Crooked Hillary

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

5/26/2016 10:59 PM EDT

Sorry, Hillary. There are many voters like me who will not overlook your misdeeds, lying and incompetence. I voted for Obama twice and would probably have voted for Sanders except that you gamed the system for a change, this time with your super-delegates so Sanders didn’t and doesn’t have a shot in hell of getting nominated. I have made my decision and will vote for Trump, not because he’s any great shakes but he’s a damn sight more preferable than you.

The Clintons: New York’s Sixth Crime Family

As Fox News’s Malia Zimmerman reported on May 13, Bill Clinton traveled at least 26 times aboard The Lolita Express, a 727 owned by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Nicknamed after Vladimir Nabokov’s novel about man–girl love, the airplane reportedly features an oversized bed on which passengers had group sex with female teenagers. Flight logs filed with the FAA show Bill and Epstein’s other guests jetting to the Azores, Brunei, Hong Kong, and other destinations. On at least five such excursions, Bill evidently dismissed his Secret Service detail. Epstein, whose 72-acre Caribbean retreat is dubbed Orgy Island, spent 13 months in prison and house arrest for procuring minors for prostitution.

E-fail: Hillary Clinton didn’t use password to protect her PC and used unsecure personalBlackBerry to send private emails ‘because she’s clueless with computers’

  • BlackBerry to send private emails ‘because she’s clueless with computers’
  • Clinton would only use her personal BlackBerry for emails, staff said
  • She had no idea how to use desktop computers provided for that purpose
  • That posed a problem as mobile devices were banned in her suite
  • A secure room was set up next to the suite for her to use her BlackBerry in
  • But instead she frequently just sent emails from the corridor outside
  • She also refused to use a government-provided BlackBerry
  • And she didn’t have a password on her stand-alone PC, staff added
  • The ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s alleged misuse of her family’s private email account for official business might lead some to believe that she is pretty tech-savvy.

    But in recent days a number of reports have emerged that suggest the the former Secretary of State is clueless when it comes to desktop computers.

    In fact, she’s so out of touch with modern technology that she declined to use specially set up secure computers just so she could keep using her personal BlackBerry to send emails, The Daily Caller.

    Lewis A. Lukens, who has been a foreign service officer at the State Department for 27 years, admitted that Clinton didn’t use a password to protect her PC and couldn’t use a computer.

    Lukens, who had been deposed in the ongoing scandal over Clinton’s use of a private email server for work emails, emailed State Department Undersecretary Patrick Kennedy in 2009 email to complain about her technophobia.

    ‘[Clinton Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills] says problem is [Hillary] does not know how to use a computer to do emails – only Blackberry,’ he told Kennedy.

    That created a problem, as BlackBerrys and similar devices are not allowed in the Secretary’s ultra-secure suite – meaning that she wouldn’t be able to email anyone while sat at her desk.

    And of course, attempts to get her to use a secure computer for exactly that purpose were fruitless, since Clinton was so opposed to using anything other than her mobile device.

    During the deposition he also told attorney Michael Bekesha of watchdog group Judicial Watch, that the stand-alone computer that was set up for her ‘wouldn’t have had a password.’

    ‘So the computer would have just been open and be able to use without going through any security features?’ Bekesha asked.

    ‘Correct,’ Lukens replied.

    And even when Mills set up a secure room next to the suite to allow Clinton to use her BlackBerry in privacy, it proved a waste of time.

    The Secretary was frequently spotted using the hallway instead, with Lukens saying he saw her out there ‘maybe a dozen times.’

    Staff were further confounded by Clinton’s refusal to use a government-supplied BlackBerry rather than her own, privately purchased one.

    Emails show that they were still trying to get her to use a government BlackBerry as late as 2011, The Daily Caller said.

    But she continued to use her over-the-counter model.

    Lukens told Bekesha that he thought Clinton wanted to use the device ‘to stay in touch with family and friends,’ adding that it had never occurred to him that she would use it for state business.

    9:50 PM EST
    Hillary did really well in cattle futures and also the Whitewater land deal; then she lost the Rose Law Firm records, maybe because she was trying to join the Marines, and those Foster Law Firm records went missing, but she still got $5,000.00 per night (taxes not included) for the Lincoln Bedroom; she did really well with the Marc Rich pardon; then she was “dead broke” before she & Bill earned $150 million with her perks as secretary of state in just 4 years (not bad, eh?); thankfully, those Bosnians weren’t very good shots; she carried 4 mobile devices until she carried just one, but everything she did was “in accordance with rules”; at least she “never sent or received any classified information” on the home-brew server she she used for all work and pleasure; golly, she did have some fun with 32,000 + emails devoted to yoga and weddings and vacations in just 4 years; she was never subpoenaed; the FBI criminal investigation into the activities of her and her aides is just a little “security inquiry” (right, Mr Comey?); she wants college not to be a financial burden so that’s why she charged $200K per talk, which was actually a bargain because she charged Goldman $225K per talk; her private jets really keep her carbon neutral; she thinks that NAFTA/TPP/Keystone/DOMA/gay marriage/open borders/hot sauce is good and/or bad depending upon who or when she is speaking.

    Ain’t Hillary wonderful!

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