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Emperor Trump

I am SURE the Republicans will NEVER attempt to force Trump from office, and I am SURE he will not last out the summer. Because being President is a job and requires WORK. Continue reading

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The real economy

What does the financial services industry actually do? Financial intermediaries primarily deal with each other by moving money around in complex transactions, to a large extent through securitization, in which assets are transformed into securities and resold countless times. By … Continue reading

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La Belle France

Myth No. 3 The French tend to surrender in conflicts. “Since World War II,” Britain’s Daily Mail tabloid proclaimed in 2009, France “and its army have been seen by many as standard-bearers for surrender, cowardice and military ineptitude.” In 2015, … Continue reading

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Two time LOSER

But Clinton’s great failing, the book — not to mention the election itself — makes clear, was her inability to fashion a message. She knew why she was running for president: It was her turn. But she could not say … Continue reading

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Why Trump’s Wall Won’t Keep Out Heroin By SAM QUINONES FEB. 16, 2017 Less than 40 grams of black-tar heroin in the evidence room of Post Falls Police Department, Idaho.CreditShawn Gust/Coeur D’Alene Press, via Associated Press New research finds the … Continue reading

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