Seth Rich story or coverup?

How Seth Rich’s death became an Internet conspiracy theory

2 D.C. Hospitals Refuse to Discuss Seth Rich Murder

One America News, a budding independent TV news company, reported that Rich was alive and talking to police and EMTs before being hospitalized, raising questions about what he may have been able to tell them. If he told them it was a botched robbery, that evidence has not been made public. Rich’s murder is one of 65 unsolved cases in D.C. from 2016. His was the only murder last year in the quiet, well-to-do Bloomingdale neighborhood. There have been a total of five homicides in Bloomingdale since 2012, according to the Twitter feed DCHomicideCount.

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DC Police Told to Stand Down on Seth Rich Murder? Fox News reports that  a DC police “source” admitted that they were told to “Stand Down” on investigating this horrific murder of an innocent man. On 17 May 2017, a supposed “Resident Physician” that knew about the initial care of Seth after the shooting, posted to an internet message board and said he felt that he needed to expose some facts about Seth’s medical care after he entered the Emergency Room at the local hospital. According to this new “unsubstantiated” revelation, Mr. Rich was alive and stabilized after doctors repaired damage from two gunshot wounds to the back, and there was no prognosis for death. This correlates to what a DC detective told the Rich family. They were told that Seth survived and was stabilized and later died in the hospital. They were also told that he was very talkative.

This unnamed resident physician said that Mr. Rich supposedly survived up to eight hours, but law enforcement came in and blocked off this, what the police termed, “VIP’s” room so that only one attending doctor and a few nurses were able to enter. This resident doctor said that all other medical staff were physically blocked by police from entering the room by police. Seth Rich later died in that hospital. Question: Seth was not in a high-level position in the DNC and no one outside of his family and friends heard of him before his murder, so why did the DC police call him a VIP?

If this report from the self-identified resident physician is true, why has this massive amount of evidence been covered up until May 2017 when external third parties and the alternative media uncovered the facts? Why are all of the police bodycam videos and surveillance videos from local businesses unavailable that would reveal what happened upon their arrival on the shooting scene? The police bodycam videos would have also captured all of Seth’s extensive conversations with them. The family said that the police were surprised that he died since he was so talkative and seemingly doing so well when he was transported to the hospital by ambulance. Again why are all of these police bodycam video conversations suppressed? Coverup? Corruption?

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