Border Crisis and Obama

Why the Border Crisis Could Be Obama’s Katrina
Obama’s failed response to an influx of immigrants is a big fumble for his administration.

Bobfbell 8:11 AM EST
Just another example of our governmental dysfunction and the fact our nation has the attention span and focus of sand gnat.
This problem has been with us since Ronald Reagan issued the last amnesty; it has been left unaddressed by several Presidents and Congresses because they were/are both under the control of special interests instead of any degree of public interest and responsibility. Immigration, like many issues, now is an opportunity for one side, or the other, to score short term political points for those who support one side, or the other.
This is being called a “humanitarian crisis.” It may well be but the larger point is how it has become only the latest example of a government and system which is both dysfunctional and not accountable to the people’s interest. Illegal immigration is costing this nation every year and several million workers are occupying jobs here at below minimum wage helping to depress overall wages for workers. Yet, hundreds, indeed thousands of companies willingly hire these workers to keep costs low and profits high. Any company which does so is allowing a form of both indentured slavery and corporate welfare to thrive while millions of Americans have difficutly finding and holding a job.
This problem will not be solved for the simplest of reasons; it enables many in the political class to keep their job and many in the business class to make a bigger buck. Welcome to America.

…top officials at the White House and the State Department had been warned repeatedly of the potential for a further explosion in the number of migrant children since the crisis began escalating two years ago, according to former federal officials and others familiar with internal discussions. The White House was directly involved in efforts in early 2012 to care for the children when it helped negotiate a temporary shelter at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

“There were warning signs, operational folks raising red flags to high levels in terms of this being a potential issue,” said one former senior federal law enforcement official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk candidly about internal operations.

Liberty vs Tyranny 8:27 AM EST
Notice that there isn’t much support for the President among these comments. Is it because it is getting exhausting to continually defend him or is it because they read the title and don’t click on it because for them ignorance is bliss?

Obama Welcome Kit for Illegal Minors: 1. Fake driver’s license (15 and older). 2. Address of nearest voting precinct to relocation center. 3. Promo material of Democratic candidates. 4. EBT card.

marknelso 8:13 AM EST
While most see a humanitarian crisis, Obama sees future democratic voters

bethg1841 8:00 AM EST
Interesting headline. Obama aides knew….. Another case of the President being kept in the dark until it hit the media?

The Border and Obama

JerryFrey2010 1 day ago
Problem is, people like Joel Klein are insulated from the problems illegal immigrants bring: crowded schools, competition for low wage labor, disease…

LowInfoVoter 2 days ago
So sad to see Time, just another Democrat-owned media outlet, encouraging parents to send their young children thousands of miles risking rape and abuse as they know the ones who survive may become dependent on Govt benefits and vote Democrat. Despicable.

DarleneRitterGoodfellow 2 days ago @StephaniePayne
Oh do tell…

MatthewKilburn 2 days ago
“which seem far more humble than menacing”
This statement is interesting. Interesting, I say, because it illustrates a major and somewhat problematic component of the immigration debate: the idea that for someone to cause trouble, they have to *intend* to cause trouble – in other words, that someone is only a threat if they want to be. So the left will turn away embarrassed from those Latino activists who burn American flags and scream for the reconquista, but willingly embrace the flood coming over the border today. But in the end, how much different are the two groups, really?
What is it, specifically, that you expect to happen to all these aliens/OTMs/refugees if we allow them to stay in our country? How are they going to be fed? How are they going to be housed? Are the children going to be educated in our schools? If they are, we’re going to be swamped with children who need massive amounts of ESL education. Are the parents going to work? Are we going to provide them with work permits, or will it be under the table? If we provide them with work permits, how many Americans are going to be put out of a job? Are they going to learn English? Otherwise, we’re going to have even more concentrated, ethnic enclaves that look nothing like the rest of America.
The people who are coming over our border today may be the most kind, generous, frightened, innocent, America-idolizing individuals on the face of the Earth. Yet all of that does absolutely nothing to prevent them from transforming large areas of our nation into poor, uneducated, Spanish-speaking communities that feel no true affiliation with our nation’s classic heritage or values. Innocence, after all, is like the leper who has lost his bell: he means no harm, yet sows chaos everywhere he walks.
To accept these people may be commendable, but it would also be toxic, with a strong capacity to wreck havoc on our budgets, economy, communities, and culture.

jmac 2 days ago @MatthewKilburn
Your thought process is toxic. Certainly not something that Americans can be proud of.

StephaniePayne 2 days ago @jmac @MatthewKilburn
Yet, we haven’t heard one leftist in the administration or big government even attempt to answer the questions posed by jmac. Leftists, or self-described “liberals”, never seem to be able to overcome the emotional appeals they always make, and use as their justification for all their failed policies. “It’s for the children”! Seriously? And you guys act like you are the smartest people in the room (s.t.s).

StephaniePayne 2 days ago @KarlQuick
Superpower? I’m afraid that ship has sailed… to China. The leftists of today’s Democrat Party have sold out the country after decades of incrementally taking over each institution that made the USA a superpower. Their intent was the destruction of this nation as it was founded by its constitution and replace it with a vassal state of the world Socialist government. Unfortunately, very few Americans read Cloward’s and Piven’s, joint and individual, treatises on the destruction of America. Unfortunately, few Americans noticed when their institutions of higher learning and the legal professions… then government, first through the Democrat party, then through the GOP as the latter eschewed its conservative traditions. And now, the destruction of America’s last hope, our once mighty military is now well underway. This country can only be saved by God now, and I’m not referring to Obama. Of course, we know not what God’s plans are for this country, but it seems we will soon learn.

jmac 1 day ago @StephaniePayne @KarlQuick
Another religious nut. The day Karl Rove decided to embrace the nuts was the day the party trapped itself with the likes of Stephanie.

mstark1478 2 days ago
Read the comments, Joe. There isn’t an ounce of humanity in these people and their hatred of Obama makes their hatred of non white non tea baggers look tame in comparrison. If you haven’t figured that out by now you need to retire.

StephaniePayne 2 days ago @mstark1478
And your platitudes (straight from the Democrat party and MSNBC) have no place in thoughtful discourse either. The tired old racial rants from the left in this country are falling on deaf ears as Mr. Obama’s glaring incompetence transcends race. Or are you attempting to make the case that he is failing because of his race? Affirmative action doesn’t protect one from the blame that will come as a consequence to his bad decisions, or in Obama’s case, lack thereof. The world burns, America declines, and Obama is out raising more millions from the bi-coastal leftist elites of the Democrat party whose policies have brought this all to reality. You can use the old leftist cliches, but in the end, this is all Obama’s to own… and in the process, he has made those “tea baggers” look prescient and quite brilliant. You better believe there are millions of Obama voters who now think the Tea Party looks quite good; and inviting to anyone of any race… just as long as they love America. I know, that last part sounds awfully corny to you.

jmac 1 day ago @StephaniePayne @mstark1478
Not just a religious nut but someone who thinks the Tea Party now looks “brilliant”. I can’t stop laughing.
May you keep the House and take the Senate. We’d love a land-slide 2016.

Gmason 2 days ago
Nothing has changed in South America in over a decade. The only thing that changed is that Obama broadcasted the news that they could stay if they get here. I think we’re all about done with Democrats manipulating the American people with the sob stories.
Their countries are in a shambles because they are utterly corrupt (and mostly leftist to boot.) Why should we sit idly by and allow the Democrats to import and employ the South American style corruption. Taxpayers, and all Americans demand our government do it’s job and seal the border now.

Mojitomom 3 days agoI love it when liberals love Catholic nuns doing what Catholic nuns do – until the nuns inconveniently practice their faith by opposing abortion or refusing to pay for abortions. Then the nuns are “dirty” (per NOW) or are sued by the President in advance of levying fines of $2,000 per nun per year for violating the ACA. When you have a US president who places radio ads in Mexico telling Mexicans to come to the US for Food Stamps, advertises for contract escorts for 65,000 unaccompanied children to cross the border months before they came and speaks to the president of Mexico by phone but never brings up an active duty US Marine imprisoned right across the border, what makes Klein think that a Central American “summit” will stop these thousands of illegal aliens from swamping or social services, health services and education systems?

Mike from Mass Southampton, Mass 7 minutes ago
The most basic role of government is to define, defend and enforce our borders. Americans have suffered and died to create those borders. We, the people of the United States, decide who can and cannot enter.Forget healthcare. Forget abortion. Forget gun control. As a long time Democrat, I do not want to turn on the evening news and see undocumented children or anyone else walking across our undefended borders!

markhas Whiskysconsin 7 minutes ago
they can’t be deporter fast enough or far enough. Get on with it.

William Case Texas 7 minutes ago
The news media focus on unaccompanied children obscures the fact that the vast majority of the Central American migrants are adults and children accompanied by their parents. In addition to an estimated 57,000 unaccompanied children, about 270,000 adults and parents with children have crossed the border in recent months. These numbers apply only to the Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley Sector, which covers about 25 percent of the Texas border. The stream of illegal border crossers has diminished in recent days, but is still estimated at about a thousand per day. The total number of migrant children probably already exceeds 100,000. To put this in perspective, that is more children than are currently enrolled in the Albuquerque, Austin, Baltimore, Denver or Detroit school districts.

esp Illinois 7 minutes ago
I lived in Tanzania. I wanted to bring a friend (one who had family, job, etc) to the US for a tour. She was young, about 22 years old. Together we went to the US embassy. She was denied a tourist visa because she might not return to Tanzania. I even assured the embassy that I would make sure she got on the plane and had a round trip ticket. Too bad she didn’t live in central America. She could have just walked across the border. Plus the US embassy treated her like she was some kind of criminal.

Fiona New York 11 minutes ago
Many of the comments here sadden me beyond measure. Does it occur to those who write out of fear or out of the belief that we cannot afford to help our own AND children fleeing in desperation that if we fixed some of our own more obvious problems we could afford, easily, to do BOTH? Perhaps if we withdrew troops from pointless foreign wars, reduced our insane military budget, and reorganized our tax structure so that huge corporations and the 1% paid their share, all — U.S. citizens and refugees — might be safer, might live better. And if we ended our war on drugs, our export of guns, and our interference, historically often military, in the affairs of our neighbors to the south, maybe we could reduce the crime, chaos, and danger that cause people, including children, to flee their homes. What happened to the CAN DO spirit for which this country was once renowned?

DS NYC 11 minutes ago
Once again another heart tugging NYT article about the plight of the ‘children’.”They were girls wearing low-cut tops and boys in black T-shirts with tattoos and buzz cuts.”This is not how a ‘child’ talks:“It was trafficking people, drug dealers,” she recalled. “I just saw a lot of guys. They had guns. I was in shock. I was shaking. The more I was saying no, the more they treated me badly.”This is how a teenager, who has been coached by an attorney talks, after breaking into the country illegally 3 times.And this, NYT, is not journalism. It is advocacy. It’s clear what your position is and I’m exhausted reading about it. There are millions of people who want to come to this country. I am one of those people, who immigrated here, legally. I have watched as jobs that were once summer jobs for kids, have been taken over by illegals. I have watched good paying labor jobs, being scooped up by illegals standing outside the Home Depot. I have seen factory jobs being done by workers delivered by the ‘agency’ (complete with phony documents) being taken over by people who are here illegally and will work for less than minimum wage. I have also live in Mexico and understand that many of the gangs that are there have been started by illegals deported out of California jails. Not one more sermon, NYT, it’s time to do some real reporting.

Photos: Central American migrants on the Train of Death, searching for a new life

Undocumented Central American migrants ride a northbound freight train through the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca in July 2010. (Michelle Frankfurter)

ringeroff 7:16 AM EST
Our border is a joke and our president is a joke. Our privacy is a joke and our elections are a joke. Lastly, our newspapers are a joke.

Jul201412 7:09 AM EST [Edited]
As we read these new reports and forums, Smugglers are now transporting illegal aliens across the Rio Grande on Jet Skis – the border patrol are intercepting and towing the jet skis to shore (hope they go up for public auction for Americans). As the border patrol are more successful with these interceptions, they are taking fire by smugglers and cartels on the Mexican side of the river …. not rifles and shot guns – 50 cal mounted weapons – making our border patrols sitting ducks. Obama scheduled a meeting next week with Central American presidents to stem the flow of illegal crossings but he did not invite Mexico’s President, Enrique Pana Nieto, a key player in the illegal crossings. It’s clear this meeting is little more than another Obama Photo Op that should be entitled “Obama jerking Americans around again”

WallStFella 6:44 AM EST
So the purpose of this article is we are supposed to feel bad for them? Sorry, if they really wanted to escape violence, just go to Peru.Yes they have a drug trade, but it is also a safe country, and they speak Spanish. Problem for them is, they dont have food stamps and medicaid like we do. ‘Peru is the single largest producer of cocaine in the world. It’s also an incredibly safe country.’

Jul201412 7:03 AM EST [Edited]
Polls show that more and more Americans are seeing these illegal aliens for they really are — opportunistic illegal alien parasites, coming to our country to steal resources from citizens Obama now knows he blew it big time when he put out the call to Central America – Come to the USA and Americans will take care of you. He knows immigration reform will not be opened for discussion while he is president because he can’t be trusted to enforce new laws. SO …. Obama will put on his crown, pull out his pen and phone, and re-write our immigration laws AGAIN to grant asylum to 2/3 of Central Americans who apply for refugee status. Under Obama’s NEW Immigration Policy – Asylum is the new Amnesty
Factoid 1:54 AM EST
They wouldn’t come if we didn’t hire them.

aacat 6:21 AM EST
This isn’t about Obama – it is about our decades long failed immigration policy. But it’s much easier to blame this president than to put aside a determination to make him (and our country) fail than to seriously address the problem, isn’t it?

You_Have_To_Be_You3 1:52 AM EST
We already did the last amnesty in 1986. Look what it did. The only thing broken about our immigration system are those irresponsibly demanding open borders and amnesty.

magellan1 1:37 AM EST
The media machine is working overtime to tug at our heart strings and convince us that we truly are a welcoming nation rather than the workhouse created by 19th century robber barons to sate their thirst for cheap, imported labor. “Give us your huddled masses” never meant what the author or your grade school history books claimed, so there’s no need to get all weepy eyed about it now.

SojournerTruth 1:09 AM EST
2 of the guys look pretty hard-core, ready to kill if you look at ‘em sideways. What they are going to bring to this great nation, I’m not sure. The others look generally worthless.

humphreys653 7/19/2014 11:39 PM EST
What makes some of us so against basic human rights and human dignity? Is there correlation between the people that value human rights and human dignity and also being our best citizenry?

PennyWisetheClownRedux 7/19/2014 10:53 PM EST
Deport them all quit playing games with the border. Send a message that they are not welcome and the only way to do it is mass deportations.

Randy_AZ 7/19/2014 10:41 PM EST
They deserve everything that happens on their “journey”, after all, they made a conscious choice to do it. No sympathy.

JOHNWKLINE 7/19/2014 11:31 PM EST
What a [G]god forsaken person you are. But then I see you are from AZ, so it is not that surprising.

Robert Kiensler 7/19/2014 9:47 PM EST [Edited]
We have a basic problem of language and definition. The law calls them illegal aliens. Liberals call them migrants. Liberals only arguments are based on peelings..I mean feelings.the Anti-illegal alien forces base their arguments on facts, common sense, logic,history. Until liberals accept the legal definition; we’ll say tomato,they’ll say to motto …let’s call this amnesty off.

bobnpvine1 7/19/2014 9:12 PM EST [Edited]
We have long ignored our Southern neighbors… We have short-changed them when it comes to foreign aid and now the chickens are coming home to roost… When we engaged in Columbia we got results… Some may argue that Latin America isn’t our problem… It isn’t??? It very much is becoming our problem… We have tried the cheap way… Now we are going to have to reload and do it right… The one thing about doing stuff the cheap way is that it always costs you more down the road… Weather or not the usual suspects get this doesn’t much matter… We cannot build a moat around the country, fill it with alligators and call it a day… The $3.7B that Obama is asking for stop-gap actions are one hell of a lot less than what it’s going to cost to keep al-qeada out of South America… Time for adults to have an adult conversation… Bob

7/19/2014 9:23 PM EST [Edited]
bob, how do you figure we owe Latin America anything? If anyone should be helping them out, MEXICO, as a fellow Latin country and one of the wealthiest in the world should be. As it is, Hondurans have been able to work here legally since 1999 and Salvadorans since 2001. If THEY don’t care to build their own countries, which is the intent of TPS, why should we? Moreover, we’ve shown how poor we are at “nation building” in Iraq. Unless and until Central America deals with its own corruption, then any aid we’d send will just go to line the pockets of the very few. And foreign businesses won’t invest in a corrupt, violent country either. My suggestion. Discontinue TPS and send these illegal aliens home to rebuild their own countries, using the money and education they’ve gotten here.

Border Crisis and Obama

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