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Coming soon to a neighborhood, a state near you, our country: Mexifornia. Mexicans believe they have a right to invade our nation because they are natives, while los Americanos, son los Anglos. Pues, en realidad, los Mexicanos son los gringos malditos, verdad? Olivia de Havilland was born in Tokyo, is she Japanese? Born in Arizona, move to South Korea, absorb the culture, suddenly Korean?

Parallels between the Fall of the Roman Empire and US abound and include loss of border control and economic disparity between the East (Asia) and the West (the U.S. and Europe). Rome, the West, fell before the East, Byzantium. Previous posts have illustrated this problem which our so-called leaders have allowed to cripple the future of Americans: loss of manufacturing and the weight of debt. This post again illustrates the point that our rudderless (“stay the course…”) leaderless country can not maintain its present course.

Politicians like their bankster enablers think in incremental terms, the next election and yearly bonuses, instead of long term, e.g. rebuild infrastructure. Wall Street thinks in terms of short term speculation instead of long term investment, the common good of the country. Wall Street brought down the economy through willful disregard of common sense, self-interest, and those responsible remain free while Blago goes to jail for the age old vice of “pay for play.” Glad to be a Baby Boomer instead of a member of the social media generation

In Gold Cup final, it’s red, white and boo again
Mexico rallies for a 4-2 win over U.S. behind overwhelming support at Rose Bowl. In what other country would the visitors have home-field advantage?\

By Bill Plaschke
June 25, 2011, 10:15 p.m.

It was imperfectly odd. It was strangely unsettling. It was uniquely American.

On a balmy early Saturday summer evening, the U.S soccer team played for a prestigious championship in a U.S. stadium … and was smothered in boos.

Its fans were vastly outnumbered. Its goalkeeper was bathed in a chanted obscenity. Even its national anthem was filled with the blowing of air horns and bouncing of beach balls.

Most of these hostile visitors didn’t live in another country. Most, in fact, were not visitors at all, many of them being U.S. residents whose lives are here but whose sporting souls remain elsewhere.

Welcome to another unveiling of that social portrait known as a U.S.-Mexico soccer match, streaked as always in deep colors of red, white, blue, green … and gray.

“I love this country, it has given me everything that I have, and I’m proud to be part of it,” said Victor Sanchez, a 37-year-old Monrovia resident wearing a Mexico jersey. “But yet, I didn’t have a choice to come here, I was born in Mexico, and that is where my heart will always be.”

On a street outside the Rose Bowl before the Gold Cup final, Sanchez was hanging out near a motor home that was hosting 17 folks — 15 of whom were Mexico fans. Inside, that ratio held, there seemingly being about 80,000 Mexico fans among the announced crowd of 93,420.

This was Staples Center filled with Boston Celtics fans. This was Chavez Ravine filled with Giants jerseys. This was as weird as it was wild and, for a U.S. team that lost, 4-2, it had to be wearisome.

“Obviously … the support that Mexico has on the night like tonight makes it a home game for them,” said U.S. Coach Bob Bradley, choosing his words carefully. “It’s part of something we have to deal with on the night.”

It wasn’t just something. It was everything. I’ve never heard more consistent loud cheering for one team here, from the air horns to the “Ole” chants with each Mexico pass, all set to the soundtrack of a low throbbing roar that began in the parking lot about six hours before the game and continued long into the night.

Even when the U.S. scored the first two goals, the Mexico cheers stayed strong, perhaps inspiring El Tri to four consecutive goals against a U.S. team that seemed dazed and confused. Then when it ended, and the Mexican players had danced across the center of the field in giddy wonder while the U.S. players had staggered to the sidelines in disillusionment, the madness continued.

Because nobody left. Rather amazingly, the Mexico fans kept bouncing and cheering under headbands and sombreros, nobody moving an inch, the giant Rose Bowl jammed for a postgame trophy ceremony for perhaps the first time in its history.

And, yes, when the U.S. team was announced one final time, it was once again booed.

“We’re not booing the country, we’re booing the team,” Sanchez said. “There is a big difference.”

Mexico soccer fans have long since proven to be perhaps the greatest fans of any sports team that plays in this country, selling out venues from here to Texas to New Jersey, dwarfing something like Red Sox Nation, equaling any two SEC football fan bases combined.

But eventually, the rules for their unrequited love get tricky. Because eventually, Mexico ends up playing the U.S. team on U.S. soil. And then folks start wondering, as they surely did Saturday, is it really right for folks who live here to boo and jeer as if they don’t?

“I know, it’s strange, and when we got here, we were a little worried,” said Roy Martinez, a U.S. fan who wrapped himself in an American flag and led “USA” cheers to passing cars outside the stadium before the game. “But, you know, it works.”

It was truly strange but, in the end, it indeed worked, perhaps because there is pride in living in one of the only countries where it could work.

How many places are so diverse that it could fill football stadiums with folks whose roots are somewhere else? How many places offer such a freedom of speech that someone can display an American flag on their porch one day and cheer against the flag the next?

I hated it, but I loved it. I was felt as if I was in a strange place, and yet I felt right at home.

Certainly, for the U.S. team, it undoubtedly stinks. But then, well, to be honest, the team stinks.

All the misguided hopes that surrounded their advancement into the second round of the 2010 World Cup — We beat Algeria, whoopee! — have come crashing down in recent lackluster play under Bradley.

If this were any other country, Bradley would have been relieved by now. But because U.S. expectations remain sadly low, he is allowed to continue guiding a team whose mistakes and missteps led to the Mexico comeback.

Long after that comeback was complete, when the stadium was finally cleared and the party had moved to the parking lot, the Rose Bowl field contained scattered patches of blue and gold celebration glitter. It was messy, and mangled, and beautiful.

warkaj at 10:51 PM June 26, 2011
dude who cares, it’s soccer. The fact that no one in America even knew about this until the news blasted it in our face (and I even live in Southern California and I didn’t even know lol) is comical at best. Americans don’t care about the Gold Cup (?) or soccer. We care about the NFL, NBA, MLB and winning gold in the olympics…. what was Mexicos medal count last olympics? need I say more.
until they get a fence jumping event in the olympics, they’ll be tier 3 on a good day. Lol

docfjs at 10:28 PM June 26, 2011
Hey Bill
You don’t seem to realize that LA and southern California are basically part of Mexico already.
My advise to you is to learn Spanish and write your article in that language next time.
Hasta la vista, baby!

P-Funk at 10:25 PM June 26, 2011
900 posts! Okay, here’s the reason for so many. Most of the posts are by white guys like me who are mad that Mexicans have taken over much of southern California and are vastly spread throughout much of the rest of the country. We remember the “good ol’ days” when America was mostly white and a little black. We don’t like the values of the new Mexican culture…..lots of loud Mexican music, parties going all night, poorly educated and unmotivated people, et cetera.

However, let’s face it. If it weren’t for the Mexicans, there wouldn’t be soccer in LA. We’d still have the Rams, maybe the Raiders, and the Dodgers wouldn’t be hurting so much. The “change” we’ve witnessed is probably much like that which the “Californios” felt back in the 1840′s when whites from the East Coast descended into California and changed the California culture over night. We’re just seeing the what-goes-around-comes-around karma revisiting us. Hey, you can thumbs-down this post all you want, but I’m just the messenger. Remember, I don’t like the change any more than any of you. We just need to keep the bigger picture in mind. We white dudes have changed a lot of cultures with our presence and power over the decades. Perhaps, we’re simply getting a taste of what it feels like.

MaxKnighter at 9:58 PM June 26, 2011
“I love this country, it has given me everything that I have, and I’m proud to be part of it,” said Victor Sanchez, a 37-year-old Monrovia resident wearing a Mexico jersey. “But yet, I didn’t have a choice to come here, I was born in Mexico, and that is where my heart will always be.”
He didn’t have a choice to come here? Really? Did the LA-tin Times editors tell him what to say?
What we saw at the Rose Bowl was the true level of assimilation now days.
Alot of the people there seemed young. Can you say Dream Act?
We as a country, state and city get what we deserve.

Vince Brewster a t 9:22 PM June 26, 2011Somewhere in the almost 900 comments posted, what I have to say has surely already been said. That’s not going to stop me.
What happened at the Rose Bowl is, as U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard said, amazing — and a disgrace. Bouncing beach balls and blowing air horns during anyone’s national anthem is terrible behavior. It’s a tragedy and a travesty when you do it to show your contempt for the country in which you choose to live.
I’m not foolish enough to believe Victor Sanchez: I think he lied when he said he loves the United States. My advice to Sanchez: follow your heart and return to Mexico. I’ve always followed my heart and it’s never been a mistake.

JohnMooney at 8:42 PM June 26, 2011
My great grandfather was 19 years old when he came here from Italy as a stow away at a time when Italians were looked down upon as Mexcians are today. He lived in squalor as a “boot black” but had the commen sense to not only assimilate and learn the language eventually contribute to the better of all New Yorkers. He was the first Italian elector for three presidential candidates, the most notable being Woodrow Wilson in 1912, he helped establish the Italian Hospital in 1937 and was one of the primary people responsible for establishing Columbus Day in New York.

Our country was built upon those who seek a better life. Legal or not, I will welcome you with open arms. However, while you come here to provide a better way of life, I ask that you respect the country you now live in. Contribute to both your community and your new home country. You came here for a better life for you and your loved ones, please respect that we have welcomed you openly and not spit in our face.

truebeliever at 9:14 PM June 26, 2011
There is a vast difference between your grandfather and the current foreign nationals. Did your grandfather demand that Americans learn Italian or have Italian printed on various government documents? You state your grandfather learned the language and assimilated, of course keeping his native tongue which is great and brought diversity to America, however, he did assimilate. He did not EXPECT American US citizens to assimilate to him.Also, I am sure when your grandfather came to US, the US had him on file, innoculated him if necessary, we have no ideal of who these newly foreign nationals are or how many are presently here, nor what diseases, if any they carry. No, I am sorry, they are nothing like your grandfather at all.

Capitan Justicia at 9:39 PM June 26, 2011
Your grandfather came from a far away land. Mexicans and other Latin immigrants have their countries of origin much closer to the US. We also live in a much more globalized world than the era in which your grandfather emigrated, with internet, satellite Tv, etc. Not to mention that Spanish is a major international language. Todays immigrants will have children that speak English, and they will most likely also speak the language of their parents.

mgomez1117 at 10:45 PM June 26, 2011
I’d like to extend a heart felt thank you for supporting immigratns because most of the comments I see here are racist and dehumanizing. However, I honestly don’t think that supporting their team means any kind of disrespect forthe American Flag. It is clear that they still love and respect this country.

Common sense at 11:33 PM June 26, 2011
“…he helped establish the Italian Hospital”
“…responsible for establishing Columbus Day in New York”
Are you sure your great grandfather was keen to assimilate? Sounds like he wanted to hold on to those Italian roots…

smiller27us at 8:15 PM June 26, 2011
Borders, language, Culture…

rofaithgoogle at 9:06 PM June 26, 2011
Respect for the host country as well. It’s ok to cheer your team, but to disrespect the US Team the way they did. It was childish. Then to hold the ceremony in Spanish… what an insult… salt to the would…. basically, anglo-haters !

L.A. Times Moderator at 7:42 PM June 26, 2011
Note to readers and commenters: Because of repeated inappropriate posts, we will now be reviewing comments on this article before they are posted. We are also in the process of removing comments that violate our terms of service.

L.A. Times Moderator at 8:11 PM June 26, 2011
Also, please keep comments germane to the story.

madsircool at 7:29 PM June 26, 2011
This could have been far worse…from Argentina via the AP today:
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — River Plate was relegated to the Argentine second division for the first time in its 110-year history Sunday, sparking ugly street battles between police and fans with dozens injured inside and outside River’s Monumental stadium.

Utahrd at 8:16 PM June 26, 2011
The USSF won’t pay for a real coach.
He speaks English, he used to play in the US, he has won World Cup games, his current club situation is tenuous at best…….
Javier Aguirre for US coach!

101eas at 7:05 PM June 26, 2011
almost like cheering for your natural mother but at the same time, giving the thumbs down to the one who adopted you,

martin a at 7:06 PM June 26, 2011
Que Bien Dicho- only in the USA do we cry when we dont put the best but pay the worst- LE(chion)bron!

johngaltx at 7:09 PM June 26, 2011
No tax dollars involved. They stunk without government intervention

eloiro7 at 6:47 PM June 26, 2011
I don’t think its an attack against Mexicans as much as a strong dislike for the complaining that comes from the Mexican community. Other immigrants in the past came here and assimilated here and learned ENGLISH. Never before have immigrants refused to learn english like the Mexicans/Spanish do. If you come to American, then fine, be an American. Learn to speak OUR language.Try to make this a better country and PLEASE stop the complainging about gringos. And if they don’t like it here, go to where you are happy. That applies to all nationalities.

mgomez1117 at 11:01 PM June 26, 2011
Why is it that people are so offended by Mexico winning agains the US…this has nothing to do with the fact that mexicans don’t learn english?? I would like to see the statistics on that…let me tell you something…maybe the reason why many of them do not learn english is because they have to take those jobs where you have to work, work work and do not have any time to study study study, they are not here to socialize, they are here to work and that is how they survive, if you would really want to see the bigger picture you would do some serious research and know that .

el_pope at 6:46 PM June 26, 2011
Everyone calm down. There is no more significance to this story than when ex-New Yorkers fill Angels Stadium when the Yankees are in town. Just normal, regular people remembering and celebrating their roots. It means nothing beyond just that.

deBeer at 7:13 PM June 26, 2011
Not buying that for one second pope…You even know that is bull

Utahrd at 7:23 PM June 26, 2011
Yankees fans loot stores and overturn cop cars when they beat the Angels?

moonspots47 at 6:11 PM June 26, 2011
Only the LA Times would make a grotesque exhibit of racism and (delusional) nationalism seem so quaint. If the anglos were booing the Mexican national anthem and generally treating the opposite side with disdain there would be no end to the sanctimoneous preaching of tolerance by the LAT op-ed staff.
You won’t see any of that from this of course because, like all leftists, they hold “whitey” to a much higher standard of behaviour.
Which, if you think about it, is really a slap in the face to all the left’s beloved minorities… .

jsbrocha at 6:07 PM June 26, 2011
I am a proud American that is also proud of havng born in Mexico. I was at the game last night and it was very insuting and embarassing as to how some Mexicans supporting the Mexican National Team behaved. They insulted Americans that wore their true Americans colors inside and outside the stadium. These are the same people that are seeking amnesty to become USA citizens. Do they want to become US citizens only for the benefits and entitlements of being US citizens? The problem with having so many undocumented or illegal aliens in our country is because our existing immigration lwas are not ENFORCED. People will continue to come from all over the world and cross our borders illegaly because they know that once they cross the border they will basically have the same rights and opportunities as legal residents and US citizens. The SOLUTION to solve this problem is for all US citizens to vote out or recall all elected officials who will not protect and look out for the best interest of United Staes of America in the present and in the future.

The US lost the game because of the lousy coaching job by Bradley. He shoudl be fired immedaitely.

Michaelthepainter at 6:02 PM June 26, 2011
I spent the entire day there before sitting in my fabulous midfield seats. All the Mexicans I encountered while wearing my USA WC ’94 jersery were great. The American’s were vulgar. The only Mexico fans who I found out of line spoke English with no accent. Most of all, it was a great opportunit for those Mexicans living in the US and those visiting to be Mexicans together without the shame that we so often place upon them. It was a great day for them and, as a white American, it didn’t matter that we lost a game that everyone that I know didn’t care about. Viva Mexico!,0,7072114.column

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