Common Sense about illegals, gringos

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“They have a saying in Spanish: Mi corazon esta en Mexico, pero mi estomago esta en los Estados Unidos.”

Shark Manhattan 11 hours ago

I am a Latin immigrant, who came with a passport, and worked my way to US citizenship, the right way.
I worked my way up from housekeeping jobs, and bussing dishes, to managing a multimillion dollar company.
I am always ashamed and discouraged when I see the Latin towns in the big cities.
To me, they look just like my grandmother’s town, deep in rural Mexico in the 1970’s. The locals do not speak English, watch TV in Spanish, and complain all the time about the mean Americans, attempt to act like they are back in the town of their childhood, and educate their children to remain this way, and to think of themselves as oppressed.
It’s amazing what happens when one family decides to move out of their Barrio, suddenly they look and act like the country where they live – USA
Mi gente, you are here, in the US of A. It’s a gorgeous country, full of opportunity and chances to make it.
If you want to be accepted, join the country you live in, and leave the past behind.

Central American families and children caught at the border are given papers setting court dates but are then released into the U.S. The government calls those documents “notices to appear,” but the illegal immigrants regularly refer to them as “permisos,” or free passes, because they give tentative permission to be in the country while they await their court appearances.

“In Border Patrol circles, that paperwork is now known as the ‘notice to disappear’ — 80 percent, 90 percent of those folks will not show up for that hearing,” Mr. Cabrera testified.

Illegal immigrants have even begun posting photos of their permisos on social media, telling friends and family how easy it is to gain access to the U.S., investigators told Congress.

Immigration protest cancelled over ‘death threats from Mexican cartels’

Let’s look at a few numbers. You haven’t seen them in the New York Times, Atlanta Constitution, or the Miami Herald, nor have they been featured on NBC Nightly news or CNN. So, the average American is blissfully unaware of them.

  • Between 2008 and 2014, 40% of all murder convictions in Florida were criminal aliens. In New York it was 34% and Arizona 17.8%.
  • During those years, criminal aliens accounted for 38% of all murder convictions in the five states of California, Texas, Arizona, Florida and New York, while illegal aliens constitute only 5.6% of the total population in those states.
  • That 38% represents 7,085 murders out of the total of 18,643.
  • That 5.6% figure for the average illegal alien population in those five states comes from US Census estimates. We know the real number is double that official estimate. Yet, even if it is 11%, it is still shameful that the percentage of murders by criminal aliens is more than triple the illegal population in those states.

    Widow of slain Sacramento deputy tells Congress of husband’s loss

    “My son’s name was Joshua Wilkerson,” she began. “On November 16, 2010, he was beaten, strangled, tortured until he died. He was tied up, thrown in a field, and set on fire. His killer, Hermilo Moralez, was brought here illegally by his illegal parents when he was ten years old, so he fit the ‘DREAM’ kid description. He was sentenced to life in prison, which means it will be 30 years before he’s up for parole. He’ll be a 49-year-old man, who I don’t expect to be deported. And I just hope he doesn’t come to live in your city.”

    Do Americans move to Mexico and murder Mexicans? Do Mexicans invade the United States and kill Americans? Do the politicians care?

    Tucked inside a report about President Obama’s new amnesty is the estimation from this liberal think tank there are 820,000 illegal aliens in the United States with criminal convictions, including 690,000 illegal aliens currently residing on U.S. soil who have been convicted of a felony or “serious” misdemeanor.

    The 820,000 figure is not an estimation of total crimes committed by illegal immigrants—which would be a much higher number—but only those illegal aliens successfully identified, arrested, tried, and convicted.

    “I about went down to the floor,” Mr. Hertz said.

    “It changed our life forever, in just a split second,” his wife said.

    Police said that Juan J. Ruiz, 21, of Whitehall, ran from the Oct. 27 crash on I-670. He was arrested hours later at a family member’s house in Whitehall and charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

    He had no Social Security number and told detectives he was illegally in the country.

    On the same day that the Hertzes were told of their son’s death, Ruiz was released from jail after posting a $50,000 bond with the help of a bondsman.

    He has since disappeared. Police think he might have gone to Mexico.

    Ruiz was indicted in absentia in February on two counts each of aggravated vehicular homicide and operating a motor vehicle under the influence and one count of leaving the scene of an accident.

    Why does our country import crime? Why do we need Gringo gangs?

    MS-13 gang and other graffiti is painted a fence on East Third Street in Bay Shore on March 11, 2010. (Credit: James Carbone)

    MS-13 gang is recruiting newly arrived migrant kids in New York, police say

    According to authorities in Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island, New York, street gangs – some with strong ties to the notorious MS-13 group- are vying to recruit the more than 3,000 migrant children younger than 18 who have recently settled in the area.
    “They were targeted by the Latino gangs that were already established here,” Det. Sgt. Mike Marino, head of the Nassau County Police Department’s gang section, told Newsday. “The gangs did try to recruit some of them.”

    While police in the area said that the gangs’ recruiting efforts have been met with limited success, residents of both Nassau and Suffolk counties say they have been going on long before the new migrants arrived — and that they fear the new children will be more susceptible to the pull of gang life.

    “They take children [for recruits], they take lives, they’ll take anything,” said Wilfredo Serrano, 56, a small business owner from the town of Central Islip. “I came from . . . [El Salvador] to get away from them [MS-13], but the same crime is happening here.”

    The Post explains that presence of the Salvadorian gang has become so problematic in the Commonwealth that federal officials have been forced to engage in “a targeted, sustained effort to dismantle MS-13 and other violent gangs that threaten our neighborhoods.” Describing one of the gangland slayings, The Post documents how, “Victims included a 14-year-old boy, Giovanni Sanchez, who was stabbed to death and left in the street.”
    Last year, The Washington Post reported: “[A]rmed with two machetes and a sawed-off shotgun, MS-13 gang members allegedly set off in a car… to carry out an assassination at a location as brazen as it was chilling: a Prince William County school.”

    Virginia has become a study in contrasts. The attempted assassination at Prince William County school is only a two-and-a-half hour drive from Colonial Williamsburg, where themed actors create a living museum to throngs of tourists.

    Each year, the U.S. issues more green cards than the collective population of the 13 colonies the year Virginia’s Patrick Henry was born. In a single year, the U.S. will issue five times more green cards than there are members of Daughters of the American Revolution.

    foggy 22h ago

    The issue Trump is raising, albeit flamboyantly, is one worth discussion. We are a nation with a triple trillion dollar debt with no downturn in sight. Is this the time to add to the 20% of Mexico’s population we have already absorbed? There are huge financial costs attached to this current wave of immigrants and not many are doing the math.

    We have ever expanding social programs that are extended to those crossing our southern border and part of the problem beyond our not really having the money to pay for those benefits is we are in effect perpetuating the horrible racism that the Mexican autocracy wants to see continued – at the expense of the US.

    We are the Enablers of Mexican racism because those on top are from two strains: the first and most significant is the white descendants of the Hispanic conquerors who for centuries have ruled the majority made up of the indigenous Indian population and originally imported black African slaves. The second group made up of the drug Cartels isn’t all that concerned with race because those who run them are almost color blind. Anyone is a potential customer. But the real power is held by the white Hispanic in effect, overlords.

    They own everything but pay next to no taxes and they have from the very first up to today refused to accept any responsibility for improving the horrible lives the majority live which is encased in abject poverty. Education is denied them and with that comes denial of any sort of honest opportunity based mainly on the color of one’s skin.

    It got to a point where former President Vincente Fox was making sure the border crossers were being given free water to make the journey. Why do they want to see these people leave what frankly as far as the indigenous people go, is truly their own homeland? It’s rather obvious the elite white Hispanics want to rid themselves perpetually of any responsibility to the people who they view and treat with disdain.

    As they are entering the United States, we are facing an impending crisis of unimaginable proportions. By 2030, 25% of today’s jobs in America will be eliminated by the introduction of robotics and other forms of automation. And by 2050, 75% of our jobs will have been eliminated by the same technology. So as our job market will shrink considerably we do have to soon start to become concerned about how we are going to provide sustenance for those already here.

    With many, many fewer people working and thus much less in the way of taxes being paid, how are we to provide for possibly 40% of Mexico’s population as well as our own? And to the Mexican influx which is being handled so poorly that yes, criminals are coming through as are very young children coming alone as well as people with illnesses that we will have to contain, add on the H-10B Visa immigrants and you see a population that is headed for decimation.

    So we now are the Enablers of Mexico’s horrible racism. Millions of people worldwide would like to come here and one has to ask if Mexico which is a second world country on its way to becoming a first world one is truly the best candidate for our largesse which even now we cannot afford to pay for without printing more money.

    Thus Trump who is far from eloquent is the only candidate actually putting this very serious issue in front of the voters. That is important because as we see with these trade deals which are being held behind closed doors so that we the people cannot see the extent of our nation’s powers and theoretical wealth being given away, a valid issue is being raised and put out in the open.

    There are others, but Trump is taking it on the chin because say what you want about him, he has never acted as anything other than a sincere American. You can list his mistakes and if you do that, do list those of the others as well, but give the guy credit for not taking a “sign it and then later read it and find out what’s in it” policy. His voice needs to be heard.

    And if we do have spare change lying around, we might use it to help our own, especially black Americans, be given the tools to take advantage of any and all opportunities we may have.

    Gunman who ‘shot dead 32-year-old woman at random’ on San Francisco pier was illegal Mexican immigrant who’d been deported FIVE times and walked away from drug bust just four months ago

    San Francisco is one of many “sanctuary cities,” which prohibits city employees from helping ICE with immigration investigations or arrests unless it is required by law or there is an active arrest warrant, CBS News affiliate KPIX reported.

    The man arrested on suspicion of murder in the shooting death of Kate Steinle on San Francisco’s Pier 14 Wednesday has a rap sheet with seven felonies, was deported five times, and in March was released from San Francisco Jail, despite immigration authorities asking that he be kept in custody, officials said Friday.

    Dan Leonard ·
    Sanctuary supporters, this woman’s blood is on your hands.

    John Locke 1776
    Is there any other nation which invites foreign criminals to come in and then protects them? Any other nation where the majority party actively advertises that it wants more aliens to come in and wants to give the illegals who are already here citizenship? Where the President proudly proclaims that he will not enforce the immigration laws? Well Kathryn I wish I could say you died for a good cause, but in truth the cause you died for was so that Democrats could get more voters in. But the mainstream media will say, oh just a crazy nothing to see or think about here folks…

    Carlos Lara
    Obama has deported more undocumented immigrants than Bush and Reagan.

    Ken Renner
    Carlos Lara, you’re so full of $hit that I don’t know how you can still breathe.

    Randy Ciletti· Top Commenter · San Francisco, California
    It’s not only San Francisco that looks the other way, but just 20 miles away, in walnut creek ca there are so many undocumented worker that it is too many to count.
    Just go

    Our country is no longer in decline, it’s following the path of Roman ruin…Goths, Franks, Huns, Suevi, Burgundians, Lombards, Quadi, Allemanni, Mexicans. Instead of pouring over the Danube, they wade across the Rio Grande.

    Obama is the equivalent of Honorius.

    Think of Undocumented Immigrants as Parents, Not Problems

    mderosa virginia 8 days ago

    “SOMETHING happened while the immigration system in the United States got broken…”How can something that hasn’t changed at all suddenly be broken? The only thing that changed about the Immigration System is that Liberals & Illegals decided to ignore the LAW. You then elected a President willing to do the same thing.

    DMV74 Washington, DC 8 days ago

    So if someone comes here illegally and has a child even though they know they are illegal and can be deported we should ignore their violation of the law because they are a mommy or daddy? Can we start doing this for everyone? Yeah we know you broke into a home but you’re a dad so we’ll let it go. What a great incentive for every illegal here to get pregnant. We’ll hand out naturalization papers along with the birth certificate. Why do the people who follow the law and actually wait to get their green card and citizenship even bother.

    Lilo Michigan 8 days ago

    Another day, another heart-breaking article about how horrible it is that somewhere someone who illegally entered the US might possibly run the risk of deportation. The US and the US alone should not have the right to deport anyone who entered illegally. The US has the responsibility to act as the safety valve for all of Latin America. The illegals will let us know when there are enough of them here. Presumably that will be sometime shortly after the US looks just like Mexico.

    Mrs. Popeye Mingchicago 8 days ago

    What kind of funhouse mirror do the author stare into to get their perverse logic from?The very first act of Illegal aliens invading our country was to disrespect our laws and our rule of law culture. Since then, they and their children have burdened our already taxed social service, educational, etc. infrastructure. To suggest otherwise is worse than a delusion, its a lie.Now its America’s fault that their kids aren’t achieving the American Dream?What a bunch of hooey!

    cecelia39 NYC 8 days ago

    the major point here is to understand that these
    illegal immigrants are having so many babies, all of which
    are the responsibility of the tax payer in cities,towns,
    states. If deported their parents should take
    their children with them. If admitted past the
    entry port illegally to await amnesty they should beeducated and provided with birth control. We have a population problem, a lack of water problem, and an
    under employment problem which illegals and all
    of their children are making worse.< /p>
    George Texas 8 days ago
    All the more reason to change birthright citizenry laws – You cannot become a citizen unless your parents are legal/naturalized/birthright citizens.

    Russ Huebel Kingsville, Tx. 8 days ago

    Funny. That’s the same way I think about folks who are in jail for selling dope. Parents in jail with kids left behind. Murderers have kids too. Every time the justice system deals with an adult, they usually leave behind kids, wives, parents, etc.This opinion piece is a sob story welcoming everyone on the planet to try to enter the United States, no matter the cost to citizens.

    Know Nothing AK 8 days ago

    Does Obama with his over-zealous deportation policy care and more than he cares for the Black crisis within the nation? Seemingly not

    jmr belmont 8 days ago

    I am a reasonably conservative libertarian who believes in the wisdom of the US Constitution. I find the mainstream of NY Times readers usually to my left to some degree. I am shocked and heartened to see the “Reader’s Picks” here all noting that the current situation is intolerable and the “immigration reform” we need is not to accept the lawbreakers, but to end birthright citizenship for those here illegally. Just “common sense” reform. Go home. Follow the law. Thank you.

    TAF LA, CA 8 days ago

    There’s parallel example that has nothing to do with immigration: hundreds of thousands of U.S. children, probably millions, have experienced a U.S.-born parent being sent to jail for crimes the parent, not the child, committed. That breaks my heart. I am often heartbroken for the parents, too, especially when the parent is a mother of a young child. So please tell me what we can do to help these unfortunate children, who are surely suffering long-term effects from having a loving parent ripped out of the household. But do not give a solution equivalent to what’s proposed here by Roberto Suro and Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco: just letting everyone out and saying ‘never mind.’ It’s unserious, like most of what is permitted onto Times opinion page when it comes to immigration.

    BornInUSSR US 8 days ago

    There are millions of people all over the world who want to come to this country. Why these economic migrants should have the right to commit crimes by illegally crossing the border and violating the sovereignty of this country, and be awarded for their crime. They want better life, then let them do it the same way as millions of other people do – thru legal immigration process. Instead they impose themselves on this country and make up ridiculous terminology – undocumented immigrants. They also demand their language be used officially. Legal immigrants do not demand their languages to be used officially, they learn english They are not undocumented and not immigrants. They are criminals and should be dealt with accordingly

    House Republicans try to gut a key American principle

    5/2/2015 3:34 PM EST [Edited]

    Congress should pass the law changing birthright citizenship so as to require that at least
    one parent be either a citizen or a legal permanent resident at the time of birth.
    (But keeping existing law for citizens or LPRs to “sponsor” their children born outside USA. )
    If Obama vetoes the change to birthright citizenship, Congress should override the veto.
    The law should include an “expedited” procedure for fast U.S. Supreme Court review.
    That will cut short endless litigation in lower courts.
    Congress has full power to do that.
    If the U.S. Supreme Court finds part or all of it unconstitutional,
    then amend the Constitution.
    All that is 100% legal.
    What’s needed is political will.
    Voters should step up the pressure on their Senators and Representatives,
    and on candidates for Senator and Representative at election time.
    Arguments against it based merely on “that’s the way it’s always been” are very weak.
    Arguments against it based on “polls” or surveys” are not serious arguments.
    The only polls that count are votes by the people for Congressional candidates
    and votes in Congress by the winners of the people’s vote.
    Arguments against amending the Constitution because doing so would somehow be
    unconstitutional are absolute nonsense.

    5/2/2015 12:43 PM EST

    In case u had any doubts about what a mindless way Lefty moron Dana Milbank is, this piece should clear that up. It epitomizes unfortunately everything fundamentally wrong with exremist liberals’ mindsets. Notice Milbank’s Alinsky-style ad hominem attacks, typical of thuggish modern Lefties, dredging up stuff that someone allegedly said 30 yrs. ago, & having NOTHING to do with current issue. It’s their way of evading discussing the facts, which in this case includes every recent poll, all of which shiw a clear majority if American TAXPAYERS against illegal immigration and Obama’s blanket amnesty. Never realized for example that it was a “key American principle” to force US taxpayers to pay for lifetime support of thise children who any foreign alien decides to drop here On 1 day visit. It’s absurd, was never intended to work this way, and very telling that US is ONLY Western country that allows this.

    5/1/2015 10:41 PM EST

    Everyone following the illegal immigration issue should know two facts:

    (1) We have not had a very significant legal immigration quota for Hispanic folks for quite some time.

    (2) Nonetheless, Hispanics are significantly over represented on the entitlement rolls all over this country and this is primarily due to Birthright Citizenship, which converts illegal immigrant parents, into the parents of US entitlement eligible kids.

    5/1/2015 9:41 PM EST

    We know for a fact that many Mexican and Chinese women in particular come to this country when they are almost ready to give birth to have their children born in the USA. If the government doesn’t see anything wrong with that we are skating on very thin ice. These people should immediately be sent back to their countries of origin before the births have taken place. Our laws desperately need to be changed in these instances.

    5/1/2015 6:39 PM EST

    Leftists want unlimited illegal immigration because these illegals vote overwhelmingly for Democrats and more social spending. This country has spent more than $22 trillion on means-tested social programs since LBJ launched his war on poverty. When this new underclass overwhelms the ability of the government to support them, we’ll likely have social disintegration, adding more casualties to the 70-100 million people these leftists have murdered through their fanatical communists and socialists philosophies.

    5/1/2015 6:27 PM EST

    Proud Achievement?! You must be kidding. The 14th Amendment was illegally adopted during the post-Civil War reconstruction era, by disenfranchising the white southern vote and requiring the Southern States to agree to it, before they would be admitted back into the Union (an odd and contradictory position, given that the Northern States were contending the Southern States were not allowed to leave the Union). When the Southern states refused, the North refused to recognize the southern electorate. This amendment has had no chance of surviving any legal challenge, which the Courts have deflected for nearly 150 years.

    A Farmer
    5/1/2015 6:21 PM EST

    Perhaps the Post should do a side-by-side showing how the US Republican party’s actions today compare with Hitler’s party’s actions of the 1930s and 1940s.

    5/1/2015 9:59 PM EST

    There is no comparison. You are mixing apples and oranges.

    5/2/2015 5:09 PM EST

    When u say like Hitler’s actions, assume u meant the incredibly thuggish Chicago-style behavior of the Obama administration, using the government’s powers to persecute political opponents.
    The IRS scandal, the out of control DOJ, and jailing D”mesh d’Souza are just a few examples which would make the Nazis proud.

    5/1/2015 6:03 PM EST [Edited]

    I will spare you the disparaging remarks I have for this individual who seems to know nothing about the founding principals of the USA. I came here legally as a grad student, received a PhD in engineering, received permanent residency and US citizenship through legal channels, worked as a professor and corporate r&d manager and retired after 35 years. My wife, also an immigrant, went through all the required hoops to become a physician licensed in two states, she is still in active practice. We have two children born here who were granted US citizenship at birth. One is a Principal School Psychologist in a school district, her younger brother is a highly sought out robotic surgeon. I would like to see this Congressman’s bona fides, as well as how his immediate family contributes to US society and economy. Just as a reminder, immigrants with lesser educational credentials work for a fraction of what we earn and perform the lowly jobs the avg US citizen abhors. Same applies to us “the high end immigrants” the avg US citizens are not willing to put the sweat and tears required for those highly paid professions. Most pine for being the next Facebook or Google tycoons but end up in sales or other low paying jobs. Wake up America, education and hard work are still a winning combination.

    5/1/2015 2:36 PM EST

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    Those words were directed to southern Europeans, not Mexicans/Aztecs.

    5/2/2015 5:15 PM EST

    Typical mindless Lefty nonsense–appeal to the sympathetic nature of most Americans rather than addressing the facts, including the disastrous financial costs of housing, educating, feeding, providing healthcare, etc.,etc. for millions of mostly poor and uneducated illegals. Wake up America!

    Clinton speaks forcefully for path to citizenship for illegal immigrants

    Hillary Clinton speaks to student Betsaida Frausto at Rancho High School in Las Vegas on May 5, 2015. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

    5/5/2015 11:59 PM EST
    GOP: “Damn…we should have thought of that.”

    dave in san antonio
    5/5/2015 11:28 PM EST

    Nice campaign ad, WaPo. How many questions did Hillary take from the press at this “campaign stop”? That would be a big fat zero, which is how many questions she’s taken from the press in the last three and a half weeks. This is just another lib puff piece for queen Hillary.

    12:00 AM EST

    You don’t have to read WaPo, you know. You can always go back to snorting Fox 24/7.

    5/5/2015 11:22 PM EST

    When you vote for Democrats this is what you get.

    5/5/2015 10:56 PM EST

    Of course she’s in favor of a “path to citizenship” (read as amnesty)!! She wants the Hispanic vote. Most of those “illegals” are Hispanic and they are regarded as “undocumented Democrats” by the Democratic party. Both parties have drug their feet on immigration reform/control for differing reasons, all of them political and tied to monied interests. Neither party is trustworthy on this subject, but the Hillarymonster isn’t trustworthy on ANY subject. She is an illusion. The answers to immigration reform/control are not political ones, they are common sense and pragmatic, thus not popular, in varying degrees, with most everybody. Therefore, no politician will seriously embrace real reform, but they will talk it to death and make promises they can’t keep.
    5/5/2015 10:30 PM EST
    Hillary will need all the illegal alien votes she can get as more information comes out about the Clinton Foundation and how crooked it is.

    5/5/2015 10:28 PM EST

    I wonder if she used her Hispanic accent? She is such a despicable person!

    Don Stubbs
    5/5/2015 10:25 PM EST

    Clinton knows what the GOP knows: Republicans cannot win the White House if they fail to receive a majority of the Hispanic vote. Hillary just out-maneuvered them by drawing a line in the sand and daring Republicans to step over it. Of course we all know what the Republican candidates will do. It’s what they’ve always done: Race each other to the bottom to be the most anti-immigrant. And lose 2016 in the process. They simply can’t help themselves.

    5/5/2015 10:29 PM EST

    Goldman Sacs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, all agree, they need a candidate that makes sure their toilets are clean, shrubs are trimmed, and the dry cleaning is picked up on time. Follow the money.

    Don Stubbs
    5/5/2015 10:33 PM EST

    Sure, go ahead, blather on. Republicans can be anti-gay and still win. They can be anti-abortion and still win. They can be all-war-all-the-time and still win. They CANNOT be anti-immigrant and win. It’s just not possible.

    5/5/2015 10:37 PM EST

    I agree, wall street gets what is pays for, the Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, nothing has changed since, all the money is on Hillary, rest assured, nothing will change if she is elected.

    Don Stubbs
    5/5/2015 10:40 PM EST

    “. . . nothing will change if she is elected.” I can live with that. Honestly. As long as it’s not a feeble-minded, war-mongering, economy-destroying Republican in the White House, I’m OK with the status quo.

    5/5/2015 10:33 PM EST

    What planet do you live on? There is no way the GOP can get a majority of the Hispanic vote because it won’t promise as much “free stuff” as the Dems.

    5/5/2015 10:21 PM EST

    No to Clinton; No to Bush. Period.

    bean bagger
    5/5/2015 9:59 PM EST

    We break the law and make up our own rules,
    Monika, erasing emails, fraudulent tax returns, Foundation cash, on and on…
    so why should I not reward the illegals cheating,
    those waiting in line and obeying the law ?

    5/5/2015 9:56 PM EST

    A Plutocrat throwing the Citizenry of this nation under the bus in deference to Illegal Aliens to mollify her fellow Plutocrats who are bankrolling the Amnesty drive, there’s something new. “What difference, at this point, does it make.” Hillary 2016

    5/5/2015 9:48 PM EST

    Immigration is not the problem, it is the ILLEGAL immigration that is the problem. After Saint Hillary’s amnesty is granted for the current 10-20 illegal aliens what is to prevent another 10-20 million newcomers from coming in to overwhelm our taxpayers by demanding rent subsidies and welfare benefits? When will it ever end? A country without enforceable borders is a failed state.

    5/5/2015 9:26 PM EST

    There is already a path to legal’s been in effect for many years and millions from all over the world have come here and become citizens and we are a better nation because of them and the legal process they followed..the ones who chose not to follow the legal process are here illegally. If their first act to begin their journey to be part of our country is to break our laws,,why would we want them here..? we have plenty of criminals already.

    C.C. Cox
    5/5/2015 9:09 PM EST

    Um, there’s already a “path to citizenship.” You can come here legally, as I did. If you’re too lazy or think it’s too hard, that doesn’t give you the right to cut in line ahead of the rest of us and demand special treatment. We spend thousands to come here legally, and I find it so offensive that people who break the law are lumped in with LEGAL immigrants. Do you call the person who breaks into your house and the person you invite over for dinner both “guests,” or do you make a distinction?

    Open Up, Europe! Let Migrants In

    jmc Indianapolis, IN Yesterday

    I live in both France and the US. The middle class in each country is being squeezed by stagnant or no wage growth since the 70′s and higher taxes. Although disparity between CEO pay may be less in France than in the US the same principles of oligarchies persist. US and European corps have found intricate ways to not pay their fair share of taxes. The French State is currently turning over fiscal responsibilities to regional and department governments to fund functions previously supported financially by the State. The result has been astounding increases in property taxes; 15% for example in Toulouse. American corps have billions of dollars off-shored doing nothing for the US economy because they refuse to repatriate profits that will be taxed. The US and European governments have trillions of debt due to their inability to collect revenue from corporations. Yet you propose to allow a race to the bottom for the middle class by suggesting that we take in unlimited numbers of immigrants who will further suppress prevailing wages? I’m not an “economist”, but your example of adding more people to the EU will reduce the per capita debt ratio when these folks will obviously enjoy the benefits of a society based on solidarity (CAF, Secu, etc) leaves me wondering if the mathematical portion of your education in becoming an “economist” wasn’t lacking. Have you not paid attention to the success of the FN in recent elections? Get rid of the oligarchs and make corps pay taxes.

    A. J. Deus Vancouver, BC Yesterday

    I would love to live in a world without borders. Indeed, the fences between Mexico and the U.S., between Spain and Morocco, or between Israel and Palestine are an insult to humanity no less than the former fence that divided East from West and the city of Berlin. However, the societies within Western borders are living on the brink, are overpopulated (though aging), and are taxed more than during the Roman Empire. Never mind that the (young but uneducated) migrants come from the collapsed half of the world that is even more overpopulated. Given that China is just about the only superpower with cash at hand, the author could at least have addressed how to finance the massive investments that would be needed to adjust already failed systems and infrastructure as well as having millions of migrants educated in order to turn them into viable and fully integrated members of the rat race. The migrant problem of non-assimilation, often religiously motivated, has already created ghettos all across the West.The ‘economic’ proposal to simply open the doors of the ghettos to the benefit of rejuvenating the population is a symptom of a sorry state of the ‘science’ of economics (of which I am an embarrassed member) that fails to think its own models through. Here, the propsal amounts to the blind helping the lame. At least, other economists package their nonsense better.

    Quiet Waiting Texas Yesterday

    The author’s first paragraph contains a blatantly false assertion: that European governments are responsible for these migrants leaving their homelands. They are leaving because they cannot tolerate the living conditions in their own nations.The wretched and often deadly environment in such places are adequate grounds for leaving if one is convinced that there is no possibility of improving matters at home. But such discontent does not constitute a guarantee that the migrants can become productive members of the European society that seek to join. Stockholm, Paris, and other cities now bear the burden of entire districts in which migrants and the descendants of migrants reject both the obligation to become productive citizens and also insist on maintaining a range of repulsive (yes…here comes a value judgment) beliefs such as a divine mandate to subjugate women and to treat believers of creeds other than their own as apostates meriting a variety of punishments.Nations with far more political courage than the European Union, such as Canada and Australia and Singapore, require the great majority of their immigrants to possess educational,experiential, and in some case attitudinal qualifications. Immigrants not meeting those criteria are rejected. We should have no hesitation at doing the same.


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