Sore Losers

2:50 PM EST

The Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. Obama had a 55% approval rating. The Republican primary, while full of talent, was being dominated by a reality show loudmouth. The Democrats were in good position. 
So what do they do?? They nominate CROOKED HILLARY, one of the most unlikeable, un-vote-able candidates of all time who herself has a 60% unfavorability rating! And on top of that, they do it aggressively – they rig the primaries to set everything in her favor so that she can be coronated the nominee. Bernie Sanders…Martin O’Malley…get out of the way! 
 Then, following her coronation as Democrat nominee, they proceeded with an unprecedented, coordinated effort to try to coronate her as president. CNN basically became the anti-Trump channel, spending almost all its airtime bashing him nonstop. Almost every news web page you went to was jam-packed with anti-Trump messages, scrutinizing him in every way and faking outrage over everything. The first two debate moderators completely went after Trump unevenly, with Martha Raddatz directly inserting herself into the debate and arguing with Trump. After the debate was the well-timed attack of the 2005 audio, followed by all these women making unsubstantiated accusations about Trump in a coordinated media attack. All these liberal newspapers, including WPost, tried to finish Trump’s campaign off by making demands that he leave the race. Almost EVERYTHING was on Hillary’s side. And she STILL couldn’t do it!

The reason why liberals lost the election.

6:32 PM EST

Trump and the conservatives know that the uneducated and rural whites are hate filled losers. They crap in their potties and trumps plane flies by. They jump up and down on their potties. The plane disappears and they fall into their crap. They won a Pyrrhic victory because they are going to get nothing. Trump and his cronies are slapping each other in the back and setting off to make their billions together. They don’t care about anybody but themselves.

The reason why Americans voted for Trump…

6:43 PM EST

I am an expert on the immigration/deportation issue and the facts are pretty simple! 33% of gang members in LA are illegal aliens and there are over 100,000 in the metro area! 36% of inmates in Federal Prison are from aggravated felons who re-entered the U.S!!! 28% of all inmates in the state system are illegal aliens or subject to be placed into removal proceedings!! I saw liberals mention that illegal immigrants commit less crimes than US Citizens? Does that make any sense? Has anyone been to East LA? Would you let your child attend a high school in East LA? I guess you would, since you live in fantasy land!!!

ALL of these foolish protesters and liberal whiners don’t realize or don’t know that the Clinton campaign
WANTED to run against Trump.

 Dallas, TX 8 hours ago

Thank you Mr. Blow. The only way that I am coping at the moment is to read eloquent comments from those who feel like I do.

Susan Gosser
 Newport News, VA 8 hours ago

I feel like my best friend died and her name is America. He will turn this country asunder.

 Boston 8 hours ago

“America” contains many other countries. The USA is only one. If we can please honor this in our wording from now on, that’s a start…

Tom ,Retired Florida Junkman
 Atlantic City 8 hours ago

Blow, I have read your hate filled column’s before, get over it. Your constant bashing is clear evidence of the same racism I have seen and read in the NY Times for many years.
It is a racism of the worst kind, one shielded in the cloak of liberalisim.
With the deplorable comments, the smug smell of elitism is all over your column. 
Do you really believe Hillary could have delivered, Barack has been in for eight years and accomplished next to nothing. Quite actually the opposite has happened, a weak vacillating president has left the world more unsure of America than ever before. The Black power base of his presidency still resides in the American gettos and now the jobs they once held have been replaced by other third world countries.
WE are infinitely more impoverished than ever before.
Think about it.

ace mckellog
 new york 8 hours ago

A bigot? No.
He just happened to defeat the worst candidate in history who is still married to an impeached former president widely proclaimed as both “Bubba” and as the “first black president”

 Boston 8 hours ago

Giuliani fixed this election with his connection to Comey. The margins were razor-thin and Hillary won the popular vote. Trump won on a campaign of racism and misogyny. Disgusting. I will resist him like republicans resisted Obama. God help us all.

 alabama 8 hours ago

You are a hypocrite and a bigot Mr. Blow. And sadly, you fail to see it. But not surprising given your own ideology and demagoguery. You are not the least bit interested in supporting/tolerating the outcome of this election, or any policies of the pending administration, a position you have constantly found abhorent, racist and intolerable in anyone who spoke the same kinds words about President Obama over the past 8 years. President Obama and Secretary Clinton showed grace and class yesterday in their speech and actions. You exhibit neither quality. You have shown nothing but anger and hatred, and it is shameful. There is no honor in hiding your arrogance, bias, intellectual elitism, anger, hatred, hypocrisy and bigotry in your self-congratulatory magnanimity. Yes, quite the role model for your children.

 San Jose 8 hours ago

Charles, numerous times during the election season, you devoted your column to “proving” that there were no neglected white people, that there was no reason to pay attention to them, and that they were just experiencing a “fall from grace” from wealth and privilege, no matter how many people told you or tried to tell you that compared with your college educated syndicated columnist dream job, they didn’t have anywhere near that far to fall. Not just you of course, Jill Filipovic just days ago wrote that males in this society were not as highly evolved as women, because they were majority trending for Trump.
There are many forms of bigotry, and there are many forms of prejudice. I’m sure you have no problem believing that, “It is absolutely possible that America didn’t elect him in spite of of [his bigotry], but because of it.” But I didn’t vote for him, I voted Sanders in the primary and Clinton in the election, and I have no problem empathizing with the white mid-western non-college educated voter who told the Times many months ago he would probably vote for Trump because it didn’t seem like the Democratic Party had room for white men anymore.

That’s also a kind of bigotry, and I find your lack of self-reflection appalling.

 Southern USA 8 hours ago

Hillary was the worst retail political candidate in decades, and she lost. You lost all your credibility in backing her so blindly for racial/racist reasons. No need to keep incorrectly predicting the future, Blow, let’s see what happens next.

Paul Brown
 Denver, Colorado 8 hours ago
I don’t respect Trump and I don’t respect anyone who respects Trump.

America Elects a Bigot

Charles M. Blow NOV. 10, 2016

  • VIDEO COMPILATION: Pundits and Politicians Insist Donald Trump Cannot Win Election

    ‘Meltdown of the night’ Bitter news anchor bemoans Trump’s election success

    Mannish Boy

    A stunning cake and a stunned nation

    6:34 PM EST

    Mr. Milbanks: 
    Did you ask the DNC for their help in writing this piece? 
     Washington Post writer asks DNC for Anti-Trump opposition research. 
     Dana Milbank, a Washington Post columnist, asked the DNC for research for a negative Trump column he wrote in April. Mr. Milbank’s column was titled: “The Ten Plagues of Trump” and had a list of “outrageous things” said by Mr. Trump. Internal DNC emails suggest Mr. Milbank relied heavily on the DNC’s opposition research to write his article. 
    Of the 10 “plagues” listed by Mr. Milbank, the DNC provided eight of them.

    4:05 AM EST [Edited]

    I’m soooooooooo glad Hillary lost. Maybe now she’ll get the hint and exit the public sphere. 
    I’m soooooooooo disappointed Trump won. This guy has no business being president. But that’s democracy: the voters get to be as stupid as they want.

    4:21 AM EST

    If you don’t want an October surprise from the FBI, DON’T NOMINATE CANDIDATES WHO ARE UNDER INVESTIGATION BY THE FBI. It’s not rocket science. 
     But then we’re talking about a pundit who’s been pantsed by WikiLeaks for actively collaborating with the Clinton campaign, going so far as to essentially copy/paste their talking points into anti-Bernie columns and the like. So I guess the tantrum and unflagging loyalty aren’t a big surprise.

    4:47 AM EST

    Trump was under investigation as well. Not sure what your point is.

    Dave Logan
    4:26 AM EST

    These liberal media types are a joke. They should consider themselves fortunate – a worthless journalism or political science degree, and you aren’t serving coffee at Starbucks. You’ll soon find yourselves “laid off”, as people “tune you out.” Now drive your foreign car, to the local wine & cheese function, and complain to your cronies about a President Donald J Trump. The rest of us are elated.

    4:34 AM EST

    Bernie Sanders would have brought out Democratic voters in enough numbers to beat Donald Trump. He had people’s support by talking about getting money out of politics, making health care and education affordable, corruption, wealth inequality, care for veterans, the issues that most Americans cared about. But this newspaper and the Democratic party wasn’t having any of it. The way forward for our country could have been clear with progressive policies that benefit everyone. Now we don’t know what is going to happen. I hope this is a lesson for the Democratic Party. When people tell you they want a certain candidate, listen to them. Money in politics is the central issue that drives all other issues. Wealth inequality is sucking the life out of our nation. Now we don’t know what we are getting. But one thing is for sure. The American people aren’t putting up with more of the same. I hope the elites get the message.

    5:28 AM EST [Edited]

    I heavily supported Sanders in the Primaries, even here in California where the writing was on the wall that he’d lost. 
     But it’s far, far, far from even a good bet that Sanders would have beaten Trump. After all, all the “polls” that supported such a supposition are the same ones that had HRC beating Trump up through a week ago. We simply not only can’t know, we can’t even hazard a guess as to whether or not Sanders would have been able to survive the level of emotional tantrum-throwing that resulted in Trump. 
    Remember, the electorate also heavily re-elected the GOP to complete control of Congress. That speaks to an electorate that just wasn’t interested in hearing anything rational, and that’s fundamentally what Sander’s was about: a rational plan to make things better. 
     Because this campaign was purely emotional, and reason and rationality had ZERO traction. We just elected a POTUS who’s actual entire policy platform of what he’s going to do consists of: “make it better”, “build a wall”, and “kick out the foreigners”.  
     Does is sound like a rational policy wonk (which, Sanders is) would have any real chance against that kind of raw emotion?

    4:43 AM EST

    It was not James Comey, nor Fox news, nor the racist alt right that has given Trump the Presidency. It was charlatans like yourself, who were to busy dining out at expensive restaurants, to get a sense of the political pulse of the country, especially during the primaries, when the one person Bernie Sanders. who was much in attune with the country, and its still dominant white working class and also its struggling ethnic minorities, would have trounced Trump was lambasted by blowhards like yourself in commentary. Shame on you and others like yourself, not James Comey.

    5:04 AM EST

    Thank you for being so right. Lying charlatans is more accurate however. Ignorant, lying charlatans, might be better. Of all the things that the Post and its writers failed at; it was at having some sense and skill at political reporting; and a little less arrogance while listening to the pulse of the country. In this the Post and its reporters and editors utterly FAILED. 
    The greatest truth about Trump is that its has never been about Trump at all. The Establishment, the Republicans, the Democrats and the Clintons failed to understand this as well. Trump’s genius was his defeating three (3) opponents in a combined operation against them all. The Establishment, the Clinton campaign, and the Democrats.  
    Trumps success in the Republican primaries proved he was a formidable political force. The Press and the Democrats ignored this reality. And Clinton’s weakness in having a “cakewalk” primary season (I warned about this in a previous post months ago), did for her exactly what happens to an athlete (in the regular season), who skips his training camp. She was poorly prepared for the general election campaign. 
     But her loss is great for the country. Clinton in the White House would have been a disaster. The 1990s are over. Now Bill Clinton can get back to being a Traitor and Spy for foreign governments (and getting paid well for his Treason too).

    4:47 AM EST

    Your corrupt Scorpion Queen is done, Milbank. Likely you too. You gave up on America.

    4:48 AM EST

    Well maybe liberal elitists like you will get out of your bubble and get to know the hard working Americans who have been forgotten, sneered at etc. stop lying, stop rigging the system with your coziness with the Democratic Party.

    4:59 AM EST

    EAT it, Milbank!

    9:51 AM EST

    The MSM gave this to Trump early on by giving him so much free coverage and by not investigating his many corrupt business practices and publicizing them. By the time he was the GOP nominee, he was on a pedestal of MSM making that couldn’t be undone by facts.

    Donald Trump after Tuesday’s election results. CreditEric Thayer for The New York Times

    Absorbing the Impossible

    Maureen Dowd NOV. 9, 2016

    I sat watching in astonishment. The one who couldn’t bear to show up to concede was not, as expected, Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton.

    I thought the hard-core support for Trump had dwindled down to a hardy band of loyalists: Rudy, Newt, Chris, Sarah, Kellyanne, Omarosa, the kids, Melania — the woman who told him “If you run, you’ll win” — Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Matt Drudge, Ann Coulter, Jeff Sessions, Corey Lewandowski, Steve Bannon, Hope Hicks, David Bossie, Alex Jones, Bill Mitchell, Mike Pence and my brother, Kevin.

    The Republican establishment couldn’t stand Trump. The Democratic establishment mocked him. The Republican nominee didn’t even really seem to have much of a campaign. He spent more on “Make America Great” hats than on polling. When I visited his campaign headquarters this summer, there were more pictures, paintings and cardboard cutouts of Trump around than Trump advisers. If you don’t count Newt Gingrich — and I don’t — only one major political historian, Allan Lichtman, had predicted that Trump would win.

    But then the impossible happened. As Salena Zito had  presciently written in The Atlantic: “The press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.”

    When the Apocalypse came at midnight and the TV analysts — even on Fox — were scrambling to reverse their analyses and justify their bad polling data; and the stock exchanges had to temporarily halt the futures market because it was falling too fast, and the world was spinning off its axis, I called my conservative brother to see what the heck was going on.

    “As flawed a candidate as Trump was, he had his finger on the pulse,” Kevin said. “The polls were off because nobody wanted to admit that they were going to vote for him. But it’s a populist revolt and a lot of people believed in Trump’s message: too much regulation, too much government. The whole thing is a bunch of guys getting rich on Capitol Hill and not paying attention to the people who elected them. They stay in Congress a couple years, then move on to K Street and call on the same people who replaced them.”

    Kevin had his moments where he wanted to desert Trump, who was not his first, second or third choice in the Republican primary. He was tempted to bail when Trump had his abominable fight with the Kahns, the gold-star family, after the Democratic primary.

    My sister did desert Trump in the end, disgusted with his demeaning tweets about women and his inability to focus on issues rather than his own petulance. But she couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton either, unable to condone the Clintons’ miasma of financial and ethical cheesiness. She did not understand why the president discouraged Joe Biden — someone she could have supported — from running.

    Trump was like Rasputin, being declared dead time after time, but living on. The thought of another President Clinton kept Kevin on board, and yesterday he went to the polls in suburban Maryland and voted for Trump, as did his sons.

    “Hillary was the status quo and one of the most flawed candidates in history,” he said. “This is a complete repudiation of President Obama, the man who pushed Hillary and deemed Trump a clown.”

    It is unthinkable to imagine the most overtly racist candidate — and head of the offensive birther movement — driving in the limousine to the inauguration with the first African-American president. What would they discuss? How Trump plans to repeal Obamacare? How Trump will appoint Supreme Court justices that will transform America into a drastically more conservative landscape over the next 20 years? How Trump plans to undo the Iran deal? When will Trump begin deporting Hispanics? When will Attorney General Rudy Giuliani pardon Chris Christie and put Hillary in jail?

    Hillary’s closing line in the campaign was that she was the only thing standing between her and the abyss. But to my conservative family, Hillary was the abyss while Donald was the baseball bat to smash Washington.

    “She is a weak campaigner with a documented history of unsavory dealings,” Kevin wrote in an essay for my new book, “The Year of Voting Dangerously.” “She is declared unlikable by 55 percent of the electorate and untrustworthy by 67 percent. … When the director of the F.B.I. laid bare her gross negligence for arrogantly setting up her own email system while secretary of state and announced there would be no prosecution, you could hear the heavens thunder for justice. Not since O.J. Simpson had someone so obviously guilty by the facts, walked away. A separate investigation tying Clinton Foundation contributions to speeches made by Bill adds to the pungent aroma of shiftiness and entitlement that routinely hovers above them. Bill only adds to it with his surprise thirty-minute visit to the attorney general on the tarmac at the Phoenix airport, a stunt even a first-year law student knows is verboten. The D.N.C. thought it was lining her up with a weak sparring partner she could destroy, marching into Philadelphia with momentum and money for the general campaign. Whoops.”

    When Trump beat 16 seasoned pols in the Republican primary, Kevin wrote, that should have sent a clear message that the public was fed up with political insiders, including Hillary, who “has been in the public eye for 25 years,” with an image “cast in concrete.”

    I was in Europe the night before the Brexit vote and no one thought it could possibly pass. But I woke up the next day and it had. And last night in America, no one ever thought they would see a Times headline “Trump Triumphs” but at about 2:40 a.m. they did. While Democrats were calling it a national disaster and many women were freaking out, Trump came onstage at the Hilton looking subdued — and perhaps terrified? — with a calm and conciliatory speech about dreaming big and bold, about dealing fairly with everyone and avoiding hostility and conflict.

    But, I asked my brother, would there be buyer’s remorse, as with Brexit?

    Kevin was unconcerned, celebrating quietly at home through the wee hours because, as my colleague Binyamin Appelbaum tweeted: “After months of chatter about the implosion of the Republican Party, we are instead witnessing the obviation of the Democratic Party.”

    “With Brexit, the markets went down and bounced right back,” Kevin mused at 3 a.m., sounding serene as Democrats keened and Hillary failed to show up at her party at the Javits Center. “Trump voters did the country a service. Anybody but Clinton.
    “The Clintons remind me of the Universal horror movies where you thought the monster was dead and then the monster would show up in a bad sequel. I’m glad now that they’re finally gone.”

    rob meldrum
     seattle, wa 4 hours ago

    If you and your readers will listen to Trump’s victory speech you will hear a message of hope for America from a champion for all of us. This is clearly a repudiation of the political elite, who cram lousy, expensive health care down our throats while awarding themselves a gold-plated health care plan unavailable to the rest of us. I stood in line for over two hours to see Trump speak. The line to get in to the stadium was sixteen city blocks long, people standing side by side, patiently waiting to support a candidate who represented their values. I heard no swearing, saw no drunks or drug users, there was no mean-spirited shouting. That is, until we got to the entrance where less than a hundred Clinton supporters shouted swear words at us. This historic vote was against Clinton Corruption. This historic vote was about a return to classic American values. I am excited for our future.

    Ryan Wei
     Hong Kong 4 hours ago

    And now, the sheltered, white, western leftists are forced to face reality. Most humans do not go into hysteric fits at racism or sexism. Nor do we perceive racism and sexism by your absurdly broad definition. 
    To me, Trump seems like a fairly normal man, which is unusual given his wealth. He is a man with prejudice and self-interest, as am I. This does not make people monsters unworthy of engagement, it makes us human. Until the left realizes and accepts this, you will face defeat after defeat, and it won’t always come at the hands of angry white men.

     NJ 1 hour ago

    Maybe this is the wake-up call that both parties needed. Trump was a very weak candidate that played to the hatred and fears of the voters that are tired of stagnant wages, high health costs and an absurdly high national debt. Hillary did not effectively address any of those issues plus had to overcome the email issue, the FBI and Bill Clinton. Who was no real help at all.
    Trump talked the talk now he has to walk the walk. Let’s see if he can back up his enormous ego with some real work.

    Susan Wehr Livingston
     Denver, Co 1 hour ago

    I liked (like) Hillary a lot. As a Methodist myself and former republican now democrat, I identified with her brand of social action and pragmatism. As a boomer woman, I completely admire her. We have lost someone good. As for Biden, he had his points but I was all in for Hillary. I’m very sad.

     Brooklyn, NY 57 minutes ago

    Jeb Bush, eat your heart out! The whole Bush clan was conspiring against Mr. Trump. Where will they go now? No, Canada does not need them, thank you!!

    Jon B
     Long Island 57 minutes ago

    Ms. Dowd, you’ve spent your career senselessly tearing down Hillary, and this is your ‘Brexit”.

    Sarasota Blues
     Sarasota, FL 57 minutes ago

    The RNC had a bad hand and played it well. “Hey, this is who the people want, so this is our nominee.”
    The DNC had a good hand and played it poorly. They tried to tip the scales in favor of Hillary, instead of keeping their hands off the process.
    The People wanted Change. On the Democrat side, Bernie was the Change Agent. The People didn’t want to be force-fed Hillary. 
    Lesson learned?

    7 Reasons Hillary Lost the Election

    As Democrats struggle to come to terms with the presidential loss to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton was left with no choice but to accept defeat.
    In a post-mortem after defeat, Democrats believe their chance was undone by the one controversy Clinton could never escape – emails. Now what’s in store for her is more pitiful – the wreckage of her party, campaign and growing scandals.
    1.Lack of trust among voters: One major problem that Clinton faced was that she was unable to gain the trust of voters, says The Irish Times. Paid speeches to Goldman Sachs, questionable business connections involving her family charity, and other controversies revealed from leaked emails left many Americans doubting Clinton’s sincerity.
    2.FBI investigation: The FBI claiming it had discovered new emails and would reopen investigations against Clinton was a turning point for her. The New York Times says that, from the start, the investigative agency put out details in such a manner that made it appear that Clinton was above the law — something that got voters thinking.
    3.Bad economy and trade deals: Many Americans were not sold on Clinton’s proposals for improving the economy of the nation. Stagnant wage levels and soaring inequality were some of the persistent problems faced during President Barack Obama’s rule that were felt by many voters. During his campaigns, Trump successfully convinced them to believe this was caused by bad trade deals and a rigged economy, according to the Guardian.
    4.Nothing new in Clinton’s policies: Clinton spent all her time and resources just to promote herself, ignoring that what voters would be looking at was the role she would play as a leader, Politifact states.
    5.Misguided polls: Almost all polls gave Clinton a comfortable lead over Trump. Every poll except IBD/TIPP said Trump was winning by 2 percentage points. Most pollsters may have not have given enough weight to the avid Trump supporters, according to The Washington Post.
    6.Promise to appoint liberal Supreme Court judges: Clinton vowed to name liberal judges to the Supreme Court where they would form a majority to further weaken the Constitution’s protections of civil liberties, according to Bloomberg News. This, perhaps, hurt her, as voters may have felt their rights would be threatened.
    7.Clinton Foundation scandal: Though FBI director James Comey announced Sunday in a letter to lawmakers that his agency will not change its July decision not to recommend an indictment for Hillary Clinton over her private email server, a probe into possible pay-for-play influence involving her Clinton Foundation continues, according to Fox News.

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