Blanket Amnesty

Never ever forget that the community Luis Gutierrez represents is a gringo/foreigner tribal group that can never themselves be American because none of their ancestors fought at Bunker Hill or Gettysburg…

Dem Luis Gutierrez (in Spanish): Republicans Looking to ‘Punish Our Community’

Obama needs to lean in on immigration
Executive action before Election Day isn’t just the right thing to do – it will help my fellow House Democrats in the midterms
Luis Gutierrez, Thursday 4 September 2014 06.45 EDT

Democrats are at a crossroads. Led by President Obama, we have a rare opportunity to define ourselves on immigration in the coming weeks – before Election Day. We can follow through on promises and solve problems with meaningful, immediate administrative action on immigration, or we can listen to those who say we should do nothing until after 4 November. The president, some of my colleagues in Congress say , should “protect” vulnerable Senate Democrats who do not want their political campaigns interrupted with new developments, especially on such a complex issue.

Well, it is time for my timid colleagues to get out of the way and let the president take action. President Obama should lean in and take executive action on immigration – now. I think he should make clear what Democrats stand for, and I know the nation will gravitate to our party in the midterms because of it.

We cannot be a pro-immigrant party only when it is convenient. The Democrats cannot say that we stand with immigrants if that secretly means we only stand with immigrants in odd-numbered years or when southern Democrats complain.

We should be transparent and act before Election Day, so voters do not feel duped or tricked. If we wait until after the election – especially if we are going to lose seats, as predicted – it will seem like sour grapes. But, really, the president would be following through on action he previewed back in January, when he said he would use his pen and phone to act if Congress refused to.

This is what I want the president to say to immigrants who have lived in the country for more than three, seven or 10 years: Come forward, submit your fingerprints to the FBI, pass a criminal background check, pay for all the paperwork processing, and we will not go after you – for a period of time – if you stay out of trouble and renew your paperwork every couple of years.
It is pretty straightforward. And that is essentially what the president already did for the Dreamers, those undocumented young people who came to the US as children many years ago but still grew up here. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (Daca) initiative was a huge success when it was announced in June 2012. More than 600,000 young people came forward starting that August, and, while they have no way of becoming US citizens, they got temporary protection from deportation, identification and work documents, and they got into a program that must be renewed every two years. By September, undocumented immigrants were speaking in primetime at our party’s convention – before Election Day.
Democrats obviously prefer a legislative fix favored by a majority in Congress, but now that House Republicans have rejected a vote , it’s time for the Democrats to extend our much more logical and popular policy to many more people.

If the president allows those who have lived here crime-free for more than a decade to come forward and apply, that would be more than 6m people right there. That’s more than 6m people registered with the government. That’s more than 6m people on whom we will not waste federal resources and detention beds. It means tens of thousands fewer children – American citizens like you and me – who fear their own government will come and deport their parents. And it means that trained workers in our fields – the people who pick and package the food you and I eat – will be able to continue working their jobs and supporting their families.
Democrats should be very clear: We are not going to spend the time and money to deport all 11.5m undocumented immigrants, nor do we think it is a good idea. So we should concentrate our resources on deporting the truly rotten apples – criminals, drug smugglers and terrorists among them – and on securing the border. That resonates with Latino citizens who have listened to years of promises on immigration but seen very little action. And it resonates with other Americans – on Election Day.

Already, it’s clear that Republicans are banking on a lot of older, more affluent voters to come out and vote for them because of how they feel about President Obama. But who else will be motivated to vote? Will young people, women and labor-union members – those who have been solidly behind deportation relief for undocumented immigrants – find a compelling reason to vote? Will they be motivated to defend a president who is under attack for having taken action on an issue they care about deeply? Will Asian and Latino citizens pull the lever for Democrats because we are the lesser of two evils, or because we offer real solutions when Republicans refuse to do so?

The American people are much more practical than Republican lawmakers on equal pay, on the minimum wage, on same-sex marriage, and on basic civil rights. They are much more practical than Republican lawmakers on immigration, too. Democrats should push for action now.

shalone04 September 2014 12:10pm

Obama once said: yes, we can. Now he must prove that he is above conservative feelings and makes decisions which are good for the country and more human and liberal.

Jeremiah2000 shalone04 September 2014 2:47pm

“… which are good for the country and more human and liberal.”
We are talking about 5 million blanket amnesty. Government dependency is already at record levels. Obama’s amnesty for teenagers is already breaking previously strained school budgets, e.g., “REport: Miami Schools struggle to absorb 1,400 students.”
Who gets hurt by Obama’s amnesty/political pandering? The poor, legal minorities, e.g., Black Americans: The True Casualties of Amnesty and US Civil Rights Commission Official: Illegal Immigration Hurts Low Income Black Americans.

DarthPaxil Jeremiah200004 September 2014 3:08pm

You link to breitbart and the nation review, great “news” sources. What, couldn’t find anything on Fox nation?

study conducted by the Immigration Policy Center in Washington D.C. showed that immigrant men between the ages of 18 to 39 had an incarceration rate five times lower than people born in the United States.

Maryam Alexander shalone04 September 2014 4:58pm

shalone, decisions that are good for the country involve placing the interests of AMERICANS in general above those of immigrants and especially above those of illegal aliens. This country is founded on respect for the law, beginning with the Constitution he swears to uphold in his oath of office, and illegal aliens make their first act here breaking our laws, then go on to break others. Why should they be rewarded for it?

shalone Maryam Alexander04 September 2014 5:19pm

Unless you are of Indian origin, all Americans are children of immigrants.

FrankStain Maryam Alexander04 September 2014 5:26pm

you are obfuscating. AMERICANS, as you call them, differ in how immigration effects them based on their class position. The 30% of people who have played by the rules and got a college education benefit from all forms of immigration through cheaper goods and services. What you are asking is that the middle class should give people who have not taken the self-reliant decision to educate themselves a handout. Why should they? If you care about all Americans, it’s much more sensible to focus on the major levers of economic policy, including demand management and deficit spending to create full employment, and very high taxes on private wealth to encourage investment rather that hoarding of private wealth overseas. But of course, you will never agree to this because you are only interested in punching down.

flying_photos shalone04 September 2014 6:09pm

Because Indians magically grew here and didn’t come from some place else?My family has been here just shy of 400 years. How long do we have to hang around to be locals?

MacRandall DarthPaxil04 September 2014 6:38pm

immigrant men between the ages of 18 to 39 had an incarceration rate five times lower than people born in the United States.
It says a lot about you that the ability to stay out of jail is seen as worthy of a special class of citizenship.

tjt77 Jeremiah200004 September 2014 6:40pm

“We are talking about 5 million blanket amnesty”.. the figure is not fully accurate ..could actually be more..but likely its considerbly less..either way..not relevant..those labeled ‘illegal’ are already here..they are productive and they are contributing to the economy ..but they have zero security and are ripe for exploitation in a system that has become increasingly ‘usary’ in the past 4 decades along with ‘de-regulation’ aimed at serving the few at the expense of the many…
“Government dependency is already at record levels” hardly surprising.. former jobs have ‘outsourced’ in record benefit who exactly ?(find the answer by looking as to who owns what..and compare with 4 decades ago..or even ONE decade ago). the biggest ‘government’ dependants are never recognized.. Eisenhower was well aware of the most dangerous of them though ..and did generously warn us no avail..Our system may well be long past the point of no return as regards the possibility of ‘democracy’ being possible.. Obama is clearly a ‘centrist’ ..a well as highly pragmatic..too much so for this poster.. but given the sorry limited choices of hand picked ‘candidates’ we are offered.. I’m glad we have him ..who get’s hurt by the woolly mammoth’s agenda ? EVERYONE… fortunately..many are beginning to wake up ..distrust of governments is at an all time high.. its the deception and corruption most of us are tired of .. that and the stupidity of those who defend having themselves shot in the foot repeatedly.

FrankStain tjt7704 September 2014 7:42pm

What total nonsense. The biggest government dependents are the people asking for help because they cannot compete in a free and open job market. How pathetic is that? Is it someone else’s fault that you didn’t go to college? Why should some people pay more just because you fail at economic competition? Look, Tyler Cowan has been saying for a long time, average is over. There are no prizes these days for being a hard working grunt. You need to pull yourself together and start working on your educational capital. Stop asking for handouts from the middle class who have played by the rules and, moreover, and perfectly entitled to employ whomever they want to provide whatever services they want. What business is that of yours?

TettyBlaBla Jeremiah200004 September 2014 11:16pm

Got 2000 here in the last two weeks in a school district of less than 60,000 students. Not sure how many are actually under 18.

DatelessNerd shalone04 September 2014 11:43pm

Yeah, that whole “open borders” thing really worked out well for Native Americans, didn’t it?

Michael Polanski shalone04 September 2014 11:59pm

Everyone in the UK, Canada, and Australia are immigrants too.
In fact — most of Europe is descendents of African & Middle Eastern migrants that migrated to Europe thousands of years ago. The earliest humans come from Africa.
Regardless, it doesn’t mean you can have open borders and simply allow everyone in. There has to be law & order.
It’s time to focus on AMERICANS first.

EagleUS FrankStain05 September 2014 12:22am

You need to pull yourself together and start working on your educational capital. Stop asking for handouts from the middle class who have played by the rules and, etc
Fine! Now go and preach that to Detroit, the Southside of Chicago, Oakland, CA and many other cities in the US.
Let’s take care of our own before we start importing the uneducated dirt-poor illegals from around the world.

tjt77FrankStain05 September 2014 5:23am

the ‘total nonsense’ is the delusion that there is an actual open job market .. many people regardless of education are unable to find gainful employment ..many former ‘industrial’ cites died out long ago and continue to decline .. what country are you residing in ? what would you propose for all the ‘uncompetitive’ people living in the world? . perhaps they can be recycled into something you consider ‘useful’ ?

PrakashShah 04 September 2014 12:12pm

This stuff sure ain’t rocket science.
Whichever party passes the legislation that allows 11.5m potential voters into the system is going to win pretty much every election going in a couple of years when these people are allowed to become citizens, as that would be the next logical step.
The Republicans aren’t ever going to do this in my view, so I don’t really understand what the Democrats are waiting for.

AQuietNight PrakashShah04 September 2014 1:29pm

“The Republicans aren’t ever going to do this in my view, so I don’t really understand what the Democrats are waiting for.”
Well, trying to tell the rest of the population that is okay for some to break the law isn’t an easy sell. The last amnesty was not universally acclaimed but was seen as a dirty deal.
When it suits people like Luis Gutierrez, it’s okay to ignore the law, unless it is something they do not like, then the law must be respected. This moral limbo dance is part of the prostitution of American life and politics, lead by the people who are supposed to set a good example.

Maryam Alexander RoomSixteen 04 September 2014 4:55pm
That’s six million more competing with Americans for BETTER jobs, driving down wages for more industries. That’s six million more using welfare and other social benefits they don’t and won’t pay for because they’re low skilled uneducated workers who will never pay NET taxes.

DatelessNerd Maryam Alexander04 September 2014 11:46pm

It’s also another six million people using up natural resources and polluting the environment.

Blanket Amnesty

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