliant marketer, I’m skeptical. Still, stranger things have happened. So in that spirit, here are six reasons a Trump presidency would be good for America.

1. National Re-Branding. Trump is great at conveying sunny optimism about anything he’s associated with. We could look forward to his re-branding of our country from the tarnished and no-longer appropriate “United States of America,” to: “World-Class Nation,” or “Greatest Nation in the World.”

2. Yes We Can. . .Defy The Aging Process. America is beset by a debilitating can’t do spirit. Many feel as if we are at the mercy of powerful natural forces, like the rise of China and global warming. But Trump has shown a steadfast unwillingness to give in to the natural forces of decline. Let other candidates go bald…or gray…or both. The persistence of his rust-colored coiffe and the bold comb-over shows a defiant spirit that American manufacturers and schoolkids would be wise to adopt.

3. I.O.U.S.A. Speaking of haircuts, Trump’s business expertise could come in handy in dealing with America’s woeful fiscal situation. The nation’s paramount problem is how to deal with monstrous short- and long-term debts. States, cities, and the federal government are all learning that it is very difficult to meet existing financial obligations without raising taxes or cutting spending sharply. Trump, however, has a long experience, dating back to the early 1990s, of convincing creditors to settle for less than full payments of debts his businesses incurred. And the restructurings didn’t stop him from being a viable financial force in the future. Just imagine if President Trump could do to the Chinese central bank next year what he did with New York banks 20 years ago?

4. Real Estate Strategy. Trump has the rare ability to enhance the value of properties simply by putting his name on them. The White House and Camp David are clearly too down-scale for his gilded tastes, and President Trump probably wouldn’t want to take up residence in them. Solution? Rename them Trump Pennsylvania Avenue, and the Trump Catoctin Mountain Resort & Spa, and help reduce the deficit through successful hotel/condo operations.

5. Foreign Affairs. Trump is a bit of a loose cannon when it comes to foreign policy. But he could use his wives’ connections to their home countries to establish improved relations. He could dispatch current wife Melania to her native Slovenia as a special ambassador to boost trade with the country. (Last year, the U.S. exported $328 million to Slovenia and imported $465 million from the country.) Think of the potential for growth. First wife Ivana , a native of the Czech republic, could be dispatched to her homeland to work on boosting the U.S.-Czech bi-lateral trade, currently valued at $3.9 billion. Second wife Marla Maples is from Georgia (the state, alas, not the country). But the struggling republic in the Caucasus is celebrity-starved and would probably welcome a visit.

6. Better Catch-Phrases. Over the past decade, the U.S. has suffered from terrible, easily-mockable presidential catch-phrases, from “Mission Accomplished” and “Heckuva Job, Brownie” in the Bush years, to “Yes We Can” and “The Audacity of Hope” in the Obama regime. Trump, armed with a ready arsenal of quips, would do much better.

To underperforming cabinet secretaries: “You’re Fired!”

To legions of unemployed seeking work: “You’re Hired!”

To military leaders stuck in three intractable conflicts: “You’re Mired!”

To workers on federal payrolls who need to be downsized: “You’re Retired!”

To rural residents waiting on high-speed internet: “You’re Wired!”

While there’s plenty to be said about a Trump presidency, don’t get your hopes too high. After all, in 2008, Rudy Giuliani showed that blunt, thrice-married, media-savvy New Yorkers known primarily by their first names don’t do particularly well in Republican primaries. In 1992, H. Ross Perot proved that charisma and business success only get you so far in electoral politics. Perhaps most devastating, in an endeavor that requires constant flesh-pressing, Trump has a well-documented aversion to shaking hands with strangers.

Daniel Gross is economics editor of Yahoo! Finance
Posted at 11:40 AM ET, 04/12/2011

Truth Teller 7 hours ago
Too funny. The man is a failed business man (countless bankruptcies) who only makes money because of this horrible tv show. I would love it if he ended up at the Republican nominee, but that’s because that’s only because I don’t want a far right winger in the presidency and it would insure that the moderate republican (i.e. Pres. Obama) stays in office.Michael 8 hours ago
when america needs to file for bankruptcy, Trump would be the best choice for the job. we go broke while he and his cabinet get golden parachutes.

Velmo Holm 9 hours ago
We are now at the bottom of the barrel. Trump is interesting, exciting, dynamic? You must be kidding. I can’t imagine him anywhere but in a circus of miscreants.

Todd M 9 hours ago
Didn’t he evict low income housing tennants to renovate buildings for the rich? Didn’t his sharehoders get burned badly investing in his companies that went totally bankrupt? And people would honestly think he would do a good job as our next president?

phil 11 hours ago
Great! when he gets to be prez we can have bumper stickers that say DUMP TRUMP

Mike 11 hours ago
No more clown please, for the sake of the country, Let’s get serious @ this time

Happy Seller 13 hours ago
He filled for bankruptcy twice ! What is that financial genius going to do next.

Onam Nam 14 hours ago
Is this for real? or are still in April fool?

Loves Dos 15 hours ago
not only is this article a joke but trump is a joke

Eyeball 17 hours ago
Well, he could could bankrupt the nation like he’s done with so many of his failed businesses.
Oh wait…

RJ 17 hours ago
Hilarious. Thanks.
You missed at least on really important reason: no one would ever have to question if he was telling the truth. ;-)

Ben Cartwright 17 hours ago
If Trump is the best we’ve got for President, we are in even worse shape than I thought. God help us.

Allegro1949 17 hours ago
I like Trump’s moxie, but really…is he qualified? The sad fact is that there are no viable candidates that have a clue as to how to get the US back on track. There are too many problems, such as a huge deficet, unemployment, waste, special interest groups, in-fighting between both parties, etc., etc., etc…for any would-be President to tackle. Our government no longer serves it’s citizens, hasn’t for many years. Time for another revolution!

DON211 17 hours ago
These are mostly reasons he might, God Forbid, he get elected, not really reasons he might be a good President. I don’t think he could get the Independent vote. This guy would be a bull in a china shop. He is a disaster waiting to happen. Given the “wisdom” of the American voter, that is not to say he won’t be elected. Canada, here I come!

Elizabeth 17 hours ago
Donald Trump would make George Bush look like a saint.

Ralph 17 hours ago
He’s Paris Hilton without a sex tape

john 18 hours ago
You must be kidding

Mahmoud 18 hours ago
Six more reasons why Te Donald would make a great president:
(1) he’s a womanizer;
(2) he’s gone bankrupt running casinos (really?);
(3) his hairpiece was born in the USA (but he’ll need to prove this);
(4) he knows nothing about how government works: it’s a big mistake to think that business acumen, if he really has any, translates into effective political power;
(5) he’s a shameless self-promotoer and braggart;
(6) he thinks Michael Jackson was “cool”

Posted at 11:40 AM ET, 04/12/2011
Forcing Donald Trump’s hand

By Richard Cohen

As a columnist, I am trained to look for the little thing — the (Sherlock) Holmesian clue that will illuminate the larger picture. When it comes to Donald Trump and his presidential campaign (somewhat promised, definitely threatened), my clue to his entire character is the fact that he will not shake hands. This is the hallmark of the paranoid-germaphobic-neurasthenic with bad hair — or what Freud, in a moment of searing clarity, called a meshugana. I will now elucidate.

There have been 44 presidents of the United States. These are men who spent a lifetime shaking hands, and yet not a one of them, according to my experts (Google), died of the sniffles. In fact, most of our presidents lived to a very old age. Take just the recent ones: Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, both 93, George H.W. Bush still kicking (if not sky diving) at 86 and Jimmy Carter, still mirthful at 86. For the most part, the presidents who died young were assassinated or, as with the relatively young (53) James K. Polk, succumbed to cholera, irrelevant to Trump’s phobia, unless Polk happened to shake hands with a sewer.

If Trump gets to the White House, we will have the Purel Presidency. The chief executive will stand around with his hands in his pockets, and the Secret Service will be armed both with Uzis and bottles of hand sanitizers. I can assure my readers, however, that this will not come to pass. The little tic that I have noted, the one that leads to the larger character flaw, shows that Trump is a conspiracy nut, germs of course being the ultimate conspirators — unseen yet lethal, as in the manner of Muslim terrorists, bed bugs in hotel rooms and death panels, tucked into Obamacare legislation and written in invisible ink. Now we have the matter of Barack Obama not being a natural-born citizen of the United States.

Obama claims to have been born in Hawaii. The slim evidence for that is only the account of his family, the recollections and snapshots of numerous friends, newspaper accounts about the arrival of Barack Hussein Obama (possibly placed by Angela Lansbury, creating “The Hawaiian Candidate”) and a birth certificate on file with the state authorities. This, though, is offset by a fraudulently edited taped interview with his then-86-year-old Kenyan grandmother. As edited, it suggests that Obama was born in Kenya and thus would be constitutionally ineligible to be president. The entire interview, though, says no such thing. When the interviewer asks the grandmother if she is saying that Obama was born in Kenya, she repeatedly says “Hawaii.” I am checking to see if Hawaii is the Swahili word for Kenya.

Still, Trump preservers. He says he has dispatched private investigators to Hawaii (“Hawaii Trump-O”) and elsewhere to ferret out the truth. If it turns out that Obama was not born in Hawaii — or, I shudder to think — not born at all, then a monstrous constitutional crime has been committed and a non-natural born (synthetic?) American is occupying the Oval Office. In which case, the Supreme Court would make John McCain president and Sarah Palin vice president and me, in no time at all, an expatriate.

I can think or nothing worse than a president who is a not a natural-born citizen — unless it is a president who will not shake hands. Can you imagine our commander in chief waiting at the portico of the White House for the arrival of some foreign dignitary — say, the emperor of Japan or, heaven forefends, Kate Middleton? He or she extends a hand. He offers a weak smile. The visitor tries again and he shoves his hand in his pocket. Middleton bursts into tears. The emperor screams something from a John Wayne movie and . . . I cannot bring myself to write what comes to mind.

This little quirk in this great man’s otherwise sterling character is the sort of little thing I am trained to spot. I should add for the record that Trump now says that if he campaigns for president, he will abandon his old ways and shake hands with the voters. I’d like to take him at his word, but he is, after all, a real estate developer. I suggest a test: Let’s shake on it.

rslip wrote:
Not to worry. Any person stupid enough to be duped by BIRTHERS ain’t gonna be hanging around the White House after the election. The American public is not going to be duped by a dupe. Come on Trump, Read Title 8 Section1406 of the US CODE and that lays out what qualifies a newborn for American citizenship.
4/13/2011 1:47:44 PM EDT

Hunthorse wrote:
So Cohen you’re a pseudo social psychiatrist also huh. You are just one multitalented liberal. aren’t you? The cheap psychological battling is way passe’. It is rerally digusting, That pyschological diagnosing at those chardonnay sipping cheese nibbling,so called cocktail parties of the liberal East is stupid. Of course a few probably are on the couch anyway—ARE YOU BOY??
The best part of those Eastern Liberal cocktail parties is that the liberal women are —-well, LIBERAL !
4/13/2011 10:27:28 AM EDT

sandra4 wrote:
A surprisingly strange column. I cannot believe you wasted your time and ours to write this coumn. Is it supposed to be humorous. You may not be troubled by the fact that Obama won’t show his birth certificate, but some of us are. As he has spent aaround two million dollars to not show his birth certificate, do you not think it is indicative that he might not be showing one because he does not want us to know where he was born? I had to find my birth certificate when I applied for a passport. and had to get a certified copy from my home state when I became eligible for Medicare.
Never has a candidate for President been so secretive about what the public knows about him.
Does that not lead one to wonder why he won’t show his birth certificate?
Yes, I agree that it is a little bit much to have so much todo about his not showing his birth certificate, but I believe he should have to show it in order to run for the highest office in our country. Why did the Democrats not vet him? I believe our Constitution is venerable and should be observed. Did he not swear on a Bible to protect us and honor our Consitution?
If he truly honors our Constitution, he must show his birth certificate. It is a simple requirement, but one not honored by Obama. WHY?
4/13/2011 1:24:17 PM EDT

ranjackmarlowegmailcom wrote:
There is a Vice President somewhere and when the President cannot serve, the Supreme Court must swear him in. OK ? Randall J. Marlowe, Buenos Aires
4/13/2011 9:32:38 AM EDT

yankeefan1925 wrote:
The vfounder of the birther movement is G. Gordon Liddy.
Does Trump believe that the Diem Cable is the real McCoy?
Clifford Spencer
4/13/2011 8:05:09 AM EDT

willisforrester wrote:
What I want to know is when will the Don reveal how many guns he owns. I want to see the man in a hunting outfit, shooting at prairie dogs.
4/13/2011 8:02:51 AM EDT

NancyESL wrote:
Howard Hughes without the brains.
4/13/2011 7:52:05 AM EDT

ausmth wrote:
That’s the best you’ve got? Won’t shake hands. At least you know he won’t have his hands in your pocket like every other pol ever elected!
4/13/2011 7:51:34 AM EDT

newcar wrote:
Donald Trump is doing what he has to do to become a serious Republican presidential candidate. He’s appealing to the crazy right wing. He doesn’t really believe that birther nonsense.
This is a sad commentary on the Republican Party. It’s a sad commentary on what was once our great Democracy.
4/13/2011 6:33:04 AM EDT

Gypsy1 wrote:
I like Cohen’s first sentence “….I am trained to look for the little things…”
Looks like he had good training..he certainly found a little thing to write about………………..Maybe the next little thing he should look for is his IQ.
4/12/2011 8:19:46 PM ED

Tnewcar wrote:
Donald Trump is doing what he has to do to become a serious Republican presidential candidate. He’s appealing to the crazy right wing. He doesn’t really believe that birther nonsense.
This is a sad commentary on the Republican Party. It’s a sad commentary on what was once our great Democracy.
4/13/2011 6:33:04 AM EDT

hcrawford2 wrote:
No fan am I of The Donald, but if you Google “Donald Trump shaking hands” you get a lot of images of Donald Trump shaking hands.
4/12/2011 8:00:52 PM EDT

DJ_Spanky wrote:
I’d like to see you occasionally turn your journalists microscope on one of your own liberal kind just to show you’re not a complete phony.
4/12/2011 7:51:36 PM EDT

Gypsy1 wrote:
Good luck…”journalists”, like this Cohen guy write outrageous things just to stir up readership….much like Mr Trump does to stir up people so he can stay in the spotlight….just look at all of us dopes who are commenting here, feeding Cohen’s ego and making it appear as though he has a following. Whenever you write something outrageous, you stimulate a response from someone….it’s all pretty irrelevant, mindless entertainment.
4/12/2011 8:13:11 PM EDT

notocons wrote:
Because his history is taking fingers and leaving behind nothing but nothing. Donny is in love with bankruptcy (he has done it 3 or 4 times) and burned many, many banks and investors.
And this is what conservatives want for a president!!
4/12/2011 7:34:44 PM EDT

gkam wrote:
Some people do all right with duck lips, weird hair, and Daddy’s money. 
4/12/2011 7:13:36 PM EDT

AverageJane wrote:
Trump also implies that somewhere there should be nurses and a doctor that are able to remember Pres. Obama’s birth. And people lap that crap up like candy! I’m a nurse, and after 21 years, the only thing I can remember about 99.9999% of my patients is that they all have a crack somewhere on their bodies. But I’d definitely remember Trump because he has two of them.
4/12/2011 7:05:58 PM ED

Michael2255 wrote:
This is tiresome. Just make Sarah Palin president so we can be done with it. Give the republinuts everything they want and they will still take another hundred years to climb out of their trailer parks.
4/12/2011 6:32:07 PM EDT

tafari1_20001 wrote:
The don is a fraud on more than one level. He thinks there was never a man as great as he is neither before him or will after him. Typical mal-conditioned money worshipper.
4/12/2011 5:03:02 PM EDT

4Jaxon wrote:
Trump is a chump. No more relevant than the other ultra-lightweight, Miss Sarah.
This is the scary thing about the republiCons. They seem to attract, even idolize the feeble-minded as leaders. They admire sociopaths like Palin, Limpbag and Beck. They accuse the democrats of doing evil and nefarious deeds whilst in the middle of doing the very same thing they’re bleating about.
They seem to forget there is a tomorrow they themselve have to live in, along with the rest of us. They forget how & why revolutions start even with police armed to the teeth like a modern city/state army. The “masses” always win.
4/12/2011 6:24:49 PM EDT

ormer_michigander wrote:
Please, please, please have Donald Trump run for the Republican nomination for president. Maybe with Gary Busey as VP? Or perhaps the host of “Dancing with the Stars?”
Other picks for other GOP candidates:
Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann/ Sean Hannity and Glen Beck/ Newt Gringrich and Rush Limbaugh/
4/12/2011 5:43:56 PM EDT

dummy4peace wrote:
Trump just thinks he has got some money so he can set the rules. The President is not only the commander in chief, but also the top diplomat of our country.
No handshaking for the office? He is fired even before he is hired.
4/12/2011 4:40:00 PM EDT

Why Trump Soars

Published: April 18, 2011

Very few people have the luxury of being freely obnoxious. Most people have to watch what they say for fear of offending their bosses and colleagues. Others resist saying anything that might make them unpopular.

But, in every society, there are a few rare souls who rise above subservience, insecurity and concern. Each morning they take their own abrasive urges out for parade. They are so impressed by their achievements, so often reminded of their own obvious rightness, that every stray thought and synaptic ripple comes bursting out of their mouth fortified by impregnable certitude. When they have achieved this status they have entered the realm of Upper Blowhardia.

These supremely accomplished blowhards offend some but also arouse intense loyalty in others. Their followers enjoy the brassiness of it all. They live vicariously through their hero’s assertiveness. They delight in hearing those obnoxious things that others are only permitted to think.

Thus, there has always been a fan base for the abrasive rich man. There has always been a market for books by people like George Steinbrenner, Ross Perot, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Bobby Knight, Howard Stern and George Soros. There has always been a large clump of voters who believe that America could reverse its decline if only a straight-talking, obnoxious blowhard would take control.

And today, apparently, Donald Trump is that man. Trump, currently most famous for telling people that they are fired, has surged toward the top of the presidential primary polls. In one poll, he was in (remote) striking distance in a head-to-head against President Obama. Many people regard Trump as a joke and his popularity a disgrace. But he is actually riding a deep public fantasy: The hunger for the ultimate blowhard who can lead us through dark times.

He is riding something else: The strongest and most subversive ideology in America today. Donald Trump is the living, walking personification of the Gospel of Success.

It is obligatory these days in a polite society to have a complicated attitude toward success. If you attend a prestigious college or professional school, you are supposed to struggle tirelessly for success while denying that you have much interest in it. If you do achieve it, you are expected to shroud your wealth in locally grown produce, understated luxury cars and nubby fabrics.

Trump, on the other hand, is utterly oblivious to such conventions. When it comes to success, as in so many other things, he is the perpetual boy. He is the enthusiastic adventurer thrilled to have acquired a gleaming new bike, and doubly thrilled to be showing it off.

He labors under the belief — unacceptable in polite society — that two is better than one and that four is better than two. If he can afford a car, a flashy one is better than a boring one. In private jets, lavish is better than dull. In skyscrapers, brass is better than brick, and gold is better than brass.

This boyish enthusiasm for glory has propelled him to enormous accomplishment. He has literally changed the landscape of New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas and many places in between. He has survived a ruinous crash and come back stronger than ever.

Moreover, he shares this unambivalent attitude toward success with millions around the country. Though he cannot possibly need the money, he spends his days proselytizing the Gospel of Success through Trump University, his motivational speeches, his TV shows and relentlessly flowing books.

A child of wealth, he is more at home with the immigrants and the lower-middle-class strivers, who share his straightforward belief in the Gospel of Success, than he is among members of the haute bourgeoisie, who are above it. Like many swashbuckler capitalists, he is essentially anti-elitist.

Now, I don’t mean to say that Donald Trump is going to be president or get close. There is, for example, his hyper-hyperbolism and opportunism standing in the way.

In 2009, Trump published a book with a very Trumpian title: “Think Like a Champion.” In that book, he praised Obama’s “amazing” and “phenomenal” accomplishments. “Barack Obama proved that determination combined with opportunity and intelligence can make things happen — and in an exceptional way,” Trump gushed.

Now he spouts birther nonsense and calls Obama the worst president in American history. Now he leads rallies that make Michele Bachmann events look like the League of Women Voters. Even angry American voters want some level of seriousness, prudence and self-control.

But I do insist that Trump is no joke. He emerges from deep currents in our culture, and he is tapping into powerful sections of the national fantasy life. I would never vote for him, but I would never want to live in a country without people like him.

Donald Trump as GOP hopeful: Take him seriously

ByEugene Robinson,Monday, April18,

The fact that the tea party people are taking Trump seriously is a testament to the fact that they are incapable of rational thought or adult responsibility. In fact they have shown time after time that they are irresponsible. Grossly so.
Today 4/19/2011 2:54:42 AM EDT

I realized just what kind of a person Trump was when he was talking about his home life.
“When I come home ? I want my wife to have a dinner for me, and have everything just right”.
Trump is an adolescent even though his body keeps aging as it encircles the Sun.
In general, if someone is an adolescent over the age of 25, I start borrow into the jar of terms and pull out ‘sociopath’.
Today 4/19/2011 3:10:18 AM EDT

Eugene, I’m a libertarian conservative. I’ve rarely, if ever agreed with anything you’ve ever written. Your columns drip with reverse racism and marxist dogma. But if Trump gets the Republican nomination, I will happily hold your hand and sing the “Internationale” while we march together to the polls and vote for Obama’s second term.
Trump stands for nothing but Trump. We need leadership and vision, not another scam artist.
Today 4/19/2011 3:11:33 AM EDT

Maybe he has a relationship with ‘the humans’ too ?
What a louse.
Trumps upper left thigh isn’t any more special than anyone else’s when the plane crashes in the Andes. 
He somehow thinks he’s ‘special’ -
Self conceited ends to a means.
Trumps attitude towards Libya falls short of justifying a home invasion.
Today 4/19/2011 3:12:21 AM EDT

Trump derives his identity through outward mechanisms.
Capitalism is no better than communism when you have private interests at the top.
Where a communist model fails with private interests abusing public assets ?
I see Wall Street abusing pension funds, gambling with them, as ‘if’ they were theirs to gamble with.
Maybe Trump is a model people want to see, complete economic bipolar exhibitionism.
Bankrupt, then ? Building a new hotel, bankrupt, then ? building a new convention center, bankrupt, then up again, down again
Today 4/19/2011 3:29:50 AM EDT

An awful lot of “the whites” wouldn’t vote for this dimwit on a bad day either. He may be good at making money and self promotion, but that sure doesn’t mean he’s got what it takes to be a president. He’s a fool in way too many ways, and only real idiots would support his candidacy.
Today 4/19/2011 3:59:03 AM EDT

not a Trump supporter but I think you just described the present POTUS in your comments.
Today 4/19/2011 7:46:40 AM ED

teaching law classes, community organizing – less than 2 years in the US Senate most of which was spent touring the country campaigning for other Democrats. Yep. That’s a great resume for the Leader of the free world.
Today 4/19/2011 7:55:14 AM EDT

There is a pathology among the Teabagger generation that subscribes to the notion that they, and no one else deserve entitlements because that’s the way the founding fathers would have wanted it. They believe the no one other than those who are Judeo-Christian, mostly white, and are descendants of those original American colonists should run the country and that they are the only stewards of American values, bestowed on them by “God”. These Teabaggers don’t believe non-whites should be entitled to any of the government largess, if it threatens the entitlements they enjoy. They don’t believe that non-whites deserve anything because they feel non-whites are lazy, unemployed baby factories, drug addicts, drug dealers, illegal aliens and welfare cheats. At the very core of their belief system is white supremacy and racism. Most of the Teabaggers lived through the civil right movement where they saw a lot of their systems and institutions eroded before their very eyes. Now they are being challenged again by a new paradigm with a black president, of all people. They don’t believe this black president represents their interests and only represents the interests of non-whites. They feel irrelevant in the face of what they feel is a loss of control and dominance over their privileged existence. They believe the poor should remain so and no one should do anything to help them, even if the majority of the poor are rural whites living on welfare. The Teabaggers are willing to sacrifice these poor whites if it means non-whites will also suffer more. The Teabaggers want to take this country back to the 19th century when white men rules with an iron fist and there were no ways for non-whites to challenge their authority and prevail.

There are two totally and distinct reasons for this supposed “anger” in America today. The first anger is that of those who accepted Obama political campaign promises and naively believed that he would deliver exactly what he said he would, without realizing the compromises and concessions all presidents must endure in order to get their agendas past, with an equally uncompromising and non-negotiating Congress. They also fail to realize there are special interest groups who play and pivotal role in all Congressional legislation. Much of the anger by this group is targeted towards Obama concerning his continuing of Bush’s wars, not closing Gitmo, not providing a public option – single payer for HCR, and pushing for bipartisanship with the GOP, who were determine to oppose any policy initiatives by Obama and impose their strategy of the “zero sum game”.

The second group consists of those who did not vote for Obama and simple hate him for a variety of reasons. From his being considered a socialist, Marxist, Leninist, Muslim, to a non-US citizen, or terrorist or terrorist sympathizer. They are a small but vocal group of mostly whites and those who practice white supremacy, who hate Obama, simply because he’s black.
Today 4/19/2011 6:40:19 AM EDT

From the Washington Post:

Trump for President

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