Snow Scenes around the world

CONCORD, Mass. — The massive blizzard that whipped New England this weekend with hurricane-force winds and crushing snow tested the readiness of authorities to deal with the increasing frequency of severe and record-breaking weather.

…Regardless of its place in the record books, the blizzard is likely to add to the discussion about the increasing frequency of unusual weather events globally, ranging from floods in Pakistan that sent 20 million people fleeing to the stunning melt-off of nearly half the Arctic ice cap, events consistent with climate change.

Snowfall expected as forecasters predict cold snap will last until March

Snowfall will cause disruption across the country, the Met Office has warned, with freezing temperatures expected to last through the half term into March.

Beautiful: The lights of Leighton Buzzard and low cloud set the sky on fire over the still-white Dunstable Downs in Bedfordshire overnight

Snowpocalypse Russia: ‘Snow tsunami’ swallows streets, cars, buildings (PHOTOS)


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