Desperate Democrats Trash Trump

In the age of Trump, grim warnings from Holocaust survivors

12:44 AM EST

I can’t count how many times in my life I heard people say, “It can’t happen here,” and then along comes Trump. Even if he never gets as far as Hitler, his Hitler-like pronouncements lend a sense of legitimacy to a lot of dangerous individuals and groups. There’s no question that our country needs some major fixes, but fear-mongering hate speech only makes matters worse.

12:25 AM EST

No one can deny the right of holocaust survivors to point out commonality when they see it. However, as victimized by the government of Germany as they were, there is very little about a demand to defend a countries’ borders and the kind of roundup of citizens undertaken in the darkest of modern times. Nobody is threatening any law abiding anybody. No rights are being challenged, no government agency has instigated any kind of anti anything except the bad behavior of people who would bring the country down.

9:53 PM EST [Edited]

Race card and anti-women card didn’t work against Trump.
So now the liberal propaganda pulls out another rabbit from the hat: Holocaust.
If they want to talk about Holocaust, let me remind them that Muslims were the Hitler’s strongest allies during WWII.
After the war thousands of Nazis found refuge in Muslim countries.
And now Muslim countries excel in Holocaust denial and the worst antisemitic propaganda since Hitler.
And if WAPO really cares about antisemitism, forget about Trump whose daughter is Jewish. Don’t remain silent about what our new buddies in Iran do: Iran’s Holocaust Cartoon Competition, in which the victims and survivors will be mocked, humiliated and denigrated.

9:40 PM EST

Trump should not discriminate against illegal immigrants for being criminals. Damn Trump for hating criminals

9:42 PM EST

Hillary Dillary Dock Bill Clinton had his secretary suck his…

9:17 PM EST

Godwin’s Law. In print. You saw it here first, folks. The new WaPo. Jeff Bezos, presiding.

9:38 PM EST

Yet they are laughably not valid comparisons. Let me advise you: Godwin himself has noted multiple articles about Trump and Hitler and called them out. Trump is not Hitler. Obama is not the AntiChrist. And Hillary is not a witch. Hysterical handwringing and name calling is not becoming of Milbank or the other conventional political reporters.

Mort Snerd
9:05 PM EST

It is amusing to many, including myself, to allude Trump is Hitleresque.
But, honestly…he is not a shadow Hitler…..he is ‘The Donald’. Like him or hate him….he’s who he is. I think his appeal beyond the Southern rustics is based on the broad disgust of America’s cross section with the ‘bought’ politicians for life who serve their masters mainly and not ‘the people’ so much. He is certainly the ‘anti-Clinton’ in all respects private and professional.
Interesting times, especially with foreign countries getting in the act with internet trolls, quasi-celebrities, and even government officials denouncements and warnings for us not to elect Trump.

9:15 PM EST

Wouldn’t vote for him to save my life, but can’t disagree with a single thing you’ve written. The corruption and cynicism of the political class is the soil for this weed. People are happy just to finally see something green among the brown.

9:48 PM EST

I’m a lifelong labor Democrat, and I’m sorry to say that The Donald’s comments on immigration and his interest in protecting the interests of American workers are something I wish the Democratic Party were doing these days. We expect Republicans such as Rubio to favor amnesty and more immigration–Republicans are known for wanting cheap labor. But when the Democratic leadership goes along with it for THEIR benefit, they’re nothing but hypocrites.

Jewish Voice
9:04 PM EST

When American Jews are attacked on the street as in Europe, and when American synagogues are firebombed, the liberals in the Jewish community will be blaming……the Republicans and conservatives. Too many Jews worship Obama and have liberalism as their religion. It is sad.

9:00 PM EST

While I respect this old fellow, equating Trump to Hitler is nuts. Here’s some from Trump: “He called Israel America’s best and most reliable friend, and argued that it should be viewed as the cornerstone of US policy in the Middle East. He has accused Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry of “selling Israel out,” and said that the US should do everything possible to protect and defend it. “They’ve always been there for us and we should be there for them,” he declared.
“They are the only stable democracy in a region that is not run by dictators. They are pioneers in medicine and communication and a close fair trading partner.” And, like his father, he said, he had always been loyal to Israel and “would do more for Israel than anybody else.”
Trump highlights the facts that he served as grand marshal for the Israel parade in New York in 2004 and that he has received many awards from American Jewish organizations for his support of Israel. Last February, on receiving such an award from the Algemeiner, a Jewish news organization, he said, “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent. It will be there forever.” On June 16, when he declared his candidacy, Trump vehemently attacked the Iran nuclear deal calling it “a disaster” that could threaten Israel’s survival.” Meanwhile, Jews are leaving Europe. Purely a First World-American view to trash Trump on Jews. Ridiculous.

9:02 PM EST

It’s entirely appropriate to compare Trump to Hitler. It wasn’t just about the Jews. It was about finding scapegoats against which pure Germans had to fight.

9:04 PM EST

You’re the living breathing proof of Godwin’s Law.

9:54 PM EST

Scapegoats? Illegal immigration is related to many of the problems we face, if not their cause, ranging from unemployment and depressed wages to access to healthcare to overcrowded underfunded schools to environmental degradation to national security to corruption at every level. Illegal aliens get their share of the blame.

8:49 PM EST [Edited]

Also, Thump is pro-Israel. That doesn’t exactly mesh with the false narrative here now does it. Then too, Thump will be an improvement over Obama insofar as current American-Israeli relations, yes?! LOL! You guys are a trip.

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