get the Money out of politics

Occupy Iowa protesters in Des Moines on Oct. 19.

An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics. Plutarch d AD 120

An unscripted reality show, Occupy America is a populist movement in the tradtion of the nineteenth century Cross of Gold. Speculation (George Soros; hedge funds), long or short, oil futures, de-regulation, neo-liberalism, benefits the 1 percent connected class with no social benefit. Banks once organized and allocated capital in order to produce wealth, economic expansion, that benefited the many rather than the few. Globalists know no national loyalty and are detached from their nations.

So what exactly is happening here? In a nutshell, Americans are ticked off. Millions are struggling financially; many are out of a job or are underemployed. They can’t pay their bills. They are falling deeper into personal debt. They are losing hope that things will improve in the foreseeable future. Worst of all, while they are falling further behind a small minority appears to be leaping further ahead.

Wall Street and the big banks caused the market crash that cost millions of jobs and plunged the US economy into near-depression. Yet three years later, the country’s financial elite continues to prosper while the other 99% suffers. Meanwhile, Washington, due mainly to the unceasing obstructionism of the Republican party, seems completely incapable of arresting America’s decline.

In some ways, what’s most amazing about OWS – and the support it’s receiving – is not that it happened, but frankly why the hell it took so long.

Three years after the banks that brought the west’s economies to their knees were bailed out with vast public funds, nothing has fundamentally changed. Profits and bonuses are booming for financial oligarchs and corporate giants, while most people are paying the price of their reckless speculation with falling living standards, cuts in public services and mounting unemployment.

“…many of the protesters do understand what Wall Street and more generally the nation’s economic elite have done for us. And that’s why they’re protesting.”

“…the financialization of America wasn’t dictated by the invisible hand of the market. What caused the financial industry to grow much faster than the rest of the economy starting around 1980 was a series of deliberate policy choices, in particular a process of deregulation that continued right up to the eve of the 2008 crisis.”

“At its root is the simple fact that the Wall Street banks over the past quarter-century have done none of the things that a financial sector should do. They have not helped preserve the thriving economy that America once enjoyed. They have not funded our boldest new companies. (That’s fallen to venture capitalists.) They haven’t provided the financing to maintain our infrastructure, nor ponied up the capital for manufacturing to modernize and grow here (as opposed to in China). Instead, they’ve grown fat on the credit they extended when Americans’ incomes stopped rising. They’ve grown plump on proprietary trading and by selling bad deals to suckers. (Citigroup, like Goldman before it, just agreed to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to settle charges that it defrauded investors.”

“First, the top six U.S. banks have become even larger and more powerful since the crisis of 2008. All of them insist that taxpayers should continue to subsidize their poorly run businesses — including a great deal of gambling in the form of undercapitalized derivatives trading. Forcing the big banks to break up is a simple idea that would resonate across the political spectrum.”

“No one expects the tea party and Occupy movements to merge forces, but their adherents are discovering that their stories are often strikingly similar: They searched for jobs and came up empty. They found work, but their pay barely covered food and rent, with nothing left over even to buy an old car. They saw their towns empty out as young people moved away in search of money and meaning. “

-Median wealth among Hispanic households amounted to $6,325 in 2009, down 66 percent from 2005.
-For Asian households, median wealth fell 54 percent to $78,066.
-For blacks, wealth declined 53 percent to $5,677.
-For whites, it dropped 16 percent to $113,149.

“[one longtime money manager] said ‘Financial services are one of the last things we do in this country and do it well. Let’s embrace it. If you want to keep having jobs outsourced, keep attacking financial services. This is just disgruntled people.’”

“He added that he was disappointed that members of Congress from New York, especially Senator Charles E. Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, had not come out swinging for an industry that donates heavily to their campaigns. ‘They need to understand who their constituency is,’ he said.”

Get the $oney out of politics. Campaign contributions are the nexus of corruption in the Capitol. Reduce the amount of money involved in re-election, which really is the name of the game, by promulgating free air time during elections. Keep the current system for primaries.

Lobbyists infest Washington like locusts in a cornfield. Robert Kaiser described the details of this self-serving system in his book:

“’These lobbyist donors get an immense of amount of access and influence over elected officials, and the rest of us get one lousy vote,’ [David] Donnelly said. ‘It is a business model that relies on lobbyists making campaign contributions, raising money for candidates and being in the most helpful position they can be in to benefit their clients down the line.’”

These Gucci suits buy access with their receptions and think tanks that influences laws and policy, like the 2005 bankruptcy law, which made the process more inimical for fellow citizens. Politicians reciprocate with their resort retreats and draw on this account breakfasts.

Occupy Wall Street protesters who represent anger, despair, and frustration with the status quo will begin making an impact on the Establishment’s consciousness and self-interset when the protests are transferred to Pennsylvania Ave. and McClean, Va.

The middle class, the backbone and benchmark of our democracy is being decimated. People who once lived comfortable lives with confidence about the future for themselves and their children, now live in their cars and reluctantly utilize food banks.

American politics can not produce a leader on a white horse to solve our national problems: remember the fate of the current savior in the White House. Every issue, from the crappy economy, lack of a coherent energy policy, and illegal immigration, is self-inflicted.

CALLING America – 2:02 min.

Blast from the Past

What THEY think about YOU – the middle class

“Most people view it as a ragtag group looking for sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll,” said one top hedge fund manager.

“It’s not a middle-class uprising,” adds another veteran bank executive. “It’s fringe groups. It’s people who have the time to do this.”

“The pols are in no position to enact any further left-populist reforms — laws that create, say, a financial transaction tax, or that make it easier for employees to form unions — so long as Republicans control the House and have veto power in the Senate. For that matter, the Democrats couldn’t even get those bills enacted when they controlled both houses of Congress. So what, besides affirming their solidarity with the demonstrators, can they do?

Here’s a modest proposal: Refuse all campaign contributions from banks, hedge funds, private equity funds and their partners and employees. From the whole financial sector. Sign a pledge to go off the sauce. Unlike the signatories to Grover Norquist’s no-tax pledge, lawmakers wouldn’t be asking voters to trust them once the election is over. They’d be honoring their pledge before the election. And unlike the Groverians, they wouldn’t surrender their powers of judgment and freedom of action once they’re in office. Indeed, their freedom of action would expand because they wouldn’t be indebted to “what is far and away the largest source of campaign contributions to federal candidates and parties,” as the Center for Responsive Politics, which tallies all federal campaign contributions, characterizes the financial sector. In the 2008 election cycle, those contributions came to a cool $500,863,000.”

Total Lobbying Spending
1998 $1,439,706,755 $1.44 Billion
1999 $1,436,961,787 $1.44 Billion
2000 $1,559,640,252 $1.56 Billion
2001 $1,639,979,358 $1.64 Billion
2002 $1,818,095,362 $1.82 Billion
2003 $2,038,400,243 $2.04 Billion
2004 $2,168,979,316 $2.17 Billion
2005 $2,433,177,260 $2.43 Billion
2006 $2,619,346,201 $2.62 Billion
2007 $2,854,512,012 $2.85 Billion
2008 $3,299,477,229 $3.30 Billion
2009 $3,491,949,116 $3.49 Billion
2010 $3,508,118,135 $3.51 Billion
2011 $1,665,097,919 $1.67 Billion

‘Occupy Indy’ protest continues at Statehouse

3:26 PM, Oct. 10, 2011

Written by
Bill McCleery

A small cadre of supporters of the national Occupy Wall Street movement gathered today on the south side of the Indiana Statehouse and held signs protesting what they described as corporate greed and the influence of money in politics.

They dubbed their local effort “Occupy Indianapolis.” In New York City, where the movement began last month, tens of thousands have joined protests.

“This is grass-roots,” said Andrew Wade, 43, Indianapolis. “People need to wake up.”

Noting that today is Columbus Day, Wade said Christopher Columbus came to North America “to rape and pillage.” That is similar, Wade argued, to the way he thinks corporations nowadays abuse natural resources and human labor.

Perhaps 15 protesters stood or sat on the Statehouse lawn about noon. The protests at the Statehouse started Saturday. Organizers said they expected larger numbers in the evening and that they planned to move to different locations on Tuesday.

A fellow protester said people need to lift their voices against the power of corporations.

“Big oil companies and big banks lobby for certain politicians to be put into office,” said Megan Kesler, 22, Indianapolis. “Then the politicians support the large corporations instead of the interests of the people. We need corporate entities out of politics.”

Another protester said he is not a socialist, taking exception to the way the Occupy Wall Street movement has sometimes been characterized.

“I’m not anti-capitalist,” said Hank Kratky, 50, Pendleton. “Is it wrong to acquire wealth? Absolutely not. People deserve what they earn through the sweat of their brow or their intelligence. What I object to is the cloistering of wealth and the systematic gaming of the rules to keep wealth in fewer and fewer hands.”

3:52 PM on October 10, 2011
I wish you would ask the 50 year old businessman who was being interviewed by the reporter. I am confident he was bathed, coifed, has moved out of his parents home many years ago as I have (I’m 69 years old and have worked as an engineer 30 years and as onather technical job 15 more years. One thing worse than a job is watching Tea Party supporters ignore the Wall Street manipulators who have pillaged our Capitalistic econmy beyond repair for their own greed.

4:04 PM on October 10, 2011
Point the anger at The Federal Reserve bank and bring back Glass Steagall. There is nothing wrong with people being prosperous. What is wrong is the prevailance of greedy lawbreakers in our country who are never brought to justice.

if you owed over $30,000 to the IRS, you would be in serious trouble. Timothy Geithner failed to pay his taxes and was made treasury secretary.

Ask yourselves, how did a community organizer and his wife who does not practice law become multi-millionaires? The left got duped when it voted for Obama and the right is duped by Perry, Romney, and Cain.

RON PAUL 2012. He’s the only guy who has the answers and has a very long track record of doing exactly as he says. Ron Paul is the only candidate running for president who is not a puppet of the elites.

4:12 PM on October 10, 2011
I just love it! Most conservatives are PUPPETS for the top 2%. The nutball puppets are making a feeble attempt to paint the Occupy folks as sub-human people. It is hilarious!!! The GOP CONTINUES to protect corporate greed and the top 2%. The puppets fight ANY legislation amid to stop the excesses of the top 2%. The puppets just can’t understand it!!!!! They never will. Forbes said the top 400 wealthiest grew their wealth by 12% last year. The other 98% went down 4%. The GOP WANTS the rich to get richer and screw the rest of us. Again, the puppets just don’t get it!!

4:14 PM on October 10, 2011
Question for redfan5:
Redfan5 — Your low IQ is pretty clear, but your bitterness is another matter.

Are you:
a) ugly
b) short
c) fat
d) bald
e) all of above

I usually don’t waste time with people like you, but your extreme lack of awareness is inspirational. Keep talking and pretty soon there will be millions protesting. You inspired me. I’m on my way down there now. Thanks:)

4:16 PM on October 10, 2011
Questions for the protestors.

1) When did you last bathe…………with soap and water???
2) When did you last brush your teeth??
3) Do you own a comb or brush???
4) Have your parents suggested you moving out of their basement??
5) Name one activity worse than working??
6) If I were to offer you a doobie with the agreement you would put on deodorant, would you take the doobie?

4:18 PM on October 10, 2011
A look at what these clowns are all about:

This is what democracy looks like? This is what idiocracy looks like.

If you agree, please don’t clap – but do wiggle your fingers in the air (watch the video and you’ll understand).

4:26 PM on October 10, 2011
Wonder how long it will take for the press to become tired of covering this nonsense.

4:28 PM on October 10, 2011
Hundreds of thousands of Americans are realizing every day that we have been screwed by the corporate community and that the Republicans are just puppets for the ultra rich. The people are speaking and will not be silenced.

4:42 PM on October 10, 2011
What a bunch of fruitcakes! I must have missed them because I was out working…working for one of those wall st. traded corporations, you know the kind I’m talking about dont you? The ones that make a bunch of money, then they can afford to employ me and several hundred people I work with…

4:44 PM on October 10, 2011
The “Occupy” group is an uprising for persumed injustices. However looking closer you see it is a bunch of liberal and socialist quacks. I suppose if you say it loud enough and long enough then people will believe conservatives, Tea Party people, and republicans are trying to rip off Americans. These are the groups promoting equal opportunity for everyone to gain wealth.

Go look at the Democratic platform. They steal from the rich to give a small portion back to the poor but keep most of it to pad their own coffers so that they remain in power. The give the poor some crumbs and the poor actually believe they will be cared for. HA! Name one democratic policy that improved the opportuinity for the poor and middle class to gain wealth.

Look no closer than the African-American community. For over 50 years they have voted democrat including nearly 95% in the 2008 election. Yet today the community is in worse shape than it ever has been.

The Occupy group is suggesting that doctors be paid $28K a year and teachers be paid $35K a year. LOL….yeah I want a doctor working on me who makes what my AT&T customer service phone bank operator gets. Oh wait, that is what Obamacare is all about!

If Occupy is all about the small guy tell Obama to not raise taxes on the middle class and small business owners. Tell him not to quasi raise taxes through increased regulations and fees that are killing entrepenuership and innovation.

4:47 PM on October 10, 2011
I was downtown when these losers came by…….they are the typical drunkard, stoner, with nothing better to do….It was rather funny. Its a great lesson i use for my kids. I tell them if they don’t finish school and go onto some other specialized education/training, they could end up just like those losers, who’s only skill/talent is sucking on the governments teet!

4:48 PM on October 10, 2011
Robert Gates, Ben Bernanke, & Tim Geither agree with the protestors.
As do unions, Ralph Nader, Hollywood stars like Tim rOBBINS, sUSAN sARANDON, mICHAEL mOORE, dARRYL HANNAH ETC.

ALL of them have warned that our govt is so messed up it can barely function.

Robt gates was dir of the CIA & defense dept chief under different repub presidents too.
Gates is warning that Congressional dysfunction has risen to the point of danger.
“It appears that as a result of several long building polarizing trends in American politics & culture, we have LOST THE ABILITY TO EXECUTE EVEN THE BASIC FUNCTIONS OF GOVT. much less solve the most difficult & divisive problems facing this country. Thus, I am more concerned than I’ve ever been about the state of American GOVERNANCE”.

Bernanke, the chair of the Fed, has recently warned Congress they are “playing with fire”. Bernanke said that now, when the economy needs more money flowing out of Washington, lawmakers are cutting back, & he also complained of Republicans specifically, rejecting all tax hikes & that the nation must swallow massive entitlement cuts that Democrats dont want.

SO–the teatars Repubs have created quite a mess of everything–the same way they did under the Bush Administration.

The Republkicans are traitors & what they are doing is essentially TREASON.


5:08 PM on October 10, 2011
Economists have been saying for a long time that low taxes the millionaires & billionaires enjoy actually HURT job creation !

They say when we used to have high taxes on business–they complained about it–but the business owners were forced by that high tax to reinvest in the business–to avoid paying the high tax.

This creates jobs.

LOW taxes encourage withdrawal of money from business, which means destroying jobs & putting money into unproductive uses, like buying themselves art, or a third mansion or a second jet.

David Kay Johnston said this & he won a pulitzer for his work.

You can’;t claim he doesn’t know anything–he’s all over & up into taxes, so dont go there.

5:10 PM on October 10, 2011
I notice these protesters and their sympathizers selectively use the TEA Party as a point of derision AND as an exemplar for the sort of people in their group.

C’mon folks! You like to talk about a select few gaming the financial systems and here you are gaming the political system.

5:13 PM on October 10, 2011
You are exactly right, Hank. That is it in a nutshell.

5:15 PM on October 10, 2011
I can’t wait until its 14 below zero to see how many of this idiots are out there then..

5:15 PM on October 10, 2011
I think it is just dandy to read the usual suspects ridiculing this 99% movement.

5:29 PM on October 10, 2011
I wonder if the presumptive 99%ers have given any thought to the fact they are the 1%ers in global terms. They make more than 99% of the rest of the people in the world.

pogostemon October 07, 2011 at 4:33AM
Must be awfully embarrassing for the Fox News Tea-Bagger crowd to see what a real citizen based movement looks like. The only thing the extremist right has left is what they started with: Lies, Hate, and Propaganda. PCFIDE is one of those typical, uninformed TV kids that thinks parroting hateful entertainment talking points qualifies as having a position. Has anyone heard one person at an OCCUPY Event say they wanted more government? Has anyone ever heard PCFIED, or those like him make one point that isn’t exactly, word for word an extreme right wing talking point taken directly from the latest propaganda release? Is there really a hidden agenda behind the obvious desire to rein in the corruption of corporate controlled government, corporate controlled courts, corporate controlled media, corporate controlled elections, and the runaway financial greed of the 1%? Thank God the flood-gates have opened and people are finally responding. People from all walks of life aren’t taking to the streets because some huge corporate sponsors are behind them or because the corporate media told them to do so. This isn’t another AstroTurf tea-bagger movement designed to get the black man out of the whitehouse and protect corporate interest. This is a real movement based in truth and justice by the people, for the people. It is non violent, and it isn’t going to go away no matter how many dishonest, shallow, uninformed, TV Kids peck away on their parents keyboards or try to mimic their counterparts in right wing media.

KingMax October 06, 2011 at 1:27PM
Obviously, you’re not part of OccupyPortland, which emphasizes nonviolence, govt. Judging by your screen name, I’m guessing you’re a Tea Party instigator.

oregon_fan October 06, 2011 at 12:56PM
Yeah, banned, you’re representing well. You’re education, intelligence, and overall level of class is shining through brightly. You’re the teabagger’s dream. Get people to vote against their own best interest through propoganda.

native1852October 06, 2011 at 2:07PM
What is it ya’all want ? The list of Economic ills is endless….distill the crux of our over-extended econmomy (in which I no idea what that may be…..), we need an agenda, some leadership and the realzation that the big financial institutions could lend some credibilty to this chaos by cooperating with those in debt crisis.

PCFID October 06, 2011 at 2:25PM
Occupy Wall Street politically orchestrated action from the progressive left and public unions . 
1. To deflect this administrations responsibility of our weak economy.
2. This is the progressive left /big governments answer to the tea party.
3. This has actually been planned for over a year .
4. How long have you heard Millionaire and Billionaire? 
5. If you can’t run on your record then you deflect .
6. If your policies move our country to 16 trillion dollars, then you deflect.
7. If your health care legislation raises costs then you deflect.
8. If your party was involved in the housing crisis then you deflect.
9. If “yes we can” did’nt work you deflect.
10. Now it is “we couldn’t because of Wall Street”.
11.If your policies are failures you blame congress.
12.If the rule of law does not work in your favor blame the supreme court.
13.If he thinks a judge will not vote your way have him removed.
14.If you wasted trillions then you deflect.
BOTTOM LINE. This movement only recognizes the symptom ie Wall Street.The cancer that needs to be eradicated is the idea that a larger federal government is the answer to all of our problems.Our government failed us here and this movement is directed by government that the culprit is someone else.
The progressive movement on our left and right has damaged our country to the point of a possible collapse.We as a nation cannot continue this indebtedness.We have future social obligations that will never be met.But yet when a person like Rep. Ryan sticks his neck out and introduces a plan that WILL NOT AFFECT SENIORS IN RETIREMENT OR TEN YEARS CLOSE TO RETIREMENT.let me repeat this WILL NOT AFFECT SENIORS IN RETIREMENT OR TEN YEARS CLOSE TO RETIREMENT. Instead of a adult conversations the progressive left manufactured commercials of a person of Ryan’s likeness pushing a elderly lady off the cliff.
We have 50 trillion dollars in promised social programs with ever increasing longevity of our elderly.Yes government has raided our social security funds the very people that you and I voted for over the years.It is what it is and we need to move on and at least repair the damage.We owe our next generations honesty.This is just an example of the political games.
Dont be a Marketed Dummy once again.

Sustainable Utopia October 06, 2011 at 2:48PM
Because elderly poor and middle class are sucking money out of this country but the top 1% of wealthy who own roughly 40% of its wealth are helping it out so much.

Snowyaker October 06, 2011 at 3:13PM
You’re so full of it. This hasn’t been planned for over a year. Just because Glenn Beck says so doesn’t mean so. Go take a look at the people participating and tell me they’ve been planning for a year. Sheesh. You’ll really believe anything so long as prescribes to your pre-meditated and unchangeable world view.
And tell you what, why don’t you give up your retirement and social security since you have no problem asking me to give up mine?

Dave900 October 07, 2011 at 12:25PM
“The wars were voted on by both houses”. That was not a “vote for war”. In fact, at the time Bush argued, “If you want to keep the peace, you’ve got to have the authorization to use force”. Granted, this is like giving matches to an arsonist, but the idea was sold as a way to pressure Saddam. It was an authorization for Bush to make the decision, not an endorsement of war. The resolution was also sold with numerous lies. I don’t forgive any Democrats who voted for it, but it wasn’t a vote “for war” and it was passed with mostly Republican votes and sold with Republican lies.
Don’t try and pull out the old “Bill Clinton thought there were w.m.d. too”. The Clinton administration sought to keep the pressure on Saddam and wanted the U.N. sanctions to remain in place. If he had admitted there were no longer any w.m.d., the sanctions would have have been lifted. The perpetual inspections were being used as cover buy U.S. intelligence for planting eavesdropping devices in Saddam’s palaces in order to pinpoint his location for a cruise missile strike. When Saddam discovered it he refused access to some of his palaces. The inspectors were then withdrawn prior to U.S. airstrikes, not “expelled” as has since often been misreported. After the airstrikes, Saddam refused to allow the inspectors to return. The resolution was sold as the way to keep the peace by forcing him to allow the inspectors back in.

4:21 PM on 10/11/2011
Where do all these people get the time to protest. Go to work. Make some money on your own. It will feel great. Empowering. Turn off all the lefty shows and listen to Herman Cain. Refreshing!!!!!
BTW In and Out Burger in Rockwall is hiring.

Peace out.

4:04 PM on 10/11/2011
I am the 53%.

2:23 PM on 10/11/2011
The protestors have no coherent message. They are against Capitalism. They want all of their loans forgiven. They want to outlaw credit checks – the very thing that caused the mortgage meltdown.
They want more money from the federal government. They want free college educations. They want successful people taxed much more, and the money given to everyone else.
They want Obama re-elected (as declared to the media in a news conference by Occupy Wall Street). They want an end to Capitalism – without saying what would replace it, but presumably Socialism. They also want a pure Democracy.
They also want an end to company contributions to politics. But, they are just fine with unlimited union contributions to politics.

2:18 PM on 10/11/2011
Missing from The News’ chosen coverage: the public sex, drugs, defecation, anti-Semitism and real goal of these anarchist parasites: the complete destruction of American capitalism and private property rights. Oh – and the Democrat Party officially backs ‘em! Other than that, a fine, balanced report. … Like the MSM cheered the supposedly wonderful “Arab Spring” – in reality, a deadly Islamist revolt – it now attempts to paint these bowel scum as worthy of a listen. (Quite confidently I’ll say no tea partier ever defecated on a police car. If they had, it would’ve led every two-bit rag in the U.S. – for days.)
The protest should be at the bought white house.

1:40 PM on 10/11/2011
Since most of us here (apparently, the 1%) don’t understand the message the Occupy Dallas people are trying to send, please reply to my message and break it down point by point. This way, we can gain a better understanding to their demands.

1:36 PM on 10/11/2011
See… Capitalism does work!! 
Ya gotta love it. Lol

1:35 PM on 10/11/2011
If you only listen to Fixed news and get your opinions spoon fed by the druggie serial marrier and his buddy, hanRATTY, you just don’t know any better.

1:33 PM on 10/11/2011
jnkirk1974, are running your mouth on company time. You need to get back to work.

1:32 PM on 10/11/2011
I think the Rethuglicans will do anything to keep the normal people in line. Why do they think they can now suppress free speech. Because they are underhanded thieves and have always got away with it so far. jnkirk1974 is an idiot, I know 100 people with more education and a hell of a lot more intelligence that are out of work.

1:30 PM on 10/11/2011
Wonder what the insurance requirements for Tea Party protests were?

1:08 PM on 10/11/2011
I guess I’m the 1%, according to the email above. I’m fine with that. It keeps me and my family from camping out in downtown Dallas. If only I hadn’t gotten an education that would monetize in the marketplace……..

12:40 PM on 10/11/2011
Kinda funny… These protesters are really focused on more government and more regulation. But when the government entity regulates them by requiring insurance, it is a violation of their constitutional rights. Oh wait, I see…. They just want more government regulation of everyone else!

12:35 PM on 10/11/2011
Just fyi, these protesters include professionals, college students, old, young, poor and wealthy. AND, you people think that this is only a liberal/President Obama movement when in actuality there are Ron Paul supporters, and I’m sure others of different political persuasions. You’d know this if you would care to take the time to find out. This movement is bigger than President Obama, and others who disregard it.

12:02 PM on 10/11/2011
I love the last line in the email. “We are the 99%”
Really? There are fewer than 2500 people involved, but you are speaking for the 99%?
Do the math on that one……….

11:35 AM on 10/11/2011
I hear many express concern over what it will take to bring these protests to an end. It’s called winter.

11:33 AM on 10/11/2011
I have no doubts that whatever Occupy Dallas needs to keep this grassroots movement progressing for the rights of the middle-class, poor, and others, they will get in donations. The slurs, and lies displayed here by the anti-American clan will only strengthen their will to continue the fight.

11:30 AM on 10/11/2011
The Flea Party meets Responsibility, and whining ensues…imagine that.

11:20 AM on 10/11/2011
Hello protesters,

The people that you are protesting against don’t care that you are outside wasting your time. Protesting is an outdated method of attracting attention to yourselves and is usually an excuse to get out of going to work or school. Ask yourselves how standing around outside is accomplishing anything?
Instead, try doing your homework and voting for people into office that can actually change things. Vote with your money and think outside the box.

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7 Responses to get the Money out of politics

  1. John_Campbell says:

    So you support this “Occupy” trash? Did the “sex with animals” part get you excited? 

  2. oi81278p says:

    in order to get the money out of it you need to shrink the Fed government. When they get to pick winners/losers then people will try and buy influence

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well said my friend. These other people are sstuck in the matrix. But seriously, it will happen one way or the other, either thru an open gate or thru flood water bursting a dam. Some might say this is the beginning, some might say the end, we’ll see..

  4. lynched1 says:

    You’re deluding yourself. The populace itself is as much at fault as any government entity or any corporation. What will be great fun is when the 99% of OWS start protesting the 1% of OWS. lmao!

  5. HoR_Emperor says:

    Lies and fantasies as usual from the Left. Get lost, troll.

  6. MTB says:

    It may be a flash in the pan movement
    but it is a direct response to the Political Class Warfare against the middle class and the poor that started during the Regan Administration and continues right up to this day.

  7. Silvershado says:

    Most revolutions have turned out badly. For example, high-culture France was set back two centuries (1789), Holy Russia slid into Communism and the Chinese Cultural Revolution eliminated their intellectuals and great works of art.

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