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So what makes Hillary a good choice for president? Her support of NAFTA and the TPP? The way she lit North Africa and the Middle East on fire? The way she makes millions from Wall Street “speaking fees”? Running her so-called charity as a slush fund? Her mishandling of classified information?


Vexray Spartanburg SC 15 hours ago

Utter nonsense! Making a mountain out of a mole hill. Anyone who understands what has been going on in this country understands what Ms. Sarandon meant. Sometime when you have two bad choices with no other options – you want to throw up your hands, throw in the towel – “explode”! To convert it into a the sound of a terrorist act to blow up the republic is childish and absurd.
In case you have not noticed, Mr. Blow, the entire political campaign so far has been an explosion! It is about time. Sometimes, things turn out better after a revolution. See America!
It is time to change “the establishment” that has been destroying the fabric of this country creating and sustaining an oligarchy over the past 30+ years.
Half the people have given up voting because they know it is meaningless exercise. But those who do and show up at huge rallies for Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders believe it is time for America 2.0 – Bring it on!
Mr. Blow, you have said as much yourself often. Though this papers support of Mrs. Clinton and ignoring Bernie Sanders is well known, Mrs. Clinton offers more of the same – a continuation of Clinton.Bush.Obama regime. It is time for a regime change at home. Sometimes, it is best to ‘blow’ up the old to build anew.

Mark Thomason is a trusted commenter Clawson, Mich 15 hours ago

Not me. Things must change. I want Bernie’s changes. If we can’t have that, I’ll accept Trump’s changes as a distant second best. Never Hillary. Never. The DNC will repeat its experience of Gore losing if it insists on defying its voter base in favor of its donor base and insiders.


That’s why they support the Democrats on many of their issues, to go out and get Hispanics or other minorities. Well, guess who’s doing it? Donald Trump is doing it! Donald Trump has put together a coalition — whether he knows it or not, whether he intended to or not, he’s put together a coalition — that’s exactly what the Republican Party says that it needs to win! And yet look what they’re doing. They’re trying to get Trump out of the race, because they’re not in charge of it. They’re not in control of it. And it’s the most amazing thing to watch this happen. Governor Romney comes along and tries to talk people out of Trump, and that’s not gonna work. You can’t talk his supporters out of supporting him. The only guy that’s gonna be able to do that is Trump himself.


“Republicans and Republican-leaning independents remain willing to join together in support of whoever receives the most votes,” Hart concluded in a memo reflecting on the results of the focus group. “If Trump is that person, yet fails to receive the nomination through a brokered convention, then these voters predict that their reaction would be hostile and harsh. This is true not only for Trump voters but also many Cruz supporters.”

In an election wholly defined by the Republican base’s dislike and distrust for the party’s leaders, how can you realistically expect that same base to capitulate to an establishment-favorite candidate who may not have even competed in the primary and caucus process?


1:09 AM EDT

Whites are racist against blacks, and blacks are racist against whites and latinos, and latinos are racist against others, koreans are racist against non koreans, chineses don’t like anyone, Indians are racist against everyone including Indians, etc. This is in every country I have lived in.
This is human nature, it is only us in the USA and Europe that make a big issue out of it due to our over narrow version of political correct.
We promote equal rights for all, but to do so, we must reduce our own rights to accommodate others. Is that not a kind of racism.

Human Like You
1:41 AM EDT

How are our rights being reduced? And do you not think it’s worth reducing some of your own privilege and convenience so another human being can live at peace? Are you actually willing to admit that you think it’s ok to keep one person down to raise yourself up? Have you actually thought of all the things that are “human nature” and what the world would be like if we indulged all of our human natures?

1:55 AM EDT [Edited]

Your rantings are the attitude of creating the frenzy against anyone that speaks up. Nothing to do with holding another person down, that is your impression so maybe you should review your own fears and hidden agendas.
A small example is why should german school stop pork not for health but so as to to offend religious immigrants. They have no vote, they have no citizenship yet they are being accommodated.
Yes I do not believe that we should alter our culture and wants to accommodate others. They should alter and accommodate to us.
But, so called human supporters like you only support humans that agree with you. So should we call you racist?????


Tavis Smiley: Black voters may support Trump
Tavis Smiley 9:59 a.m. EST March 2, 2016

With Hillary Clinton racking up more overwhelming victories in Super Tuesday primaries thanks to the overwhelming support of African-American voters, the conventional wisdom is that she has the black vote on lock down. She might be wrong.

Clinton has already been endorsed by most members of the Congressional Black Caucus, many big city black mayors and other notable black elected officials from California to the Carolinas.

Additionally, she’s also getting not so subtle signs of support from Obama White House insiders and a few shout-outs from President Obama himself. Initially, the president promised to remain neutral until the primary season was over, but he recently appeared to ever so gently open the door to an endorsement of his former secretary of State sooner than expected.

Personally, I never thought Obama would wait that long, not after what Bill Clinton did for him at the Democratic National Convention in 2012 to help energize his re-election campaign. I suspect Obama would love nothing more than to even the score by repaying the debt he owes the Clintons. Politics is funny. First, they run against each other in a nasty campaign with racial overtones, then they feign friendship and work together, then Bill gallops in to help Barack win a second term, and now Hillary needs the president’s support to win the presidency. Talk about triangulation.

Nonetheless, the conventional wisdom is that black voters have forgiven the Clintons for their attempt to diminish Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, and this time around, they’ve got Hillary’s back. Except everyone knows that in this presidential election cycle, conventional wisdom left the building long before the train ever left the station. Something tells me that if Donald Trump is indeed the Republican nominee, it might be a miscalculation for Democrats to assume that black voters are a lock for their nominee, even with the first black president and Barack Obama both campaigning for her.

For starters, charisma, charm and likeability aren’t transferable. While the chance to elect the first woman president is indeed tantalizing for many, in black America specifically, it’s not exactly the same as watching an African-American first family taking up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Indeed, even women haven’t as yet rallied en masse around Hillary the way black folk did around Obama.

Second, the number of everyday black voters who we assume will dismiss Trump because of his anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim attacks might well be inflated. While I certainly have had my say about Trump being a “religious and racial arsonist” (and he responded quickly on Twitter), not everyone in black America agrees with me. I have been taken by myriad conversations I’ve had with black folk who don’t find those comments by Trump necessarily or automatically disqualifying. In the coming days, we will see whether his initial refusal last Sunday on CNN to disavow the endorsement of David Duke, the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacy might anger black voters. Interestingly, almost two months ago, CNN ran a story about a white supremacist group doing robocalls for Trump in Iowa. He didn’t denounce them then and seems to not have suffered for it.

Third, though it is true that black/brown political coalitions have had strategic successes, it is also true that there have been plenty of other occasions where the interests of black and brown voters didn’t exactly align. In California where I live, Latinos are still smarting from the lack of black voter support in 1994 to help defeat the anti-immigrant Proposition 187. At best, it’s a big assumption to think that both the black political establishment and everyday black voters share the same sentiment on Trump’s anti-immigrant stance. Scary, but honestly, I’m not so sure.

Fourth, it’s telling how quiet the black elite have been, those who travel in social circles with Trump, even as he has been taken to task time and again for his racial if not racist language. There have been some exceptions — Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover come to mind — but the relative silence of the black establishment class has been chilling. Recently, I read a national newspaper feature about Trump and his relationships with notable high-profile black Americans. Interestingly, nobody really wanted to go on record criticizing The Donald.

I’ve talked privately to some of Trump’s black friends since I read that piece, and to a person, their critique of him is highly nuanced. Men and women from black America’s most privileged class, either genuinely like this guy or they’re afraid of being caught in his social media meat grinder. Those whose job it is to comment on politics have been strong in condemning Trump, but those who earn their wealth elsewhere have been too quiet. In any event, it’s going to be interesting to watch how these BFOTs (black friends of Trump) support the Democratic nominee even as they try to remain neutral on Trump.

Finally, it’s mind-numbing to some of us that a reckless member of the billionaire class has somehow convinced hardworking, everyday people that he is their savior. But all rich guys aren’t created equal. Ultimately, Trump’s policies might not be that different from what Mitt Romney’s would have been, but they apparently sound different to working class voters.

For many black voters, I think it’s fair to say that, at the moment, at least, Trump is no Romney.

Consequently, there is no reason to believe that if he is his party’s nominee, Donald Trump wouldn’t make a serious play for black voters. Who knows how much he might skim? In a close election, it might not take much.

Smiley, a Kokomo native, is a member of USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors, managing editor of Tavis Smiley on PBS and author of “The Covenant with Black America: Ten Years Later.”


Black Dems aren’t turning out for Hillary like they did for Obama


Will New York City 1 day ago
This is absolutely too much from The New York Times. You’d think the republican party hired the Times to go after Trump. Good lord. When are we going to accept the fact that the people speak and the said they want this man to represent them? Enough already. The kitchen sink has been thrown at this man and still, he stands. It is time to start giving the people who support him some credit. They think he is their best choice to prosperity and change. The Times and its commenters are acting like we should only elect perfect people to the presidency. This is nonsense. The problem with Trump, is that, he is too honest and speaks what he thinks while cowardly career politicians don’t for fear of hurting feelings. They are no better than Trump. In fact, I much rather someone insults me plain language than to uses big words to insult me. This man is who is and he will not apologize and those who continue to support him wouldn’t want it any other way, including yours truly, a registered democrat who will, come this November, vote for this man because of my deep disappointment with career politicians like Hilary, Cruz et al. Enough! Give this man his credit, he has earned it.
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Ann Dallas, Texas 1 day ago
Your imaginary Trump supporter is not admitting that Trump’s propensity to insult women and minorities, and his staggering lack of relevant experience or knowledge, are WHY they support him. They’re angry at political correctness and the Republican establishment, and voting for Trump is their revenge.
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Charlie Newman Chicago 13 hours ago
Here’s an explanation of the Trump bulldozer: countries get the leaders they deserve, as the cliché goes.
We are in so much trouble.
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JoePenny CT 12 hours ago
Trumpism is something entirely new in America and new things have an uncanny tendency to confuse and anger some people, particularly those who no longer question their own wisdom and perspective. The author is not alone among commentators to be baffled and angered by Trump in this election season. But his haughty tone demonstrates a dismissiveness and disgust with this electorate that betrays nothing but his own biases. There is no evidence that the author has tried to understand or identify what is actually going on. The author even imagines what these poor, sad Trump supporters might say were they confronted with a bit of iron logic and a few simple facts. I am not a Trump supporter, but I understand the attraction that many Americans feel for his candidacy. As muddled as Trump’s thinking may appear to the author, he is one of the few voices in the race who has sought to harness both the anger and hope of many. No other candidate, with the exception of Sanders, is taking the dialogue outside of the well trodden lines that have been scribed by our political and economic elites for decades. Mr Kristof can do better.
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cljuniper denver 9 hours ago
Since WWII the US has easily been the most powerful country on Earth. Yet during my lifetime (age 62) I’ve had to somehow understand and suffer through terrible leadership, beginning with the paranoid R. Nixon and his enemies list and Watergate bunglers/burglars; Reagan and his Voodoo economics that led to the highest average Federal budget deficits until we had to bail ourselves out of a recession based on unregulated financial markets; to W. Bush and the two biggest mistakes in US foreign policy history (regime changes in Afghanistan and Iraq) and more Voodoo economics and unnecessary budget deficits. And now Trump’s popularity because he seems “strong” but is totally untested in public office, has had 4 business bankruptcies, a scam business (Trump Univ.) and was a Birther – all of which should render him unqualified for dogcatcher. He is pure megalomania demagogue, and shame on US citizens for being so ignorant as to equate those qualities with “presidential.” This ignorance is partly a product of decades of the right-wing’s cynical, highly unpatriotic drumbeat that government is bad and the less the better, etc. Sad, embarrassing, disappointing. Too many voters don’t want the best and brightest leader – they want a leader they can relate to – as W. was a guy they’d more like to have a beer with than Gore or Kerry. Fools. When the airplane’s engine has fallen off, who do you want in the cockpit – a buddy to have a beer with, or a person who knows how to fly it?
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Who’s to blame for Trump’s rise? Everybody

Trump will have to be defeated by political forces separate and greater than the corrupt and failed two-party duopoly.

Trump voters believe one thing fervently: Both parties are dirty.

The vast majority of voters agree completely. They differ on whom they dislike and mistrust more.

The crooked duopoly cannot be trusted to stop Trump because it delivered this plague upon us.

Big Mike 34 Mar 14, 2016
At first I also liked Trump ….Fueled by his attack on POLITICALLY CORRECT….BUT ….THAT CANGED as I begin to see who and what Trump really is…..He is a Totally self absorbed Self aggrandizer ….The Positions he Claims to take seem Good from my point of view as a Conservative but that …..Until you scratch the surface and see nothing….

Trump has reveled enough of himself to Run in the opposite direction…

1) He was a Democrat until 2012
2) He has supported with money every Ultra Democrat liberal From Hillary on
3) His values are those of the ultra left NY CITY Citizens…..
4) He has flip flopped on Gay Marriage …Abortion….Big Government….Illegal Immigrants (who he still hires in Miami every year) He claims that he cannot find Citizens who want the jobs….totally wrong where in one of his facilities there were 100s of applications for the Summer Jobs but he instead hired Illegals…..
5) The Wall and forcing Mexico to pay for it….by threatening a trade war Hogwash…
6) His racist and ethnic attitude…
7) His violent rhetoric which does invite the Far left activists to level their illegal assault on his Audience…
8) His constant Personal attacks on every one of his opponents….The all lie he says (the pot calls the kettle black)
9) He is a total embarrassment to our country….WOULD ANY OF YOU REALLY WANT THIS GUY AS OUR PRESIDENT…

P.S. His claim of using his own money to run his campaign is Bogus….85 % of his Campaign costs are from donations …….Also go to his web site….and you will see his plea for donations….
People don’t be a bunch of Conservatives Suck

casinoecondog Mar 14, 2016 @ Big Mike 34

…..yes, I share some of your concerns; however, while I am firmly feeling the Bern, balancing out the scales on Trumps side is something I normally overlook and that is the fruit that never falls far from the tree–all of his children seem highly well-adjusted (versus full of their filthy rich selves), successful, motivated, and well-spoken; therefore, he is capable of producing and nurturing items of value over a long haul. Not to mention his dazzling super model wife who came across as quite bright and independent during her brief and rare TV interview–not that speaking five languages and elevating yourself from Eastern European slums doesn’t speak for itself…….I am increasingly being led to believe Trump’s package (not related to hand size) is imminently under-estimated–and that he might be very close to a slam dunk not just of the GOP primary, but also huge tracks all over Hillary’s backside, given the numbers switching sides from Dem and Independent to the Trump camp,


DT2016 -Mar. 16, 2016 at 8:47pm
It could just be business. Think about it. Most conservative outlets are based on opposition, to the left. If Trump wins with a right majority in house and Senate, how do conservative news outlets stay relative? Well, hating on Trump could be one way. Would if Trump succeeds and stops the doomsday clock? Then what? I would rather see beck turn into the positive force he can be. If he could redirect this negative energy, he could have a profound impact. I’ve seen him do it before, that’s why I still come here…….and to pick on Cruz supporters, lol j.k.

TeaBeliever-Mar. 16, 2016 at 5:14pm
Breaking “news” on The Blaze: Glenn Beck loses it and curses Kasich. I remember when Mr Beck mattered–it’s sad how far gone he is now. Love of money and his own ego have destroyed him.

rodamaa-Mar. 16, 2016 at 6:57pm
I was one of the fools that went to his rallies and thought he was a hero

caleegal-Mar. 16, 2016 at 5:39pm
Love most of Glenn’s ideology; however, he has truly lost me on this one. I partially understand his support for Cruz (he says everything just right), but follow his path and the path of his wife. She has been a big part of the North American Union and Trilateral Commission. Her ties with Goldman-Sachs is well documented. Sorry, Glenn but I a willing to take a chance on Trump, I know where Cruz’s path leads, the same as essentially everyone else we have elected over the past decade.

Dattebayo-Mar. 16, 2016 at 10:42pm
He is crazy.. Have you listened to his show lately? I catch it when im driving occasionally and I do honestly believe that he considers himself to be some kind of Messiah.. Its really pretty creepy


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