Oregon Somali Terrorist

Teen arrested in Oregon car bomb plot led 2 lives

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In a cell phone video obtained and aired by Portland station KPTV last week, Mohamud rants against the West.

“You know what the whole West thing is? They want to insult our religion,” he says in the video, which the station says was recorded May 22 in an OSU dorm room. “They want to take our lands. They want to rape our women.”


Muslims have issues with non-Muslims. Pakistanis contend with India over Kashmir. Muslims attack Buddhists in Thailand, “where…[m]assive killings occurred throughout the mid to late 2000s and as of 2010, nearly 4,000 people had been killed due to insurgent violence.” Arabs abhor Jews.

Special Dispatch No. 3415—Hamas/Jihad and Terrorism Studies Project

Hamas PM Ismail Haniya: We Are a Nation of Jihad and Martyrdom

Ismail Haniya: “We are a mujahid nation, a nation that makes sacrifices, a nation of Jihad. Our cries are of Jihad for the sake of Allah. This is a nation of martyrdom and martyrdom-seeking, a nation of Jihad for the sake of Allah.”
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Special Dispatch No. 3407—U.S. and the Arab & Muslim World/Conspiracy Theories
Ahmad Al-Sayyeh, Former Professor at Al-Azhar University: Jews and America Behind Package Bomb Plot

Ahmad Al-Sayyeh: “As you may know, the booby-trapped packages are the handiwork of the enemies of the Islamic nation, who were created by America. In addition, you may know that when the Crusaders managed to expel the Muslims from Andalusia[Spain], they began to develop a plan to plant Israel in Palestine, so that it would be a thorn in the side of the Islamic nation. That’s the first thing.”
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Special Dispatch No. 3406—Egyptian Cleric Abdallah Samak: The Jews, Who Slayed the Prophets, Are Known for Their ‘Merciless, Murderous, and Bloodthirsty Nature’

Abdallah Samak: “One of the characteristics of the Jews is that they are outstanding murderers. Who do they kill? If only they killed regular people, but they slayed the prophets. They unjustly slayed the prophets. The Jews are known for their merciless, murderous, and bloodthirsty nature. This is clearly documented in their holy books and writings, without beating around the bush.” [...]
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Is it not curious, that these people, who claim superior religiosity and respect Jewish prophets, yet proclaim the annihilation of Jews to be a religious duty.

Special Dispatch-Jihad & Terrorism Studies Project
May 9, 2007
No. 1577

Hamas Al-Aqsa TV: A Mickey Mouse Character Teaches Children About the Islamic Rule of the World And to “Annihilate the Jews”

The following are excerpts from a children’s TV show, which aired on Hamas Al-Aqsa TV on April 6-13, 2007. It is followed by other examples of child incitement from the MEMRI TV archives.

Al-Aqsa TV, April 6-13, 2007:

Host Saraa, a young girl: “Sanabel, what will you do for the sake of the Al-Aqsa Mosque? How will you sacrifice your soul for the sake of Al-Aqsa? What will you do?”

Sanabel, young girl on phone: “I will shoot.”

Farfour, a Mickey Mouse character in a tuxedo: “Sanabel, what should we do if we want to liberate…”

Sanable: “We want to fight.”

Farfour: “We got that. What else?”

Saraa: “We want to…”

Sanabel: “We will annihilate the Jews.”

Saraa: “We are defending Al-Aqsa with our souls and our blood, aren’t we, Sanabel?”

Sanabel: “I will commit martyrdom.”


Farfour: “We’ve said more than once that becoming masters of the world requires the following: First, to be happy with our Arabic language, which once upon a time ruled this world.”

Saraa: “Of course.”

Farfour: “Second… or maybe that’s it?”

Adult host: “Farfour, I heard you speaking in English.”

Farfour: “Yes. How are you, Saraa? I hope to be good time.”

Saraa: “What’s with you, Farfour? Why are talking this way? Didn’t we agree to speak in literary Arabic?”

Farfour: “But Saraa, this is the language of the advanced world, the language of the world that understands and invents things, isn’t it?”

Saraa: “No, Farfour, you are wrong, because you don’t know that the Muslims are the basis of civilization. If not for the Muslims, the world wouldn’t have gotten to where it is today.”


Farfour: “My dear youngsters, we’re back. We always miss seeing you on your weekly program ‘The Pioneers of Tomorrow,’ in which we together are placing the cornerstone for the ruling of the world by an Islamic leadership.”


Suicide missions are not always religiously motivated. But when religion is involved it is always Muslim, [evolutionary psychologist] Dr. [Satoshi] Kanazawa says.

Why? The surprising answer is that it may have nothing to do with Islam or politics, culture or race. Rather, it has to do with sex, or in this case the absence of sex.

Writing in Psychology Today, Dr Kanazawa said the distinguishing feature of Islam was that it tolerated polygyny – men taking two or more wives at the same time. By allowing some men to monopolise all women other men were left out. The prospect of 72 virgins waiting in heaven for any martyr to Islam then created a potent cocktail. “It is the combination of polygyny and the promise of a large harem of virgins in heaven that motivates many young Muslim suicide bombers,” he says.


Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: Asian men, white women and a taboo that must be broken
Disgusting cultural beliefs validate their acts and their uncontrollable lechery is, in part a symptom of repressed sexuality and sick attitudes

Monday, 29 November 2010

…Horrific sexual crimes against young girls were committed by a paedophile gang in Derby, a place I hardly know. Several gang members were convicted and sent down. These urban predators stalked and “chose” their victims, took them for ice creams and nice meals (treats some of the lasses had never had), drove them around in flash cars, handed out drink and cigarettes, drugged their trusting prey, then raped them over and over again, threatening them with hammers, and worse, if they told.

…The Derby gang was all Asian except for one seasoned white abuser. Most of the Asians were Muslim Pakistanis and – apart from a few Asian and mixed-race girls who fell into their nets – their victims were almost all white. Because I am Asian and “a fucking Muslim” and the rapists were my people committing a “Paki” crime against white females, I am guilty too, apparently, part of the evil posse.


White girls seen as ‘easy meat’ by Pakistani rapists, says Jack Straw
Row erupts after former home secretary says grooming for sexual abuse is a problem among some Pakistani men

David Batty and agencies Saturday 8 January 2011 15.52 GMT

The former home secretary Jack Straw has been accused of stereotyping Pakistani men in Britain after he accused some of them as regarding white girls as “easy meat” for sexual abuse.

The Blackburn MP spoke out after two Asian men who raped and sexually assaulted girls in Derby were given indefinite jail terms.

Straw said there was a “specific problem” in some areas of the country where Pakistani men “target vulnerable young white girls”.

His comments were criticised by Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee, who said it was wrong to “stereotype a whole community”.

Yesterday Mohammed Liaqat, 28, and Abid Saddique, 27, were jailed at Nottingham crown court after being found guilty at a trial in November of charges including rape.


See also:


See also:




U.S. Somalis fear for girls facing culture rift

Arrests in forced prostitution spotlight vulnerability of those who run away
Sunday, November 28, 2010 03:02 AM

By Allie Shah

(Minneapolis) MINNEAPOLIS — When Mohamed Barre heard the disturbing news about prostitution involving Somali gangs and young Somali or black girls, his thoughts quickly turned to his daughters.

“They are lovely, American,” the Somali man said softly of the 5-year-old twins, who are just starting to venture out into the world. “I’m really so worried.”

Prostitution is a worst-case scenario. But in the wake of federal charges against 29 people accused of selling underage girls for sex, Somali parents and youth workers are getting more worried about the pressures that girls face.

Already fighting an internal war to hold on to their cultural identity in a new country, they can face situations at home far more tense than the usual mother-daughter conflicts. Some arrived in the U.S. without their mothers but in the care of aunts, cousins and older sisters. Some resent the control of their surrogate parents. Others are treated more like servants than daughters.

Programs to support Somali girls are so scarce that once away from home, they can quickly find trouble.

“This issue is bigger than that case,” said Abdirahman Mukhtar, youth-program manager at the Brian Coyle Community Center in Minneapolis. “It’s a youth crisis within the new immigrants.”


Why do Somali pirates exist?

Ans. No government in Somali has existed since 1991, therefore, no Somali navy could patrol territorial waters to deter overfishing.

Ques: Why did no Somali government exist?

Ans. The dynamic imperative of history has always been vectored towards unity. Cousins, make clans, clans make tribes, tribes make nations, nations become kingdoms, kingdoms sometimes become empires, empires fall. In the 21st century, unity can only be achieved in the Kingdom of God.

Somalis are an ethnic group that have never risen above the clan and tribal stage of progress.

Ques. Based on the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, what qualifies Somalis for entry into the United States?

Ans. Don’t know. We don’t need them for agricultural workers. We don’t need them for their computer skills. They aren’t engineers or doctors. Perhaps someone thought this immigrant group would be Democratic voters. The truth is these people bring additional problems to American society we just don’t need anymore.

Court documents: Test bombing in Lincoln County was part of would-be bomber’s preparation

Published: Saturday, November 27, 2010, 7:23 PM Updated: Saturday, November 27, 2010, 11:09 PM
Bryan Denson, The Oregonian

The terrorist plot to set off a van-load of explosives at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday took a spooky turn earlier this month, when the accused bomber joined his jihadist brothers for a trial run in rural Lincoln County.

, a 19-year-old college student, joined two men — both, as it happens, undercover FBI employees posing as Islamic terrorists — in a remote spot in the coastal county. There, according to the government, Mohamud used a cell phone to detonate a blue backpack full of explosives.

On the drive back to Corvallis, Mohamud and his friends talked about their forthcoming attack on Portland’s square during the annual holiday tree lighting, an event that attracts thousands of revelers each year.

One of the undercover FBI operatives, wearing a body wire, asked the native-born Somalian if he could bear to look at the corpses his bombing would create. And he pointed out that the young man would see body parts and blood.

Do you remember when 9/11 happened, when those people were jumping from skyscrapers? I thought that was awesome,” said Mohamud, his words later printed in an FBI affidavit. “I want to see that, that’s what I want for these people. … I want whoever is attending that event to leave, to leave either dead or injured.”

Authorities thwarted that plot Friday night. But a 36-page criminal complaint affidavit, filed late Friday night in Portland, offers an inside look at how two undercover FBI employees immersed themselves into the life of a teen-ager now accused of attempting to unleash a weapon of mass destruction on thousands.

Government officials know some observers might accuse the agents of directing Mohamud, perhaps leading him into a crime he ordinarily wouldn’t have considered. But Dwight C. Holton, the U.S. attorney for Oregon, and Arthur Balizan, the FBI’s special agent in charge in the state, dismissed such notions in a Saturday interview with The Oregonian.

“At every turn, the FBI thwarted him,” Holton said. “Time and again, as is set forth in the (criminal) complaint, he made clear his determination to carry out a deadly and spectacular attack.”

Balizan concurred: “He was highly motivated.”

The government’s criminal complaint doesn’t say precisely when the FBI first took notice of Mohamud, a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, in January 1991. But the bureau began to intercept his email in August 2009.

The bureau’s criminal complaint affidavit suggests that agents put an investigative full-court press on the young man five months ago, after he was prevented from hopping a flight to Kodiak, Alaska. Mohamud was on the government’s No-Fly List.

FBI agents interviewed Mohamud, who told them that a friend had gotten him a fishing job in Alaska and that he planned to stay there through the summer.

“Mohamud said that he had previously intended to travel to Yemen, but had never obtained a ticket or a visa,” according to the affidavit. “When asked if he knew someone in Yemen, he stated that he did and had been in contact (with an associate in the Middle East).”

The FBI learned that Mohamud had exchanged emails since the summer of 2009 with an associate in a frontier province of Pakistan, a region teeming with terrorists affiliated with al Qaeda. In coded language, the two men discussed the possibility that Mohamud would travel to Pakistan and prepare for a violent holy war, the government alleges.

tried to reach another associate, whom he thought could help him fly overseas to join the fight. But he failed to type the correct email address for that contact and never made it to Pakistan, according to the FBI affidavit.

Last June, an undercover FBI employee contacted Mohamud under the guise of being an associate of the two men to whom he had sent emails. The operative met Mohamud in Portland on July 30, where they allegedly discussed his devotion to violent jihad.

Mohamud told his new friend that he had written articles in 2009 for “Jihad Recollections,” an online site that supports violent holy war. The government would later learn that Mohamud had written another story and sent it to “Inspire,” an online magazine reportedly published by Al-Malahem Media, which the government calls the media arm of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

The FBI operative explained to Mohamud that there were many ways he could help the cause, ranging from the five daily prayers observed by Muslims around the world to becoming a martyr for the cause.

The young man said he wanted to become “operational” by putting together an explosion of some type, the government alleges.

About three weeks later, Mohamud met with the FBI operative and another man, also an undercover employee of the bureau, in a Portland hotel. There, according to the government, Mohamud said he had thought about violent jihad since he was 15 and had identified a potential target for a bomb — the holiday tree lighting ceremony in Pioneer Courthouse Square on Nov. 26, 2010. Mohamud dismissed local law enforcement as a possible stumbling block.

It’s on the West Coast,” he said, his words captured by hidden video and audio devices in the hotel room. “It’s in Oregon; and Oregon’s like, you know, nobody ever thinks about it. If we’re like LA or something that’s different …

One of the FBI operatives asked if he knew lots of children would attend the tree lighting.

“Yeah,” he said, “I mean that’s what I’m looking for.”

“For kids?” an operative asked.

“No, just for, in general just a huge mass … to be attacked in their own element with their families celebrating the holidays.”

On Aug. 21, one of the FBI operatives sent Mohamud an email to explain they would discuss his bombing plan with the “council.” He also wanted to ensure that Mohamud was serious about his intentions. And he asked Mohamud to pray, then let him know what was in his heart because a bomb was a serious matter.

Six days later, according to the government, Mohamud replied: He had prayed for guidance, slept on it, and awoke with “sky high” faith, which he saw as a sign of a green light.

On Sept. 7, the three men met again at a downtown Portland hotel. The room was bugged, video cameras were installed, and the FBI operatives wore body wires.

One of the operatives told Mohamud that the council was impressed with him, but did not yet want him to become a martyr for the cause — his brothers overseas could use his skills. The plan was for him to take part in the bombing, then leave the country.

“This is your choice,” one of the operatives said. “. . . We can’t tell you what’s in your heart.”

The operative also laid out two options for Mohamud — he could become a martyr by driving the van into the attack and dying for the cause, or he could park the vehicle, leave the area and make a cell phone call that would detonate the device.

Mohamud said he preferred option two, the government alleges. Martyrdom required the “highest level of faith,” the young man told the operatives, and he was concerned that living in the U.S. and attending classes at Oregon State University may have deprived him of that faith.

The operatives told Mohamud they would load the bomb into a van and it was his job to find an ideal place to park it. According to the FBI affidavit, Mohamud said that when he found the right spot he’d shoot them a coded email saying he had found his “keys.” Mohamud also agreed to buy a programmable timer, two Nokia cell phones, a heavy-duty toggle switch and a 9-volt battery connector.

The undercover FBI employees gave him $110 for the bomb components and $2,700 to rent an apartment where they could hide out for a few days after the bombing.

One of the operatives asked Mohamud whether he wanted to leave the country. The young man told him he didn’t like living in the U.S. and had wanted to work in Alaska the previous summer, then join his brothers overseas. But the Alaska trip was scratched because he’d been on the No-Fly List.

Outside the hotel, the government alleges, one of the FBI operatives told Mohamud that when he dialed the phone number to ignite the bomb on Nov. 26, it would cause devastation for blocks.

“Wow,” he reportedly said, “that’s amazing.”

Mohamud bought his bomb-making supplies from Radio Shack in the waning days of summer and began mailing them to the FBI operatives. The government says the young man included a handwritten note with a package received by the feds on Sept. 30: “Good luck with ur  stereo system Sweetie. Enjoy the Gum.”

Three days later, the government operatives met their suspect in Corvallis and drove to a hotel. During their visit, Mohamud allegedly told them he had identified a 15-minute parking spot near Portland’s courthouse square.

One of the undercover FBI employees asked Mohamud to rent a storage unit so they could hide the van and the bomb components. He told the young man that after the attack they were flying to a forbidding landscape, where training would be hard. The operative told Mohamud he could have no contact with his family, and he said he still wanted to go, according to the affidavit.

The men talked about the coming Portland attack. Mohamud’s enthusiasm never waned, and he described their planned bombing as a “spectacular show.”

“New York Times,” he said, with each of his words secretly recorded by the FBI, “will give it two thumbs up.”

The trio’s trial run came on Nov. 4, when they traveled to a remote patch of Lincoln County.

Once they arrived, Mohamud was shown a bomb — created by explosives experts — that looked authentic but was perfectly harmless. They left the device in a spot unidentified in federal court papers, although Balizan, Oregon’s top FBI official, described the place as very remote and well secured by law enforcement.

As the three men drove to the spot where they would detonate the device, bomb technicians secretly replaced the dummy device with a live explosive under their control.

The undercover FBI operatives showed Mohamud how to set off the bomb using a cell phone. The instant the FBI learned that the young man had triggered the device, bomb techs detonated the live explosive.

When the men reached Mohamud’s apartment in Corvallis, the young man changed into a white robe and red headdress, telling the men he wanted to go “Sheik Osama style,” according to the FBI’s affidavit. He donned a camouflage jacket and — in English and in Arabic — read a statement in front of a video camera that is now in the hands of the FBI.

“We take refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and from the sins of our acts,” he said. “He who Allah guides there is none to lead him astray. … I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone, he has no associate.”

Eight days before the Portland tree lighting ceremony, Mohamud told the undercover operatives he preferred to park the van full of explosives across the street from a light-rail stop, according to the FBI affidavit. He wanted to plant a camera in the van, with a live feed to his laptop, and time the explosion to kill people on the train, too, the government alleges.

At lunchtime Friday, six hours before the tree lighting, Mohamud and the FBI operatives looked over a white late-model van.

Inside was a dummy bomb created by FBI bomb techs. “It consisted of six 55 gallon drums containing inert material, inert detonation cord, inert blasting caps and approximately one gallon of diesel fuel, which gave off a strong odor,” according to the affidavit. In the front seat was a detonation mechanism rigged to a cell phone.

The government alleges that Mohamud looked the bomb over and described it as “beautiful.”

Later that day, from a downtown hotel room, the three men watched local TV coverage of the upcoming tree lighting. One station reported that about 25,000 people would attend.

Just after sundown, the men left the hotel. Later, Mohamud and one of the operatives parked the van at Southwest Yamhill Street and Sixth Aveneu, the southeast corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square. There, according to the FBI, Mohamud attached a blasting cap to the device and flipped a toggle switch.

The two men stepped out of the van and hiked to Southwest 10th and Salmon, where the other FBI operative picked them up. The three drove to Union Station, where Mohamud and one of the operatives drove their car into a parking lot.

Back at Pioneer Courthouse Square, thousands of people waited in a cold mist for the tree lighting.

Holton, the state’s top federal prosecutor, moved through the packed crowd, a man with a big secret. He made small talk with City Commissioner Nick Fish, the host of the event, and stood at the back of the crowd near Starbucks. There he looked across the sea of people.

“It’s sobering to be in an event like that and know that there was a person who would want to attack these people,” Holton later told The Oregonian. “But I was comfortable in the knowledge that the operation had been planned from … top to bottom in a way that it could be carried out in a safe way. And I thought it was important that I be there in order to demonstrate my comfort.”

Twenty minutes before the tree lighting, the undercover operative who sat with Mohamud handed him the phone that would purportedly detonate the bomb. The operative began to read the number from a piece of paper in his hand. But according to the FBI affidavit, Mohamud was so eager set off the bomb, he read the numbers off the paper himself and raced ahead to complete the call.

But nothing happened.

The undercover officer suggested the signal might be better outside the car, so Mohamud stepped out and tried it again.

Suddenly, at 5:42 p.m., nearly a dozen FBI agents and police officers surrounded Mohamud and arrested him.

As authorities drove him away, the government alleges, he began to kick the agents and an officer and had to be restrained. The young man yelled the opening of Islamic prayers: “Allahu Akhbar!”


From The Oregonian:

To our readers:

Our editors have removed many comments from earlier posts concerning the plot to bomb Pioneer Courthouse Square because they violated our online user agreement. That agreement reminds users not to use any obscene, indecent, or offensive language and to refrain from ethnic slurs, religious intolerance and personal attacks.
John Killen
The Oregonian

Grrrrrrr November 27, 2010 at 9:50PM
You do not adhere to this policy to even the slightest degree when your comment section rips into Christians. Why not?

Roseburg November 27, 2010 at 10:57PM
John, are you consistent with your above policy? It seems like you might be overly sensitive to Muslims. There are plenty of articles about Christians that appear in the Oregonian that get quite a backlash from the vocal citizens of Portland, and rarely, if ever do those comments get deleted. One needs only to search for the word Christian and Oregonian and read the articles I’m talking about, and read the comments that have not been deleted. If this is your stance, be consistent.

Fred0650 November 28, 2010 at 12:57AM
Because as a rule outraged Jews and Christians don’t commit mass murder with explosives when their religion is put down.
Roseburg November 27, 2010 at 11:12PM
Like this one:


Sample comment:
crypled August 26, 2010 at 9:59PM
I’d rather have whores and dopers as neighbors, than Jesus Freaks. They are way more honorable and trustworthy

Captain November 28, 2010 at 12:06AM
I would like to thank the Oregonian and it’s editors for standing by this policy. Too many people are quick to judge based on color of skin, names with “too many vowels” or the grouping of everyone under one umbrella. Pyschological studies have repeatedly shown that during times of economic stress minorities are tethered as the scapegoat as a release of stresses of which we have no control.
It’s time many of us open our eyes and realize that not all of any group adhere to our stereotypes. I include myself as being one who finds it easy to paint a large number of any group with the same paintbrush.
This was a 19 year old boy/man who has most likely not found himself and has leeched on to an ideaology that most of his faith or nationality do not accept as truth. Just as many others of any other faith or nationality do not recognize it as an answer to the worlds problems. You do not convert anyone to any point of view by killing them or their kin.

Fiddler5000 November 27, 2010 at 8:14PM
I would just like to ask readers to pause before painting all Somalis with the same brush. I have Somali students who are hard-working, caring people, who appreciate endlessly the opportunity they have been given by their new lives in the US, and in Portland specifically.

Lentsres November 27, 2010 at 8:27PM
Terrorism does not seem to be isolated to any country, race or peoples. It does seem to be tied to religious fundamentalist from Muslim, Christianity, Jewish, Hindu and other religions. These various myths are used to manipulate and control billions of human beings.
Free your mind.

Concerned Citizen November 27, 2010 at 8:52PM
The FBI was clearly a co-conspirator in this event. How convenient that it should occure in the midst of backlash from the People against the TSA. And now this fake bombing is headlines worldwide:”Americans again saved from a terrorist that their own government created!”Why do we keep buying this? When will enough be enough?!More Patriot Act, More Naked Body Scanners, More government molestation, More big brother…. It goes on and on.

Grrrrrrr November 27, 2010 at 9:48PM
You are an embarrassment to all Democrats everywhere.

Akmark November 27, 2010 at 11:55PM
Thank you, CC, for your commentary.
One question I have is why did the FBI delay so long in making the arrest. According to the timeline, this kid committed several federal offenses as early as September, and should have been sitting happily in jail two months ago.
Obviously the two extra months of supporting and investigating this kid was expensive in both money and FBI agent time and salaries.
Did the FBI wait simply because this makes a much more Dramatic and Frightening Story or to provide a counterpoint to the TSA violations of our civil rights?


From the New York Times:

portland, or
November 27th, 2010
4:04 pm
So the FBI protected us from a plot that was entirely manufactured by FBI. Thanks a lot guys, what would we do without you?
Recommended by 304 Readers

Ward Cleaver
November 27th, 2010
4:04 pm
I know you aren’t going to like hearing this, but the best way to stop the terrorists is to find a way to get them to stop wanting to terrorize us.

November 27th, 2010
4:04 pm
I was present at the tree lighting program last night and was appalled to read the news when I returned home and discover what had been going on in the background. I want to thank not only the FBI, but the Portland Muslim who tipped off the FBI in the first place, without whose help my family would have been injured or killed. Whoever you are, thank you. I hope all Americans follow your example.

November 27th, 2010
4:04 pm
Muslims need to speak out and take MORE action against this type of crazy, hateful, and sick behavior, which seems to be more prevalent in their religion, and anyone being SILENT makes you part of the problem. ANY religious FANATIC (who can be Muslim, Christian, Catholic, etc.) who attempt to terrorize and harm others in the name of their religion should receive life in prison without parole and/or the death penalty. These fanatics seem to believe that freedom of and from religion applies ONLY to them, but not to others, and their hateful and bigoted teachings and ideologies often guide many of them into thinking they have a license to terrorize others in the name of their religion. With all of the other problems we have in the U.S., the last thing we need to do is encourage the spread of hateful, ignorant, and sick religious ideology from dogmatic, dangerous, and religious zealots.

James Currin
Stamford, Ct.
November 27th, 2010
4:04 pm
So Mohammed was an American citizen and the FBI monitored his email transmissions to foreign parties. Were we not told by the NYT and others that this policy was an infringement of the civil rights of Americans by the Bush administration? Maybe my memory has failed me>

November 27th, 2010
4:04 pm
He’s the reason we have to have a hand up our rectum when we fly…

November 27th, 2010
4:04 pm
This looks like an illegal form of entrapment. Having a desire to commit terrorist acts is not considered a probable cause. Especially for someone with his background. With a good lawyer he should be released within a year.

Detroit, MI
November 27th, 2010
4:04 pm
At least the FBI had the courtesy to not give the man real explosives and let him go through with the plot, say like the ’93 WTC bomb plot. I do question whether a lot of these people that are being setup in stings would even consider doing some of these acts if there hadn’t been federal provocateurs edging them along. With all of these stings that have been taking place, I think it is important that we ask ourselves, ultimately, whose interest do these setups serve?
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Carolyn Egeli
Valley Lee, Md.
November 27th, 2010
4:51 pm
I wonder how far this young man would have really gone without the “aid” of the FBI. Rather than encouraging him and almost setting him up or entrapping him, wouldn’t it have been better to find a way to change his mind? Instead, a young life is ruined. At nineteen, he was ripe for propaganda, desiring to prove his manhood. How many young people do we send to Afghanistan and Iraq with the collateral damage of maiming their civilians in our aggression? Do they not feel that our children are their equalivant of terrorists? Yet at that age, attaching oneself to a cause larger than ones self is a standard recruiting devise for our military. How mindless is war? whether it is in Oregon, Afghanistan or Korea! Why can’t our American children have something else to do besides going to war to support huge international corporate interests that are not necessarily for our own country’s benefit. It is ever thus, in the history of wars. Peace is much harder work, and much more rewarding, but not for the cynical ones that make their livings on war. The story about this young man in his delusion, which is not so unusual for any boy that age, is sad. Raised on video games and popular culture most likely, he was probably looking for something to do with himself that mattered. It is time for all of us to be grown ups, and take care of our children rather than breed to feed a military industrial machine. Shame on us!
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November 27th, 2010
4:51 pm
For those who emphasize the fact that FBI agents led this young man down the path, imagine, for a moment, that real radicals had reached him first. In that instance, we would be reading an article about another devastating attack on the United States that killed hundreds of people. The desire and, most importantly, the willingness to detonate a bomb in a crowd of families are not common impulses. The FBI located and effectively ensnared a budding mass murderer. The fact that they let him get to the actual cusp of committing the act is good. Now that his true (rather than speculated upon) intentions have been flushed out, he may be charged with a more serious crime that will, hopefully, incarcerate him for the rest of his life.
Recommended by 319 Readers

Chicago, IL
November 27th, 2010
4:51 pm
One of the best ways to prevent Americans from dying of terrorism, is to capture would be terrorists before they can kill. If the FBI let this guy continue to seek out mentors and gain knowledge lives could have been lost.
I’ve always been suspicious of the argument that we should stop giving terrorists reasons to kill. It’s applied selectively, and runs counter to experience. It’s nonsense it was the blacks people’s fault that the “Church of the Creator” wants to wipe them out. Terrorists want to kill because they are bad people who want to kill.
In this case, we let this fella into our country and presumably gave him a free education and a better life than he could have ever wished for in Somalia, yet he wants to kill me. What should I say, sorry my country didn’t let you starve?
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Richard Hode
Los Angeles
November 27th, 2010
4:51 pm
In my opinion, this creep should be given the death penalty. So he didn’t manage to kill anyone but the intention was surely there. The only reason no one died in the attack was because of the FBI. Good for the FBI that they root out these potential murderers. The complaints about entrapment are so much pish-tosh. I know I would never agree to hurt my fellow Americans no matter how much money I was offered by anyone. This individual who wants to kill us was not by any means “entrapped,” but seized the opportunity to commit murder and mayhem when given the chance. He deserves to taste what he had planned for others.
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November 27th, 2010
4:51 pm
If I live a million years, I will never understand how someone can so hate people they have never met that they are willing to massacre them. I didn’t understand how the US systematically eliminated the Native Americans, or how the Fascists eliminated the Jews, or how the Kurds have been systematically bombed, fired upon by artillery, or had chemical weapons used against them–men, women and children; or how any people can try to eliminate any other group of people who have every much the right to exist on this earth.
Each of the three major religions teaches peace and harmony, yet none of them have attained this goal, to say nothing of the other religions of the world. Yet here I am, an avowed Atheist, wanting nothing more than for everyone to learn to live in peace.
People are not born “bad” or “evil.” It is only through the transmissions of hate, fear, ignorance and persecution that children learn to hate their neighbors and even in some instances, their own families.
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Windsor, Ontario, Canada
November 27th, 2010
4:51 pm
This is a pretty sad story. It’s sad not because of a failure of security; it’s sad that America has become a target in ways we cannot imagine.
Is there a solution? Not really, those who hate us will always hate us.
I guess the only positive note is that this would be terrorist was caught and his capture may serve to deter but not eliminate others with the same warped ideas.
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Cambridge, England
November 27th, 2010
4:51 pm
How many more of these warped individuals are out there? There seems to be a never ending supply – I don’t think US or British foreign policy for that matter helps, but that is not the only reason, It’s an ideologically driven excuse for the murder of innocents. This young man will have plenty of time to cogitate whilst spending a lifetime behind bars.
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Princeton, NJ
November 27th, 2010
4:51 pm
I give up. I am all for civil liberties. How much person power and money did we spend on this? These perpetrators all seem to fit a certain group? What are we going to do about it? What would we have done if this guy was successful?
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Eureka Springs, AR
November 27th, 2010
4:51 pm
I hope we as Americans don’t reach such a state of fear and panic fueled by politicians and the media. If so, then the terrorists will have won. In reality, our own internal threats such as cigarette smoking, drunk driving, lack of adequate healthcare, and pollution murder probably 100 times as many American citizens a day as potential terrorists. The facts don’t lie but our fears and emotions do.
It is however interesting that when Bush was President and any plots were discovered the Administration, the media (especially Fox “News”) and some commentors on news stories would rave about how the Bush Administration had thwarted a plot and kept us all safe. Whenever the same type of thing happens under Obama it is framed as this Administration is blowing it by almost having terrorists be successful. Think about the hypocrisy and double-standard.
Paul Harris
Author, “Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina”
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From the Washington Post:

louisewilson1 wrote:
Our Army protected the Kurds, Somalis and Kosovos from tyranny. It is sad these youths are not taught this. We have youth who escaped the tyranny of Hitler and who were sent to this country by relatives to save their lives. They were educated and became citizens. Now we have honorable German citizens who have given this country their lives in return. From any country who sends their youth here for survival, their youth stands a chance if educated in how we sacrificed our lives to get them here. The key phrase is “sacrificed our lives to get them here”.
11/28/2010 12:24:28 AM

Newsboy3 wrote:
Well, goodness me, another “Mohamed” trying to kill everyone; poor ol’ Jim and Betty Sue Smith are gonna have a TSA hand up their yankers for this one.
11/28/2010 12:17:28 AM

i_go_pogo wrote:
dbeins wrote:
Yup, Muslims are peace loving people. Where are the Imams? Where are the moderate Muslims? Where are the people shouting this guy down. Instead, we get …nothing from the Muslim community.
The article says the sting originated with a tip from the Muslim community. I’m sure we’ll hear more as the story develops.
11/28/2010 12:09:57 AM

Krankyman wrote:
Further proof that our government and the TSA should continue to frisk 80 year old blue haired grandmas from Minnesota and squeeze rupture the urine bags of cancer victims while another 18 to 35 Muslim male seems to have no difficulty jetting between the US and some radicals in Pakistan.
11/27/2010 11:42:58 PM

bmull wrote:
bal503 — I did some research. I read the who criminal complaint: http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2010/images/11/27/mohamud.warrant.pdf
It is not against the law to communicate with someone in Pakistan who is not on the list of designated terrorists. The FBI admits this guy had no known association with terrorist organizations.
Just because the FBI, having sold him on the idea of a car bombing, mentions that there could be children killed, does not mean that this is not an entrapment.
11/27/2010 11:32:05 PM

bal503 wrote:
Do some research. Why do you defend these Islamic terrorists?
According to authorities, Mohamud had been chatting with an unnamed suspicious terror personality in Pakistan since August 2009 and eventually began talking to undercover FBI agents, who warned him several times of the possible repercussions of committing terror attacks and found Mohamud steadfast in his determination.
11/27/2010 11:20:25 PM

bal503 wrote:
bmull wrote:
How can the FBI “foil” a bomb plot it created? This is a pointless waste of a young life.
11/27/2010 10:42:48 PM

You are an idiot. PROFILING WORKS!!!!!
11/27/2010 11:11:24 PM


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