It is sickenly sad that our oceans are being depleted of life and filled with trash. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there is a plastic mass of trash, larger than Hawaii.

Any bird knows not to foul its own nest, yet with all of our technological prowess, human beings are destroying a source of life.

Vittoria Amati photographs the marine life around the coral reefs of Sulawesi, Indonesia


Best in show: Awarded Best Overall photograph by the Rosenstiel School’s contest was this headshield slug captured in the US Virgin Islands by Ximena Olds

Wide angle: First place for the wide angle category went to this spiraling underwater view, majestically captured by photographer Mark Fuller

Second place: The second place for wide angle went to Matthew Potenski for his view beneath an area of red mangroves in South Bimini, Bahamas

Third place: Wide angle’s third place winner went to Bill Lamp’l for these pink soft corals and its surrounding orange scalefin anthias seen swimming in Fiji’s Bligh Water

Macro: These Yellownose gobies, one photographed floating upside down aside another, earned Todd Mintz the first place award for the macro category, captured in the Dutch Caribbean

Second place: Macro’s second place went to Davide Lopresti for his capture of a porcelain crab found in Indonesia’s Komodo National Park

Third place: Macro’s third place winner went to Marcello Di Francesco for his orange, white and purple emperor shrimp, acutely magnified in Ambon, Indonesia

Second place: This paddle flap Rhinopias earned Rockford Draper second place for fish or marine life portrait, taken in Bali, Indonesia

Third place: This ghostly nudibranch won third place in Fish or Marine Life Portrait by Nicholas Samaras in Greece

Student: This whale shark earned Kyra Hartog first place for student photo, captured in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Fish or Marine Life Portrait: This juvenile sperm whale swimming off the Caribbean Sea’s island of Dominica earned Douglas A. Kahle the award for Fish or Marine Life Portrait


! Dramatic rescue of gray whale tangled in 50ft fishing net filled with dead sea animals for a week

Difficult: The rescue involved seven tiring hours of sawing through the nylon as volunteer crews followed the whale mile after mile out to sea

Sea life: A sea lion, a leopard shark, two angel sharks, various crabs, fish and rays were all caught in the net that Bart managed to escape from

Lethal: Anderson with the 50ft fishing rope that the whale became entangled in



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