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In 1940, about 1 million Jews lived in Muslim countries. Today, a few thousand survive. In May of 1948, several hundred Jews living in the Cairo ghetto were killed in pogroms. In the Cairo Fire of January 1952, buildings and businesses belonging to Jewish families were set ablaze. There were infidels living in Muslim countries, both of native origin and foreign — citizens of European powers, or Italian, Maltese, Greek guest workers. If there still are any such, they are keeping their heads down and not letting themselves be seen or heard.

For centuries, criminal acts have been a part of the rhythm of Islam:

1860: massacre of Greek Catholics in Damascus in response to a jihad called by Muslim authorities.

1861: massacre of Christians in Lebanon, who were saved by the armies of Napoleon III,

1894-96, at the time of the Dreyfus affair: massacre of Armenians in the Ottoman empire.

1915-16: genocide of Armenians throughout Turkey. Forced conversion of children, women and girls impregnated as “war booty,” to create genuine Muslims.

1923: expulsion of all 1 million Greeks from Turkey.

1948: pogroms in Cairo.

1952: burning of Jewish properties in Cairo.< /p>

1952-1961: cleansing of Egypt; emigration of all “foreigners”.

1956: emigration of all “foreigners” and Jews from Tunisia.

1954-62: emigration of foreigners from Algeria. War was jihad. In the years from

1960-1990: mass flight of Christians from the Near East (Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Iraq). At the end of the1960s: organized emigration of Jews from Morocco.

1970-80: foreign population (Italian, French, Maltese, Spanish) in Morocco was reduced to one-quarter — its percentage fell after the “moroccanization” of available employment. Assets and businesses fell from 400,000 to less than 100,000.

1978-90: Copts massacred in their own country.

1980-90: genocide of Christians and animists in Sudan (1 million dead); prisoners enslaved.

1976-96: one fourth of the population of Timur eliminated by Muslims. The 1980s and 1990s: massacre of Christians in Indonesia, and in the southern Philippines.

1990s: Murder of “foreigners,” either native residents or those who had entered as tourists, in Algeria, Egypt, etc.

1990 and following years: pogroms against mostly Christianized Chinese and Indonesians.

And so it goes on.

Peter Choporis There is no such thing as a “Moderate Muslim”. By virtue of their ‘religion’ and the Koran, these Muslims can be turned into violent random killers at any time by a mere pronouncement from an Imam, a ‘Fatwa’ from a Holy man of the Religion of Peace.
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