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Drop cable/Sat and your home phone, keep at least 1 meg of internet speed, replace phone with a voip phone from the net that is better than your home phone with no number in the phone book, a plus. All off the internet! Buy rabbit ears at Wally World and pull in all the local stuff in your house or apartment. Get a Mac, downoad a program called utorrent. Parse newspapers and online to find old and new films to watch, see IMDB and the New Yorker’s movie section. Go to the Pirate Bay and download TV and movies, old and new, to your heart’s content. If they’re less than six months old, be sure to stop downloading after 2 hours, so the studio bulls won’t nail you. Most stuff that new can easily be gotten down in that limited time. All new smart tvs will play any digital video file, the REAL universal standard for video, because those files are the same in every country. Transfer the files off your Mac to thumb drives and inset them into the USB in portal of your smart set, use your remote to start each program. Use Google Drive to send copies to hip friends, who can unload the files onto the flash/thumb drives, but only off a PC. Apple won’t let you remove the files from Drive, Microsoft will, so use a pc to offload. Don’t use a PC to download from the Bay, too much virii and malware. Don’t let the PC tempt you to change the flash/thumb drive from Fat32 to a more PC-friendly file system. Fat32 allows one to seamlessly move files from Mac to PC and back. America is suffering an emotional depression, along with an economic one. Don’t fall for it. Sing for your supper videowise, you’ll love it, its a great hobby. Am very disappointed at how short the comments are here. TV has gotten old, freshen it up with a new approach. There are more tv screens to watch now that there are radio signals in the US. The gruel has thus been spread too thin. The advertising won’t support $1 million an hour program costs for just 4 million viewers.

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Born 1953. Vietnam Veteran. Graduated Ohio State 1980. Have 5 published books. In the Woods Before Dawn; Grandpa's Gone; Longstreet's Assault; Pioneer of Salvation; Three Quarter Cadillac
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