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The recent debt ceiling circus maximus was a sideshow to the real main issue: the imperative for a balanced budget. For years I’ve told my friends we’re screwed. Since the Reagan administration, the parallels between our decline and the Fall of the Roman Empire have been apparent to Common Sense. For example, there was an imbalance in trade between the Western and Eastern halves of the empire and high taxation. Consider: the government lost control of its borders — Goths, Franks, Suevi, Alans — and society experienced moral decay.

Graphics, like actions, can speak louder than words — here they are:

U.S. Debt Reaches 100 Percent of Country’s GDP

Sorry, U.S. Federal Debt Is NOT
Approaching 100% Of GDP Anytime Soon

debt deal cartoon

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Born 1953. Vietnam Veteran. Graduated Ohio State 1980. Have 5 published books. In the Woods Before Dawn; Grandpa's Gone; Longstreet's Assault; Pioneer of Salvation; Three Quarter Cadillac
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2 Responses to Debt Deal Graphics

  1. Mr DCL says:

    RIP the USA we once all loved

  2. SniperSpecops says:

    Funny you should bring that up, I’ve been saying the same thing. Once again, a country, or empire, that was too powerful to fall to others, falling from within, brought about by leaders more interested in power, than what is good for the country. But, once again the old saying comes very much into play, “History repeats itself.”

    Once again though, just like in Roman history, there are specific leaders that may be pointed at for helping cause the “fall” more than others. Our own little Caligula, or probably more aptly Julian the Apostate, is helping the fall right along while focusing on only what is important to him, while Rome falls all around him. Play that violin Obama, you crazy SOB!

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