Vanished Dynasties

Best of enemies: (L) and loathed each other despite being nephew and uncle

Not close: Although related twice over, and Kaiser Wilhelm were not close friends

Family feud: George V (pictured front centre) was no more keen on Kaiser Wilhelm than his father had been

Peacemaker: Queen Victoria, pictured with Kaiser Wilhelm, his mother and Edward VII kept the family united

At odds: In contrast to his close relationship with George V, Nicholas II found Kaiser Wilhelm difficult

Family: Like George V, Nicholas II was devoted to his wife, a favourite grandchild of Queen Victoria

A jewel of an exhibition: Incredible Faberge pieces owned by Russian royalty go on display

  • Exhibition includes four beautiful eggs made for the Russian Tsars
    240 Fabergé objects made of gold and precious stones will be on display

  • Fabergé was a master goldsmith, best known for his enameled creations

  • Star exhibit is a portrait of the Tsar’s daughter, made shortly before the family were tragically murdered

  • Intricate pieces: A Faberge egg decorated with a portrait of Peter the Great was given by Tsar Nicholas II to his wife, made by Mikhail Perkhin in 1903

    Quite a nest egg: The Pelican Imperial Easter Egg is made of pink-gold, engraved with symbols of maths and science

    Beautiful memory: A portrait of the Grand Duchess Tatiana, second daughter of the last Tsar

    A taste of old Russia: A silver Russian kovsh – a traditional drinking vessel – is inlaid with amethysts and chrysopase

    Famous legacy: Fabergé is best known for his mastery of enamelled decoration

    Vanished Dynasties

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