Slavery and Secession

The Union must be preserved at all hazards.

James Grossman, the executive director of the American Historical Association, told The Washington Post’s Emma Brown last month that slavery’s fundamental role in fomenting the Civil War is “a matter of scholarly consensus.”

Mr: Grossman:

The intent of eleven slave-holding states to preserve slavery through secession resulted in civil war. The Civil War was fought to preserve the Union and defend the Constitution, else there would have been no war because Northerners were and remain racist. The issue of ending slavery was not the paramount reason for enlistment in 1861. The question of extending slavery into the territories produced the conflict, which is distinct from war, combat.

Both the North and the South were wrong because slavery was not viable in the Southwest but Southern politicians recognized that new states would inevitably become free, Bloody Kansas, with the resultant loss of power in the senate.

The falsehood perpetrated and perpetuated by liberal historians that the Civil War was fought to end slavery has been demolished in Gary Gallagher’s The Union War. A Disease in the Public Mind: A New Understanding of Why We Fought the Civil by Thomas Fleming also pricks your falsehood.

Abolitionists, with their moral superirity, eschewed the welfare of freed slaves in the South for decades after the war concluded.

While I may have not written as many books as you have on the Civil War, three, I have read enough regimentals to know that the boys of ‘61 were not motivated to end slavery rather their intent was to preserve the Union and defend the Constitution, freedom.

Liberals such as yourself are as deluded as the neoCONS who went to war in Iraq for the putative reason of WMD or conservatives who claim the rise of ISIS is due to the withdrawal of American ground troops from Iraq. After the election in 2010, the Obama administration supported the sectarian Maliki. The problems among the the Iraqi people arise from division, corruption and incompetence.

“Scholars” know Latin, Greek, German, French, the scholarly languages. With no expectation that you will respond, be assured this letter will be posted on my blog.

Jerry Frey

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Born 1953. Vietnam Veteran. Graduated Ohio State 1980. Have 5 published books. In the Woods Before Dawn; Grandpa's Gone; Longstreet's Assault; Pioneer of Salvation; Three Quarter Cadillac
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