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Confirmed: Sanders is selling a fantasy agenda

Sanders’s health-care plan is the big budget-buster. It alone would cost $32 trillion over 10 years — “more than twice the new revenues” that Sanders would raise, Len Burman, the director of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, said on Monday.

Sorry, Bernie fans. His health care plan is short


10:13 PM EST

As a Bernie supporter, its not the fear or the simple disagreements with Bernie’s policies, that I find offensive. But the condescending rhetoric of the Hillary supporters. Im sorry but the primaries are not an inconvenience but a legitimate part of the democratic process. And in conclusion, I am proud to support a candidate who will stand up for radical progressive action than one who will question its priority.

…his statements were more firmly grounded in ideology than reality.

Bernie Sanders’s two big lies about the global economy

Democrats would be insane to nominate Bernie Sanders
I adore Bernie Sanders.

I agree with his message of fairness and I share his outrage over inequality and corporate abuses. I think his righteous populism has captured the moment perfectly. I respect the uplifting campaign he has run. I admire his authenticity.

And I am convinced Democrats would be insane to nominate him.

Hillary Clinton, by contrast, is a dreary candidate. She has, again, failed to connect with voters. Her policy positions are cautious and uninspiring. Her reflexive secrecy causes a whiff of scandal to follow her everywhere. She seems calculating and phony.

And yet if Democrats hope to hold the presidency in November, they’ll need to hold their noses and nominate Clinton.

Ultimately, I expect that’s what Democrats will do — because as much as they love Sanders , they loathe Donald Trump more. It seems more evident each day that Republicans have lost their collective reason and are beginning to accept the notion that Trump will be their nominee. And I doubt Democrats will make an anti-immigrant bigot the president by nominating a socialist to run against him.

Sanders and his supporters boast of polls showing him, on average, matching up slightly better against Trump than Clinton does. But those matchups are misleading: Opponents have been attacking and defining Clinton for a quarter- century, but nobody has really gone to work yet on demonizing Sanders.

Watching Sanders at Monday night’s Democratic presidential forum in Des Moines, I imagined how Trump — or another Republican nominee — would disembowel the relatively unknown Vermonter.

The first questioner from the audience asked Sanders to explain why he embraces the “socialist” label and requested that Sanders define it “so that it doesn’t concern the rest of us citizens.”

Sanders, explaining that much of what he proposes is happening in Scandinavia and Germany (a concept that itself alarms Americans who don’t want to be like socialized Europe), answered vaguely: “Creating a government that works for all of us, not just a handful of people on the top — that’s my definition of democratic socialism.”

But that’s not how Republicans will define socialism — and they’ll have the dictionary on their side. They’ll portray Sanders as one who wants the government to own and control major industries and the means of production and distribution of goods. They’ll say he wants to take away private property. That wouldn’t be fair, but it would be easy. Socialists don’t win national elections in the United States .

Sanders on Monday night also admitted he would seek massive tax increases — “one of the biggest tax hikes in history,” as moderator Chris Cuomo put it — to expand Medicare to all. Sanders, this time making a comparison with Britain and France, allowed that “hypothetically, you’re going to pay $5,000 more in taxes,” and declared, “W e will raise taxes, yes we will.” He said this would be offset by lower health-insurance premiums and protested that “it’s demagogic to say, oh, you’re paying more in taxes.”

Well, yes — and Trump is a demagogue.

Sanders also made clear he would be happy to identify Democrats as the party of big government and of wealth redistribution. When Cuomo said Sanders seemed to be saying he would grow government “bigger than ever,” Sanders didn’t quarrel, saying, “P eople want to criticize me, okay,” and “F ine, if that’s the criticism, I accept it.”

Sanders accepts it, but are Democrats ready to accept ownership of socialism, massive tax increases and a dramatic expansion of government? If so, they will lose.

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire and former New York mayor who floated a trial balloon over the weekend about an independent run, knows this. As t he New York Times reported: “If Republicans were to nominate Mr. Trump or Senator Ted Cruz, a hard-line conservative, and Democrats chose Mr. Sanders, Mr. Bloomberg . . . has told allies he would be likely to run.”

President Obama seems to know this, too — which would explain why he tiptoed beyond his official neutrality to praise Clinton in an interview with Politico’s Glenn Thrush. “I think that what Hillary presents is a recognition that translating values into governance and delivering the goods is ultimately the job of politics,” he said. He portrayed Sanders as “the bright, shiny object that people haven’t seen before.”

It doesn’t speak well of Clinton that, next to her, a 74-year-old guy who has been in politics for four decades is a bright and shiny object. The #feelthebern phenomenon has at least as much to do with Clinton as with Sanders: Democrats are eager for an alternative to her inauthentic politics and cautious policies.

I share their frustration with Clinton. But that doesn’t make Sanders a rational choice.

The senator was far more comfortable promoting the domestic themes that have propelled him into a tight race with Clinton. He kept evading the question of how long the United States should leave troops in Afghanistan, and he stumbled when talking about fighting Islamic State or dealing with North Korea — referring to the country’s “several dictators” before correcting himself.

Sanders backed off the gaffes of a previous debate, when he suggested that the Saudis and Iranians should join against Islamic State. (They are bitter enemies fighting proxy wars.) This time, he noted that the two countries “hate each other.” He also downplayed his previous call for an “aggressive” U.S. pursuit of normalization with Iran.

Yet his weak grasp of the details of the fight against jihadis was painful to witness.

Indeed, Sanders shows signs of the same wishful thinking that has undercut President Barack Obama’s foreign policy. Like Obama, he doesn’t want to be distracted by foreign crises such as Islamic State. Like Obama, he wants someone else to solve the Mideast’s problems: He’s suggested the Europeans, Saudis, Iranians, and Russians — yes, the Russians.

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’90s Scandals Threaten to Erode Hillary Clinton’s Strength With Women

Weakened at Bernie’s

Bernie Sanders tells Latino lawmakers: Undocumented immigrants should benefit from Obamacare

Federal law bars undocumented immigrants from enrolling in health-care exchanges. But on Wednesday, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), a vocal immigration reform supporter, and other Democrats introduced a bill that would extend Affordable Care Act coverage to undocumented immigrants.

10:57 PM EDT

Bernie Sanders tells Latino lawmakers: illegal aliens should benefit from Obamacare at US tax payers expense.
Now you see why Trump will be President.

10:43 PM EDT

Keep talking Uncle Crazy, insure that the G.O.P. will put a 46 state/300+ electoral vote whooping on whomever the National Socialists trot out next November…

10:42 PM EDT

Name one other country on planet earth where you can just “drop in” and pretend to be a citizen.

TImothy Leo Crowley
10:34 PM EDT

Bernie Sanders is right on this. He’s right on most things.
Contrary to the view of the rabid rights, our Nation benefits greatly from immigration, we always have.
Historically anti-immigration has always had racism at it’s core, as it does today.
Wiser heads should take the lead.

10:38 PM EDT

Historically the welfare state did not exist. Back in the day if you couldn’t cut it in the United States you went back home. There was no free ride.

Jose Garza
10:24 PM EDT

I would love to see how he makes that work without ripping off actual citizens of America.

10:24 PM EDT [Edited]

Our neighbor in California has Bronze Plan Obamacare, went to the ER, needed emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage. Didn’t have the CASH $6,600 annual deductible plus the CASH Emergency Room deductible of $300…plus plus plus. They made her pay CASH up front for entire ER bill, did CT scan, shot her up with morphine, gave her prescription for pain meds and sent her home to DIE. She’s 63 and got Obamacare COMFORT CARE. But an ILLEGAL alien will get instant admission and full medical care, no deductibles.
#uck Obama AND his Obamacare. is FREE to stay informed about illegal immigration

TImothy Leo Crowley
10:37 PM EDT

I know several people who would be dead without the ACA. It’s benefiting millions of Americans.

10:41 PM EDT

I know a number of people that are broke because of obamacare. This is bankrupting the citizens while Obama and the complacent Republicans spend our children future.

10:15 PM EDT [Edited]

The Prime example of what the founders feared; buying votes with the taxpayer’s money!

Bernie Sanders isn’t as progressive as you think

Sanders Has A Shot
Published on on September 8, 2015

Don’t assume that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be able to win in a walk against Bernie Sanders. Indeed, she might not win at all.

Sanders’s lead in New Hampshire and close second-place standing in Iowa show his appeal and staying power, as does his constant uptick in national polls of the Democratic presidential race.

The revelations about Clinton’s emails are going to continue, monthly, as more are released. The Benghazi hearings will do her no good. And her lies and deceptions are just future traps into which she will fall as they are exposed.

Clinton should have a huge financial advantage over Sanders, but even this advantage might not materialize as she overspends on overhead and her donors become increasingly skittish in the face of her plunge in the polls.

And while she may have the money, she lacks the message. A testament to the ineffectiveness of her paid media is her continued fall in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, despite having spent $2 million there and visited both states repeatedly.

There is no real enthusiasm out there for Clinton. How does a candidate recover from losing more support each time she speaks out and with each visit to battleground states?

She could turn into what President Nixon called “a pitiful, helpless giant” as her TV ads prove ineffective. She can’t attack Sanders for being too far left without alienating the left-wing core of her party. She has a few shots she can take over episodic issues like gun control, where Sanders is conservative, but she cannot convincingly portray Bernie as to the right of herself.

Her only worthwhile line of attack on Sanders would be to say that he is too far left to be able to win. But, in the face of her own declining poll numbers, and a surge in Sanders’s, this message, too, would be blunted.

Clinton can’t use paid media to defend much less to defuse the various scandals that are destroying her credibility anymore than Nixon could when scandal closed in.

Any social program she can propose, Sanders can top. So the advantage her superior’s financial position confers on Clinton may prove more apparent than real.

And don’t underestimate Clinton and her staff’s political ineptitude. Nothing illustrates their collective myopia so much as seeing Clinton last week under attack from Democratic populists, citing her lead among establishment superdelegates.

By contrast, Sanders has a real message. And he’s generating big crowds and lots of enthusiasm. He is not concentrating on Clinton’s negatives. They are the backdrop to his act. Instead, he is crafting an entirely new Democratic left, staking out turf onto which Clinton cannot follow.

How is Clinton, awash in Wall Street money, to attack its financial shenanigans? How can she, who advanced Keystone at the State Department, flank Sanders on green issues?

By focusing on expanding Social Security to help Americans forced out of their lifelong jobs a few tough years before their legal age of retirement, Sanders has a great issue. He has another in backing a single-payer healthcare system.

These issues will have lasting appeal to the new left for the entire length of the primary season and beyond.

Finally, Clinton is susceptible to seeing her support erode after a few early defeats. Her candidacy is so based on inevitability that when she shows signs of weakness, much of her support will collapse.

Bottom line: Sanders could take this nomination away from Clinton.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: This is the difference

between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

Trump is withering in response to questions he doesn’t like. (Mark Humphrey/AP)


9:44 PM EST
Trump, Is the 21st century reincarnation Josef Goebbels, Herman Goering, Heinrich Himmler, Julius Streicher and Adolf Hitler rolled into one. His bombastic propaganda is right out of the Nazi playbook. Find a scapegoat group to blame the nations misfortunes, silence your critics and lie. Obviously he is a student of Goebbels tactic the bigger the lie the more people will be leave. I wonder if Trump will herd the illegals into ghettos, make them sign over all their property to him and ship them who knows where in cattle cars. He already has and Adolf hair do, all that’s missing is the mustache, brown shirt and Nazi arm band.

Liberty vs Tyranny
9:49 PM EST

Wow Chief. Get a grip and some perspective. You seem unhinged with your hate for Trump.

Robert Simone
9:38 PM EST

More progressive claptrap. Where are the hard questions for the Socialist Democrats? Trump is not only targeted by both Republicans and Democrats, but the press also. The thing that scares these folks is that Trump can’t be bought and that the cozy relationships with the special interests will be interrupted.

9:34 PM EST [Edited]

Shocked. Just shocked at the number of comments supporting Donald Trump’s actions. People actually defending Donald Trump’s mysogynist statements. Blaming Megyn Kelly for asking him to explain those mysogynist statements. I thought I was reading the Examiner or Fox News. But the comments seemed even over the top for those sites.
Donald Trump is perhaps the thinnest skinned person in the public eye today. Say something critical about his positions, and he attacks personally with the equivalent of “Your mother wears army boots.” Ask for details of any of his “positions,” and he blithely says “I’ll just do it.” Nice slogan for Nike, less so for a leader. Calling Trump bombastic is an insult to the word bombastic.
Yikes. I’m no fan of Sanders, the socialist, but Trump? Trump? For president? We are in serious trouble if he is seen as our best option. Not because he is, but because so many think that he is.

9:33 PM EST

I am a minority immigrant and not Christian. And I can say that what Mr. Jabbar wrote is garbage.

Liberty vs Tyranny
9:28 PM EST [Edited]

I’m not on the Trump bandwagon, but can you think of any Democratic politicians that have faced tough questions? Or provided any detailed answers?

Shilly McPickleford
9:31 PM EST [Edited]

Yes, Bernie Sanders answers all of his questions in depth and directly, and is consistent in his answers, and refuses to go negative on any other politicians. He sticks to the topic, doesn’t go off it, and has offered many solutions to the problems that plague the average American. I suggest you visit his website to find out what he’s all about. Thank you.

9:12 PM EST

So many mistruths that are printed and not questioned. By the way Sanders is a Socialist. Our country is built on Capitalism, read up Mr. Jabaar.

RJS Southwest 14 hours ago

Lots of comments about how once again poor Bernie is being ignored by the Times. And it’s true that Ms. Dowd has yet to turn her glorious punditry, wit and sarcasm to Bernie.
It’s a shame because Maureen could have fun with Bernie. She could start with the sexual rape fantasy that he wrote in the 1970′s when he was a young… er 30 something. Or maybe she could do a riff on how he has a reputation in Congress for being inflexible and stubborn. Or maybe she could write comically about how Bernie is a career politician who has no significant accomplishments on legislation towards income inequality but now at 73 and after 20 years in congress is running for president on a platform of income inequality.
But the funniest thing that Dowd could riff on is how an independent socialist who openly loathes the Democratic Party is running to be the democratic nominee. You have lots of material here Ms. Dowd. How about it?

Big Johnny
8/24/2015 7:46 PM EDT

It’s amazing to watch the comments and see the stunning level of ignorance that exists in the WAPO echo chamber relative to anything Southern. The vast majority of black people in the south work hard, are educated, and are Christian.

Bernie is an atheist and a Communist. He will never connect with the black vote in the south

Nanette Flynn
8/24/2015 10:43 AM EDT

I am taking it upon myself to spread the word about Bernie whenever and wherever I can. Once folks find out what his platform is, he will win them over.

8/23/2015 8:26 PM EDT

Wow- OK, conservatives cut education and don’t bother to educate themselves. The GOP runs on hate and ignorance. Taking advantage of the small minded bigotry and racism of people like you. The rest of their voters are religious nuts who think that earth is [6,000] 8,000 years old and the filthy rich.

8/23/2015 6:14 PM EDT

Sanders is no different than any other bumper sticker politician.
His redistribution of wealth will not eliminate the tens of millions of urban poor. Does not restore family values to single parent homes. Will not miraculously produce job skills. Does not restore the stability of a manufacturing based economy. Sanders cannot pull, off a “Sweden” like socialist system (the liberals’ favorite reference) without completely eliminating the arm forces to divert money to increased social support. He will have no jobs for the returning soldiers. He does not even address the staggering federal deficit. (A stack of 17 trillion dollar bills would reach the moon more than four times.) He relies on the same old political visceral, “I can give you what you want” campaign style.

8/23/2015 6:33 PM EDT

Well, his approach to running Burlington, VT worked quite well.
And, no. No politician can cure the list of woes you present. He puts forth actual policies that will be a step in the right direction, but no, no single politician can do it all.
I don’t see any solutions you posted.

8/23/2015 6:43 PM EDT [Edited]

Burlington has a population of about 38,000. NYC has more police than that. The next largest city in Vermont has only 18,000 people. To say that Bernie’s policies worked in Burlinton is a senseless statement.
Your statement that no politician can fix that list of problems is exactly my point. Bernie knows that he can’t fix the list, but he can spout slogans that might give him a shot for a free ride as president. America will continue to bump along on its current course until the wheels fall off.

“What Obama should have known and what I know,” Mr. Sanders said, is that wealthy vested interests were too powerful for any one person to take on.

It was around then that Fred Bowes, a 77-year-old Democrat, walked out of an event in Boone.

“Everything he said is true,” Mr. Bowes said. “Implementing what he says is next to impossible.”

12:33 AM EDT

I like Trump. He’s actually an accomplished person, as opposed to the fakes in the political system who fail, but always pass the buck, and the taxpayer gets soaked anyway – look at the EPA spill: has anyone been fired yet….will anyone be fired? Not likely…..The problem with the liberals who dominate Washington politics and policy is that they make rules for everybody but themselves, and never have to endure the consequences of their policies and laws. They live in lily-white, cosseted, securitized, gated communities, have access to personal security, and never have to deal with all the stupid policies of liberalism. Their lives aren’t micro-managed from afar; they make up the rules and as they go along, provide exceptions for themselves, their cronies and the vast bureaucracy that carries out their instructions. The hike their own pay unimpeded, which is twice what the equivalent private sector pay would be for similar employment, plus a wealth of benefits and other freebies. The Washington elite will never have to see their neighborhood degraded by third world immigrants, watch as the streets and other infrastructure deteriorates, while government concerns itself with building immigrant coalitions to vote the lifers back into office perpetually, instead of spending money where it needs to be spent, on the taxpayer who pays to keep these jerks afloat in Washington. But it is NEVER enough; now the taxpayer is on the hook for $19 Trillion in National Debt, and $215 Trillion in unfunded liabilities! But for some reason the Trump supporters are the “crazies,” to quote that darling of the Washington elite, Sen. John McCain. The reason Trump will be victorious is that he will have the support of the vast majority of American people, in spite of the “Washington Cartel,” the liars in the media, the tricksters in the the opposition campaigns.

12:34 AM EDT


Finally, the Obama I fell in love with

taxhaven 7h ago

Sometimes it seems that Obama sycophants and even the fawning media couldn’t care less about the creeping surveillance, the militarization of the police, the massive overspending, the endless Wars, the promotion of “terrorism” as a “threat”, the decimation of the middle classes, the lack of careers, the falling real incomes, the coddling of Israel, the soaring military budget, the bankster bailouts, the fake stock prices, unaffordable housing, the fake asset values, the endless bubble-blowing passing for “economic growth” and soaring personal debt…… as long as they can have their homosexual weddings and take down a flag they don’t like…

Jonah Goldberg commentary: Democrats lack a candidate who can unite them

Wednesday August 12, 2015 5:00 AM

“We are trying to be reasonable,” an organizer for Bernie Sanders’ Seattle rally said.

The black female protesters who stormed the stage became enraged. “We aren’t reasonable!” they shouted back. “If you do not listen to (us), your event will be shut down,” one of them declared to the crowd.

Sanders caved to the protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement and gave activist Marissa Johnson the microphone. “I was going to tell Bernie how racist this city is, even with all of these progressives, but you’ve already done that for me. Thank you,” she said, apparently in response to members of the crowd who booed her. I suppose if you’ve already conceded that you aren’t reasonable, it’s not hard to argue that booing an uninvited rabble-rouser is “racist.”

It’s understandable that all eyes have been on the insane food fight Donald Trump has instigated on the right. Even Trump’s biggest detractors — and I count myself among their number — have to concede that Trump is awfully entertaining. But while the spectacle on the right seems like a canceled TV reality show pilot — call it Desperate Billionaires of Manhattan Gone Wild — the spectacle on the left is no less fascinating or significant.

Sanders, the lifelong independent socialist running for the Democratic nomination, has been gathering historic crowds, much larger than anything Hillary Clinton or Trump have been able to manage. A second rally Saturday in Seattle drew 15,000 people. The following night in Portland, Ore., 28,000 reportedly attended. The best Clinton has done — in her adopted home state of New York, at her kickoff event no less — was 5,500.

The Clinton team is clearly nervous. Her poll numbers have been plummeting as Sanders’ have been surging. The campaign moved up its ad buys from November to this month. She’s been tacking ever further left.

The trouble for Clinton and the Democrats generally is that while Barack Obama was able to unite the factions of the left to get himself elected, it’s not clear anyone else can.

Obama wanted to be a Reagan of the left, a “transformative” president who moved the magnetic poles of American politics leftward. The jury is out on that project, but he did succeed in at least one sense. Reagan united foreign policy hawks, social conservatives and economic conservatives — the famous three legs to the stool of the conservative movement.

Obama did something very similar on the left. He united the civil rights or identity politics wing, the economic or egalitarian wing and the more elitist technocratic wing. Obviously, these movements overlap — just as the different factions of the Reagan coalition overlapped — but each has its own priorities and passions.

Aided by his experience as a former community organizer and his historic status as the first black president, Obama held the coalition together through force of personality.

The Democratic Party has always had internal conflicts. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s coalition contained socialist Jews and blacks and Southern segregationists. That coalition held for 20 years after his presidency. But the Obama coalition seems to be fraying while he’s still in office. The black left is angrier at the end of his presidency than it was at the beginning. The egalitarians think the country is worse off, and the technocrats are left trying to explain why their plans are so great, despite the fact that the economy has never really recovered on their watch. Moreover, none of Obama’s presumptive heirs have the charisma or skills to repair or sustain the coalition.

Sanders has charm, but the Jewish socialist transplant from Brooklyn has spent his political life in a state that has only about 7,500 blacks. He lacks the vocabulary to appeal beyond the white left. Meanwhile, the black left, an indispensable voting bloc, has no standard-bearer in the primaries and is clearly cross about it.

Clinton’s most comfortable in the role of elitist technocrat, which is great for fundraising from Wall Street and wooing Beltway journalists, but it’s not so useful for wooing voters in a populist environment. Thanks to her husband, she still has goodwill among African-Americans. But she lacks the charisma, passion or personal story to excite either the black left or the white left. The woman who left the White House “dead broke” makes five times the average American’s annual income per speech.

The GOP’s Trump problem will eventually melt away. I suspect the Democrats’ troubles are far more durable.

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