Looking at America from Africa

August 12 at 11:38pm · Potomac, MD ·  
Segun Adeyemi
I am a Nigerian from black Africa – I grew up thinking that the white race are godly, godlike, super intelligent and domineering. The white man is highly respected as our former colonial masters – but today that’s not the case, the white race are gradually self destructing as a specie. Your wisdom or liberalism will destroy you, your societies are the only place on earth where multiculturalism are practiced – you want to please everybody but yourselves – you brought Christianity to Africa , but hate God in your countries. You encouraged us to have one wife, but introduced gay marriage. You taught us how to have laws and govern ourselves, but destroy your constitution to please aliens and their foreign religion ( Islam ) – You made Christianity unfashionable while you respect the doctrines of a mad prophet . Christians are killed everyday and everywhere, yet your politicians call Islam a religion of peace – you sold the house of Jacob to Ismail because of a bowl of porridge ( oil). No country in the middle east wants the refugees , but your doors are wide open – mark my words, your children will hate your generation, when Islam bears its fangs. The reasonable ones among you, are branded racist, bigot etc. Your media are pawns on the hands of the new world order chess masters. My white friends THINK ! THINK !! YOU ARE THE LAST FRONTIER OF HOPE , UNITE AND FIGHT for the sake of your children or someday, there won’t be France but Francistan, Britain Britainistan or United states of Arabia. My six pence

Despite government data supporting Donald Trump’s claim that blacks are worse off under President Obama, the White House insisted Thursday that blacks have made progress under the first black president and that the Republican nominee would reverse those gains.


4:48 AM EDT [Edited]

The use of the words ‘fascist’, ‘racist’, xenophobic and right wing to describe anyone who doesn’t go along with a globalist, elitist agenda designed by the bankers and their minions is becoming increasing hollow. Is there a point when ‘new dangerous political policies’ invalidate the old euphemisms? If these people are condescended to and scapegoated for opposing the madness that Merkel has wrought what does the opposite side represent. Does being a left winger automatically mean one supports the refugee genocide? Is the ‘left’ really supporting the inundation of their nations by poorly educated religious fanatics from the equivalent of the 12th or 14th centuries in Europe? Does the ‘left’ support the BANKSTERS and neoliberal deception disguised as some sort of new form of ‘peace and love?’ Does anyone think that someone who is a traitor to any given ideology would hesitate to call themselves whatever it takes to infiltrate and mislead? So just what is the opposite of a ‘right wing, xenophobic, racist, fascist?’ Perhaps it is the agenda of elitists who are sick of having to pay DECENT WAGES and endure the burden of UNIONS. Perhaps this is the policy of an international gang of thieves and liars who are guilty of crimes that require at the very least imprisonment and even execution. Would they rather their citizens proceed with their prosecution and the dismantling of the illegitimate scam they have spent years executing or would they rather have a million potential serial rapists and potential terrorists to keep their citizens occupied. World wide civil war is coming in every nation that has been screwed (all) and only a fraction of 1% of earth’s inhabitants have done the screwing with another 10% of evil minions who benefit from the injustice and criminality. Send the Muslims home. If they die is it because they are more interested in sex with virgins in the afterlife than killing their oppressors? Sooner or later they will get it.


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