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Jeremy Temple (top right), of Ohio, is facing animal cruelty charges after police rescued his abused and emaciated dog, who was weighing only 60lbs and had his teeth knocked out. When confronted by police about the pet’s horrific living conditions, Mr Temple allegedly responded, ‘the dog is not a human.’–heartless-owner-gets-25-fine.html

Recovering: Justin, a 5-week-old kitten who weighs just one pound, is steadily recovering and expected to survive after being doused in an accelerant and set on fire

Healing: The kitten, whose back is seen badly burned, is currently undergoing antibiotics to fight infections, constant wound dressings to remove scar tissue and is being given appetite stimulants

Ground Zero pastor ‘funneled cash from $4.8million 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina donations to pay his mortgage, credit card bill and son’s private college fees’

  • Donors poured $2.5 million into the minister’s charities Urban Life Ministries and Aid for the World, to help 9/11 victims
  • $2.3 million was given for efforts along the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast
  • Rev. Carl Keyes allegedly diverted large sums donated for 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina into his cash-starved church, Glad Tidings Tabernacle
  • Believed to have used charity and church money to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of personal bills and son’s private tuition
  • Threw lavish fundraisers including a black-tie event attended by U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell
  • Large sums missing from financial records for his charities

  • Accused: Rev. Carl Keyes allegedly spent donations intended for 9/11 victims and Hurricane Katrina relief efforts on unrelated things

    Horrifying moment road rage driver attacks blind man… because he’s taking too long to cross the road

  • Guide dog was unfamiliar with the area and led blind man onto the road
  • Furious driver begins hurling abuse and then gets out of his car
  • Blind man’s sister-in-law stands in the way and is knocked to the ground


    Man, 23, ‘who lives as girl named Jamie’ arrested for flashing breast implants at Walmart shoppers before spitting at cops

    National Guardsman ‘who solicited men to rape his wife through Craigslist ad’ freed from jail – for now

    Three female customers attack Red Lobster waitress for ‘filling up their water glasses too regularly’

  • Sharrell Evans, 21, Britley Green, 22, and Geneen Green, 44, are accused of striking the waitress with their hands and a menu
  • Another waitress was assaulted by four customers at the same Fairview Heights, Illinois, restaurant last December
    PUBLISHED: 09:59 EST, 22 August 2012 | UPDATED: 10:07 EST, 22 August 2012

    Three women have been charged with assault after a restaurant waitress was attacked for filling up water glasses too often.

    Sharrell Evans, 21, Britley Green, 22, and Geneen Green, 44, are accused of striking the waitress with their hands and a menu at Red Lobster in Fairview Heights, Illinois, on Friday.

    They were held by restaurant employees until police arrived and arrested them.

    From left to right: Sharrell Evans, 21, Britley Green, 22, and Geneen Green, 44, are charged with assaulting a restaurant waitress who annoyed them by filling their water glasses too often

    According to a witness, the attack was sparked when the women became irritated that the waitress was filling up their water glasses too often.

    She refused medical treatment from an ambulance crew.

    Bail for each of the three women, who have been charged with mob action and aggravated battery in a public place, has been set at $50,000.

    They remain in police custody until their arraignment, reports CBS St Louis.

    The incident comes just eight months after another waitress was attacked by four customers at the same Red Lobster restaurant.

    In that assault, the server suffered a swollen eye and cuts to her nose and forehead.

    Ania D Wilkes, 20, of Ferguson, Missouri, was charged with aggravated battery and mob action charges in that case.

    Police said she and three others punched and pushed their server when the wrong orders came to their table.

    Watch video of the moment another waitress at the same restaurant was assaulted for bringing the wrong orders to a table:

    Caught on tape: Man survives incredible hit-and-run after teenage girls attacked him with water balloons before running him over in truck

    Impatient driver ‘forced family off the road while overtaking’, killing woman’s husband, mother and foster sons in crash while ‘rushing to work’

  • Denise Griffith was hit from behind by Ford Mondeo while turning into lay-by
  • Seven-seat Peugeo rolled several times down a bank and into a reservoir
  • She manage to escape after ‘the Lord did come and help me to get out’
  • But husband Emyr Griffith, 66, mother Phyllis Hooper, 84, and foster sons Peter Briscome and Liam Govier, both 14, all drowned
  • Gordon Dyche, 24, of Llanbrynmair, mid Wales, denies causing their deaths by dangerous or careless driving
  • Dyche allegedly said at the scene: ‘I’m really sorry. I was rushing for work’
  • Mrs Griffith, 56, said: ‘I know my life has been ruined. It’s the most lonely, lonely place to be
  • Denise Griffith, right, has told a court of the moment she escaped from a crash in which her husband, mother and two foster sons drowned in a reservoir. Gordon Dyche, left,  denies causing the deaths by dangerous or careless driving

    A year for every life: Young driver who killed four by forcing family car off road as he overtook it while racing to work is jailed for four years

  • Gordon Dyche, 24, jailed for causing death by careless driving
  • Emyr Griffith, Phyllis Hooper, and Peter Briscome and Liam Govier, both 14 all died in crash in North Wales last year
  • Driver Denise Griffith lone survivor after her people carrier plunged into a reservoir

  • Bubbly: The biological mother of victim Liam Govier, 14, described him as a lovely, smiley little chap whose favourite school subject was cookery

    Tragedy: Autistic Peter Briscombe, aged 14, died with his foster brother in the accident on April 20 last year

    Shell-shocked! Turtle rescued after pranksters taped it to two dozen BALLOONS and sent it flying over neighborhood

  • Residents in Oceanside, California, shocked to find reptile dangling from tree after balloons got stuck
  • Had been duct-taped to the balloons by unknown person and sent soaring
  • Suspect could face animal abuse charges if located

  • Hanging out: The turtle was found dangling from nearly two dozen balloons after they got caught in a tree

    Cruelty: Residents of the Oceanside, California, neighbourhood were horrified to see the poor turtle dangling helplessly from the balloons

    A new home: Chanelle Wright says she would like to adopt the turtle if no one else comes forward

    Who could do such a thing? Thugs doused family’s border collie in lighter fluid and set it alight in horrific unexplained attack

  • Cody, 3, was so badly burnt its ribs and joints were visible
  • Owner failed to recognise it as it limped home across a field
  • Police hunting for two young suspects in connection with the brutal attack

  • Horrific attack: Cody the Border Collie was doused in lighter fluid and then set alight, leaving it in a terrible state. Police are hunting for the people who did this.

    Still suffering: Cody looks in pain at the vets today, three days after the brutal attack

    ‘I am entitled to live in a house like this’: Jobless mother-of-seven insists her family ‘deserve’ £1.25MILLION taxpayer-funded home they ‘trashed’

  • Manal Mahmoud moved into the Fulham address following a £76,000 refit
  • ‘I deserve to live in a nice house and get benefits,’ she said.
  • Council says the family’s behaviour has been ‘appalling’ and it must improve
  • Claims doors are missing, wallpaper has been ripped off, driveway tiles have been smashed and furniture has been left strewn in the garden
  • Mrs Mahmoud insists she has ‘right to live in a nice house and claim benefits’


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