Is Donald Trump a Fascist…


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IMO Donald Trump is like Ronald Reagan, a major form with minor substance. The difference: Trump is captain of the ship while Reagan was one of the crew…

[Herschel] Walker and Mr. Trump, for example, came from very different places — Mr. Walker is from a tiny town in Georgia — but became fast friends. Mr. Trump once accompanied Mr. Walker and his wife at the time on a visit to Disney World. Mr. Walker said he had taken Mr. Trump’s children to the zoo and had visited his homes in Connecticut and Mar-a-Lago.

11:39 AM EST

Most of the media outlets and personnel want to focus on Trump’s outrageous commentary and belittle him as “rabid” – - – they seem to refuse to see that there are millions of folks sick and tired of Liberal driven politics, empty suits in the WH, “political correctness” having free run, big government, weak leadership and leaders who act ashamed to be Americans, etc. Trump watched the media destroy another business executive who ran for Prez and has mounted a purposefully outrageous, outspoken and “outraged” campaign designed to storm the castle not negotiate his way in by “playing nice” with his opposition.
How would he actually govern? THAT’s what the ruling class is afraid of…….as are the Liberals that dominate the Democratic party. I don’t like Trump……but I’ll bet he would get things done that need doing no matter whose toes he stepped on. I can handle that!

Mr. Trump touched an important nerve in opposing the political correctness that has angered the American people for a quarter century. He changed the debate when he asked for a pause in Muslim immigration until America “can figure out what’s going on.” In the age of terror, that looked suspiciously like common sense. Americans do not want America to become what Europe is becoming.

America struggles to control its southern border as it is, writes KATIE HOPKINS. It is not going to be able to change the global passport system and get your religion stamped on your passport or your head to administrate this new system. Trump knows some of his grand-standing is hot air, but he is articulating a sentiment held by millions – and that’s why he’s the Republican front runner. Adversaries may be quick to jump on Trump and make him the problem, but look around. The problem isn’t a big, brash American untroubled by the need to be loved. It is the march of ISIS and the so-called Islamic State. You may want to distance yourself from Trump. But for many Americans, Europe is rapidly becoming an example of everything they never want to be.

3:19 AM EST [Edited]

Look at the audacity of this Muslim lady. She proudly walks into a Trump rally with her Muslim badges to enlighten us that Islam is a religion of peace. Well, lady we do not need these lectures, explanations or apologies. We have had enough of them from our own PC crowd. Now go to Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia which are exporting violence to our towns and streets. They are the ones who you need to remind of the peaceful nature of your faith — if that is indeed its true nature. Tell reformers in your faith to remove passages from the Quran that command the faithful to kill the Kafirs. Ask Saudi Arabia to purge their text books, and ask them to stop funding radical mosques, Islamic Centers and Madrassas that are churning out hatred filled young men and women day and night. Trump rally, or any other rally or meeting in our country is not the venue for your fake and false assurances. Got it?

Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric will live in infamy in American history

“In the end, the United States will get the leadership it deserves, and that may include”…Obama

‘The guy makes sense to me’

Which gets us back to his base and their awful bedfellows in the neo-Nazi bunkers. Who are these people? His supporters, most of them, do not see the shadow of the Reich when they look in the mirror. They are white, lower middle class, with little education beyond high school. The global economy has run them over. They don’t recognize their country. And they need a villain.

Frank Ragsdale Texas 17 hours ago

Oh, brother! The liberal propaganda machine is out early. Trying to scare up as many of the minority voters as you can? I believe, as starters, you misquoted Trump’s proposal on the limitation of the massive Muslim imports that have been planned. The proposal was to stop the immigration plans of the Muslims until the government can “create a reliable system of vetting”. Now, that is a LOT different than “a total and complete shutdown”.
Also, the simple assertion that some fringe lunatic groups might support one person or not does NOT mean that “millions” of ANYONE, let alone Republicans are “goose-stepping” along with the “Daily Stormer” or any other wacko publication. Does the fact that socialist groups and/or publications back Obama mean that “millions” of Democrats are off sipping tea with the ghosts of Marx, Lenin or Mao?? Get REAL!!

Charlotte Ritchie Larkspur, CA 17 hours ago

Here is what I fail to comprehend – if the columnists and journalists at the NYT are so repulsed by Trump, why is there ad nauseum news coverage of him here? He’s gotten what he’s wanted all along: free 24/7 publicity, and though it’s mostly negative, it incites the opposite reaction on the right. if anyone is to blame for Trump’s popularity, it’s the mainstream media including the NYT.

little b Seattle 17 hours ago

Thank you. In the fall of 2010 I read the first volume of Richard Evans’s masterwork trilogy about Hitler and the Nazis (the rise of the Nazis, Hitler’s governance, and the Reich in World War II). As I read that first volume, “The Coming of the Third Reich,” I couldn’t help but feel chilled and afraid at the tactics described, so many of which seemed parallel to what the Republicans were doing even then to gain power. And things seem only to have gotten much worse since then.

Burroughs Western Lands 17 hours ago

Hitler was responsible for scores of millions of deaths. Egan diminishes Hitler’s guilt by equating him with Donald Trump, a TV personality and presidential candidate. Disgusting.

TheMadKing Nashua, NH 17 hours ago

Godwin’s Law as first resort? I thought the Times was more sophisticated than playing the Hitler card before the third paragraph of any oped, but I reckon desperate times call for depsrate measures, and this Nazi-linking smells of pure desperation. By contrast and for equal time purposes, one would not need to look far to find comparably detestable individuals or groups on the left who would gladly support Hillary or Bern.
If liberal politicians and media pundits are looking for someone to blame for the continuing meteoric success of Donald Trump. they don’t need to look to Aryan Nation or Stormfront. They need only look in the mirror. It is lemming-like progressive policies enabling radical Islamism and illegal immigration, and incompetent policies on the Phony War On Terror.
We are told not to fear terrorism and that we are secure, but there is blood on the streets in San Bernardino and we wonder which streets will be bloodied next. All the Nazi-linking in the world by the NYT and others cannot erase that fear in Americans’ minds, or force citizens to wonder why the US Government is more concerned with the rights of potentially terrorist elements entering the country from Syria and Iraq than with the survival of its own citizens.

Dan Florida 18 hours ago

I would think Roosevelt and his Japanese internment camps would be a better fit to your Hitler analogy. But of course Roosevelt was liberal so that wouldn’t fit you, and your parrot’s anti-republican narrative.
One thing I do admire about liberals is their staunch hypocrisy. No one can call the kettle black better than a liberal.

John NYC 18 hours ago

An exclusionary immigration policy is not fascism or Nazism.

The comparison is absurd.

If you don’t let the rest of the world stream in unchecked, you are a Nazi?

I think our cultural orientation should stay firmly Western European, as that is our cultural heritage. Sort of like the Japanese want to stay Japanese, the French want to stay French and people in Brooklyn don’t like gentrification. Are we all Nazis?

TAF LA, CA 22 hours ago

Egan writes, “Deporting workers who pick our fruit and hang sheetrock is not going to lift the fortunes of those who will no longer do those jobs.”
How about going out and talking to those benighted Americans who used to hang sheetrock, or work in meatpacking, or trucking, before unauthorized workers were hired to replace them? I have. I doubt you have. I suppose you think those Americans just got lazy?

Kurfco California 17 hours ago

Add bricklayers, tile and stone folks, roofers, all manner of construction workers. Illegal immigrants have displaced legal workers all over this country. Ask any contractor whether his competition is using illegal workers.

rantall Massachusetts
22 hours ago
Well done, as usual, Timothy! Great analysis!

Attacks on Trump just make these voters like him more

Is Donald Trump a Fascist?

The Republican establishment, that lumbering beast, still can’t decide on how and whether and when to go after Donald J. Trump. But last week a few Republican insiders floated an accusation that you usually hear liberals sling against the right: That the real estate magnate turned populist is actually a fascist.

The hook for this charge was Trump’s illiberal musings about Muslims and databases and his lies — or, to be charitable, false memories — about cheering throngs of Muslim-Americans after Sept. 11.

But the charge can be easily fleshed out with more examples. Writing for Slate last week, Jamelle Bouie argued that Trumpism, however ideologically inchoate, manifests at least seven of the hallmarks of fascism identified by the Italian polymath Umberto Eco. They include: a cult of action, a celebration of aggressive masculinity, an intolerance of criticism, a fear of difference and outsiders, a pitch to the frustrations of the lower middle class, an intense nationalism and resentment at national humiliation, and a “popular elitism” that promises every citizen that they’re part of “the best people of the world.”

Does this sound like Trump? Well, yes, it rather does: His bravado and performative machismo (complete with mockery of the weak, unattractive and disabled), his obsession with how we get “beat” by other nations and need to start beating them instead, his surprisingly deft exploitation of blue-collar economic anxieties, his dark references to Mexican “rapists” and other immigrant threats, and as of this weekhis promise to not only bomb and torture our foreign enemies into submission but to round up their families as well — no, it isn’t hard to match Eco’s list to many of the Donald’s greatest hits.

One could even go a little further. A great deal has been written on the question of why America didn’t produce an enduring socialist or Communist mass movement in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. But the absence of a real American fascism (as opposed to the “fascism” that liberals see lurking in every Republican president) is equally striking. And part of the explanation has to be that the American conservative tradition has always included important elements — a libertarian skepticism of state power, a stress on localism and states’ rights, a religious and particularly Protestant emphasis on the conscience of an individual over the power of the collective — that inoculated our politics against fascism’s appeal.

But Trump, because he isn’t really an ideological conservative, lacks that inoculation. And while he has a number of obvious similarities to past right-populist candidates, from Pat Buchanan to Ross Perot to the Alabama governor George Wallace, he tends to differ from them in precisely the places where fascist temptations can creep in.

Buchanan, for instance, was a nationalist, but also a deeply religious man, whose campaigns were fueled as much by pro-life conviction as by populism. Not so Trump: He plainly regards his semi-professed Christianity purely instrumentally and has little time for the religious right’s causes.

Perot was an economic nationalist but also an obsessive deficit hawk and budget balancer, who won a lot of libertarian votes with his promise of a green-eyeshade approach to government. Not so Trump: He clearly doesn’t care a whit for limited government or libertarianism, and he’s delighted with a hyperactive state so long as it’s working hand-in-glove with corporate interests.

Wallace was a noxious segregationist, but his racism was bound up in a local and regional chauvinism, a skepticism of centralized power and far-off Washington elites. Not so Trump: When he sounds an anti-Washington note, the argument isn’t that local governments can do things better, or that local folkways need respect; it’s that he can do things better, that centralization is fine and dandy so long as you have the right Duce — er, Donald — at the top.

Whether or not we want to call Trump a fascist outright, then, it seems fair to say that he’s closer to the “proto-fascist” zone on the political spectrum than either the average American conservative or his recent predecessors in right-wing populism.

So is it time for Trump watchers to dust off their copies of “It Can’t Happen Here” and “The Plot Against America”? Should Trump’s rivals imitate the “fascism” whisperers in their party and start attacking Trump as a bouffant-haired Hitler at the next Republican debate?

I would say no, for three reasons. First, Trump may indeed be a little fascistic, but that sinister resemblance is just one part of his reality-television meets WWE-heel-turn campaign style. He isn’t actually building a fascist mass movement (he hasn’t won a primary yet!) or rallying a movement of far-right intellectuals (Ann Coulter notwithstanding). His suggestion that a Black Lives Matter protester at one of his rallies might have deserved to be roughed up was pretty ugly, but still several degrees of ugly away from the actual fascist move, which would require organizing a paramilitary force to take to the streets to brawl with the decadent supporters of our rotten legislative government.

Second, precisely because Trump doesn’t have many of the core commitments that have tended to inoculate conservatives against fascism, it’s still quite likely that the Republican Party is inoculated against him. His lack of any real religious faith, his un-libertarian style and record, his clear disdain for the ideas that motivate many of the most engaged Republicans — these qualities haven’t prevented him from consolidating a quarter of the Republican electorate, but they should make it awfully difficult for him to get to 40 or 50 percent. And a somewhat fascist-looking candidate who tops out where Trump’s poll numbers are currently hovering is not something to panic over — yet.

Finally, freaking out over Trump-the-fascist is a good way for the political class to ignore the legitimate reasons he’s gotten this far — the deep disaffection with the Republican Party’s economic policies among working-class conservatives, the reasonable skepticism about the bipartisan consensus favoring ever more mass low-skilled immigration, the accurate sense that the American elite has misgoverned the country at home and abroad.

If Republicans don’t want Trump the phenomenon to turn into an actual movement, if they don’t want the intimations of fascism in his appeal to cohere into something programmatically dangerous, then tarring his supporters with the brush of Mussolini and Der Führer right now seems like a shortsighted step — a way to repress the problem rather than dealing with it, to dismiss discontents and have them return, stronger and deadlier, further down the road.

The best way to stop a proto-fascist, in the long run, is not to scream “Hitler!” on a crowded debate stage. It’s to make sure that he never has a point.

Private memo lays out how the GOP would deal with Trump as its nominee

Along with Trump’s rhetoric, the stakes for 2016 have risen dramatically

Rafael Zavala
12:33 AM EST

Trump is right. A moratorium is in order. Viva, Trump, amigos.

Robert Thomas
12:29 AM EST

I’ve been told by Muslims that Islam is a religion of “Peace”. The only problem is that their definition of “Peace” is when everyone either converts to Islam or dies. Then for Muslims “Peace” will finally come.

Lord Chasm
12:32 AM EST

Leftists bristle at any suggestion that America is an actual country with actual citizens who get to decide what we do with it.
They see America as the world’s communal flophouse, where anyone can show up and we have to take them.

John Gordon
12:31 AM EST

I’m starting to sense there’s a movement going on like the 1960′s counterculture except in the opposite direction. That counterculture has now swung so far to a ludicrous extreme it’s reached a tipping point. They progressives see racism everywhere and have issues with things like Halloween costumes. We may have reached max absurdity.

The counter counterculture revolution may have begun.

Ted Kool
12:29 AM EST

Mr. Balz, you need to do your research before you write things like “One must scroll back decades for echoes,…of what he is saying, from…racially based appeals of then-Alabama Gov. George Wallace in 1968 and 1972 to the anti-Semitic diatribes of the radio preacher Charles Coughlin during the 1930s.” And “Historian David Kennedy of Stanford University said there are few comparisons, adding that…Trump “is further out there than almost anyone in the annals of [U.S.] history.”
Let’s see..shall we start with FDR who shut down ALL immigration and in particular, to the Jews and Germans and Japanese? How is this different? (Oh, don’t forget, FDR is one of the Dems darlings.) And how about today, when Obama is refusing entry to CHRISTIAN refugees? The press isn’t saying much about that, now, are they? Isn’t that “discriminating” by religion?
Keeping Muslims out until we figure who the bad guys (and woman, and children bombers) are just makes sense. Anyone having a hissy fit over keeping an unknown out that wants to kill us is just plain infected with hyper-politically correctness disease.

Hanson Smith
12:28 AM EST

I hope Trump’s first act as president will be to sign the ‘Obama Never Existed’ Act, which will wipe every vestige of that nightmare from our national memory. Then, ban all muzlims.

12:28 AM EST

During WWII guess how many Japanese Americans and or Japanese American residents killed their fellow Americans?
Since 9/11 how many Americans were killed by Muslims Americans or American residents? Over 3,000!!!!!!!!!!!
So,..seems like Trumps request for a simple moratorium on allowing Muslims into America,..UNTIL we can find out what the hell is going on,,…makes damn good sense to me!

12:23 AM EST

Trump is making total logical sense.
1. All modern day terrorist acts are committed by Muslims.
2. The FBI says that current screening methods for refugees are inadequate and that we simply don’t have the tools to detect the bad apples.
3. For America’s safety, Trump says we must halt Muslim immigration until #2 is figured out.
Sounds good to me. We can’t be touchy feely when we are at war and we have no obligation to any foreign nationals.

12:34 AM EST

It’s part of our Federal Law: 8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens
(f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President
Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

Lord Chasm
12:20 AM EST

A moratorium on Muslim immigration only makes sense.

Once the ‘peaceful vast majority’ of Muslims deal with the ‘infinitesimally tiny minority’ of Jihadis, we can revisit the question.

Shouldn’t be much trouble, considering what a ‘tiny minority’ of Muslims are extremists.

Unless they aren’t a ‘tiny minority.’

12:30 AM EST

Let’s stop the Irish as there has been a lot of trouble with the IRA. Weren’t they recruiting in the US?

Ted Kool
12:32 AM EST

What a ridiculous analogy! Yeah, and so many IRAs have killed Americans, too. Thanks for playing.

12:18 AM EST

Islam is a political movement that intends to dominate the world. If this is not clear to you, then you will deserve your fate.

Blackfoot Girl
12:15 AM EST

I’m an actual independent (I voted for Obama), but I’m going to register as a Republican just to ensure that Trump us the nominee, so I can vote for him as President. If nothing else, he drives you leftist looney crazy. Having Trump completely destroy the Clinton’s and their “progressive” pack animals? Priceless.

Joyce Stevens
12:25 AM EST

Congrats for having the courage to admit you voted for O Bummer. Welcome aboard to the GOP. Please understand that they are not perfect. But, anyone is better than the Clintons.
The elephant in the room is that O Bummer is bringing all of the Cubans, illegals and Syrians to the US to change the demographics. He is importing future Democratic/socialist voters. Hopefully, we can change things around before the US is destroyed.

douglas broome
12:13 AM EST

If Jordanian, Turkish and Egyptian officers arrive to discuss the war against Daesh will they be arrested or just told to go home? Will relations with Malaysia and Indonesia be continued? How will trade be managed? No more trade? And how about the Saudis and the Gulf States? Persona non grata? Will Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul Jabbar have to go to internment camps? How about Moslem Americans who go on holiday? They will be banned from re-entry and become stateless persons? How has this bloated, piggy-eyed obscene fascist ascended so far in American politics? Is the U.S. terminally ill of hate and fear?

12:17 AM EST

Typical extreme Leftist nonsense.

12:13 AM EST

I do not know what is more fun, watching Obama and the Democrats melt down, watching the MSM melt down, or watching the GOP RINO class melt down. I hope Trump goes up in the next round of polls to keep the heads exploding in these groups.

12:12 AM EST

Let’s see; Tashfeen Malik gave a fake address on her VISA application, an address that doesn’t at all exist; and was approved. And yet we are supposed to trust the vetting that 50000+”refugees” are getting? A new VISA waiver bill is coming that will not allow anyone who has visited Syria and some other countries to enter the US even if they are passport-holding citizens of allied nations (the UK, France, Germany, etc) without a full VISA; even if they are visiting family. This bill is supported by the President and most of the Congress on both sides of the isle. SO, we have overwhelming bipartisan support for a bill that says that we can not trust citizens of allied western nations who have just visited Syria, Chad, Sudan, etc; BUT calling for a pause in allowing tens of thousands of people from those same places who have practically no paperwork or vetting by their home government is somehow evil? Really?!?!

1:00 AM EST

NYT: “Mr. Trump was applauded by some conservative commentators, who said he reflected the electorate’s views more honestly than the party’s leaders. “Anyone who thinks @realDonaldTrump comments will hurt him don’t know the temperature of the American ppl,” the radio host Laura Ingraham wrote on Twitter.”
In one respect, Republican AM blowhards like Laura Ingraham and Rush L. are right that Donald Trump is telling part of the electorate what they want to hear, which is let’s deport all 11 million Mexican “illegals”, and register all Muslims with the government, and bomb parts of the middle east back to the stone age.

And the electorate that is resonating with Trump’s fascist rantings is the diverse group of fringe conservatives that vote in GOP primaries:
Birthers, anti-abortionists, racists, fascists, bigots, white supremacists, Muslim haters, frustrated unemployed or low paid uneducated whites.

1:04 AM EST

For my country to be saved, it will take some hard actions. It is like a garden.. Who would feed and water the weeds and ignore the good produce? I mean, whats the point of having a garden if not to make it a good, healthy and strong one. I will not roll over and die for political correctness. Time to fight back. Trump is my hope.

Is Donald Trump a Fascist…

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