So politically correct unbelievable

Dozens of students sign fake petition to ban the song White Christmas after being duped into thinking it is RACIST

  • Reporter hit Virginia campus urging students to petition against the song
  • He described how it ‘perpetuates the idea that white is naturally good’
  • Bing Crosby’s classic ignores ‘other kinds of snow’ he explains to them
  • By the end of the day he had dozens of signatures to ban the song

  • Help sign our petition, stop white supremacy in the holiday season,’ Joseph shouts as he stands in the piazza of an unidentified school in Virginia. These two women rush towards him, with one saying ‘ooh! I’ll sign it!’

    Gender-neutral terms encouraged at UT, criticized by legislators

    State Rep. Bill Dunn, R-Knoxville, said he thought the suggestion was a joke.

    “And then I found out it was true, at which point I thought, ‘Are we really paying somebody to come up with this stuff?’ ” he said.

    The guide appears as a resource on a UNH website detailing the university’s efforts to create an inclusive, diverse and equitable community. It says it is meant to serve as a “starting point” to encourage critical thinking about terms commonly used in conversation and writing.

    One section warns against the terms “older people, elders, seniors, senior citizens”. It suggests “people of advanced age” as preferable, though it notes that some have “reclaimed” the term “old people”. Other preferred terms include “person of material wealth” instead of rich, “person who lacks advantages that others have” instead of poor and “people of size” to replace the word overweight.

    ‘No Blacks’ Is Not a Sexual Preference. It’s Racism
    The debate around ‘sexual racism’ is particularly heated within the gay community. Some call it preference, others call it prejudice.

    If you’re a gay man, phrases like “no blacks” and “no Asians” aren’t just words that you’d find on old signs in a civil rights museum, they are an unavoidable and current feature of your online dating experience. On gay dating apps like Grindr and Scruff, some men post blunt and often offensive disclaimers on their profiles such as “no oldies,” “no fems,” and “no fatties.” Among the most ubiquitous are racial disclaimers like “no blacks” and “no Asians,” which are most frequently posted by white men but, as Edwards’ case proves, not always.

    Sometimes, men even use foods as metaphors for entire ethnic groups: “No rice” to deter Asian men, “no spice” to keep the Latinos away, and “no curry” to tell Indians they don’t have a shot.

    Free speech is flunking out on college campuses

    4:03 PM EDT

    The entire movement led by Harris-Perry and her kind is nothing but privilege of being the heirs of the people who actually worked hard and whose lives was tragically ruined. They are using it to make money, seek fame, write a book, build empires on the back of the people who actually did all the hard work, by demonizing people who had nothing to do with what happened to their ancestors. Perry is nothing but entitled royalty living off of the history of her ancestors. Why should I as a first generation migrant from another part of the world owe Perry anything? Why should my tax dollars go into reparation or why should I subject myself to the tyranny of her kind? Sorry, I think all her kind are privileged royalty who get whatever they want by just dropping the word bias. Whatever. I don’t owe you anything Perry. I work hard and my ancestors were also subjugated to a fate worse than yours. I don’t act like royalty trying to live off of the misery of my ancestors, I am trying to build a new future. Maybe you and your kind should too.

    [sic]:49 PM EDT

    I watched Ms. Harris-Perry’s show when it started. She lost me as a viewer due to her unceasing tendency to lecture — as if SHE knows and is humbly endeavoring to enlighten the poor benighted viewer. I am well-educated and well-informed about current events and public issues — and have been since Ms. Harris-Perry was in diapers. I seek accurate reporting and thoughtful discussion. I am not one of her students and don’t need a lecture.

    9:23 PM EST

    So interesting that the network has a “senior vice president of talent AND diversity.’ It’s like a signed confession that talent and diversity aren’t the same thing, and that the more diversity is forced into existing, the less talent there is around.
    This no-talent two-for-one diversity candidate and crybaby, who just walked off her own failing show, is an example.

    9:11 PM EST [Edited]

    They need to find another Keith Olbermann, someone with some personality instead of all these little vanilla millennials they are sticking on the air.
    The problem isn’t diversity. Most of the new shows – Alex Wagner, Ronan Farrow, Krystal Ball, etc. – were just boring and monotonous along with some older shows like Andrea Mitchell . Pimping Brian Williams just because they have to find something for him to do is a disaster. The only shows that really work are MJ, Matthews, O’Donnell and Maddow, although I can only take her in small doses.
    ETA: They should give Michael Steele a show. He’s great!

    9:01 PM EST

    There might actually be reasons other than the color of their skin for longtime NBC-newsers Brian Williams, Chuck Todd, & Andrea Mitchell to be on MSNBC. Plus, as Paul F. notes, several white folk “hosts” have gotten the axe, and several black reporters have more airtime. But this MSNBC makeover has to be about race, not ratings, in the minds of some people.
    It is a shame that Dr. Harris-Perry, with her PhD in poli sci, chose the nuclear option in her email to staff, rather than try to make a place for herself in “the place for politics.” Biting the hand that pays you usually does not pay off in the long run . . . or, sometimes, even the short run, as in this case.

    8:58 PM EST

    I know a racist when I hear one.
    Glad to be done with her.

    Now, please also get rid of the weekend prison crap.

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