Black on Black violence

Black on Black

black on black 600x450 Black on Black violence

DCSHOOTING11432849570 Black on Black violence

Charnice Milton, a 27-year-old reporter, was on assignment covering the monthly Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee meeting. On her way home, she was fatally shot near a bus stop at Good Hope Road and Alabama Avenue SE. (Courtesy of Capital Community News)

6/1/2015 11:07 AM EDT [Edited]

What upset me the most is, we as Blacks always crying race… This young woman was killed by Blacks (Men) in her own neighborhood. And we wonder why the police is killing Blacks. Because we act like animals. The Baltimore riots were not about justice. They started rioting because they saw a chance to act like wild animals. We as Blacks don’t care if someone get killed especially if one of our own people is the killer. But if a White or any other nationality kills a Black person its a opportunity for us to riot, march, and protest. Where are the marches and protest now??? Huh??? Where are the people who know who did this but are such a Punk to step forward. I live in SE, Ward 8 and I am so tired of this BS. DC gov’t need to get rid of Public Housing Ward 8 need to be gentrified because for years and years this same BS has been happening and its not going to get better until we push unwanted and un-need people out. For those who try to act like loyal citizens by caring for their neighborhoods, working, raising their kids respectably, and paying taxes but need a little help, they are fine, but it is time to get rid of the rats and roaches. Let me go to VA so they can go to jail for years. I Pray for this Young Woman’s family. I Pray for the person or persons who is responsible. I Pray that Justice will be served in this case.

5/30/2015 1:38 PM EST

So much easier to try to assign some blame to a big institution than to put ALL the responsibility where it belongs – on the idiot knuckleheads who engage in the nonsense. The Post had no role in Ms. Milton’s death; it was entirely on those stupid gangbangers. Oh and by the way, I’m black and I wouldn’t have minded The Post publishing a site like, even if it did show blacks were committing most of the homicides. That’s nothing new.

5/29/2015 8:18 PM EDT [Edited]

Sad. A young-woman with talent, brains, education, commitment, work-ethic, confidence, sympathy, people-skills, and quality. Now WaPo….her death was no accident – it was the result of mayhem and nihilist chaos in an urban Ghetto jungle and it’s been going on for years – something you’ve been systematically ignoring, sympathizing with, or covering up, making you complicit in the violence. Look at the deaths WaPo…you remember the site you helped kill… that kept track of all those deaths in DC…till it became evident all the victims and the suspect perps were Black, and that was just too embarrassing for the politically correct to allow it to continue? Maybe you need to resurrect that site…and then begin a serious campaign to change the mores of the community which is causing these outrages.

5/29/2015 10:32 AM EDT

Very sad ending to a promising young journalist. My thoughts are with her family and friends.

4:07 PM EST

So now the cops are causing young black men to shoot each other by NOT showing up and harassing them. The black community is going NOWHERE until it gets its young men under control.

 Black on Black violence

Mugshot of aggravated sexual assault of a child suspect Robert Cayald. (credit: Dallas Police Department)

 Black on Black violence


Black on Black violence

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