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Seth Rich story or coverup?

Mr. Rich was alive and stabilized after doctors repaired damage from two gunshot wounds to the back, and there was no prognosis for death. Continue reading

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Emperor Trump

I am SURE the Republicans will NEVER attempt to force Trump from office, and I am SURE he will not last out the summer. Because being President is a job and requires WORK. Continue reading

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The real economy

What does the financial services industry actually do? Financial intermediaries primarily deal with each other by moving money around in complex transactions, to a large extent through securitization, in which assets are transformed into securities and resold countless times. By … Continue reading

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La Belle France

Myth No. 3 The French tend to surrender in conflicts. “Since World War II,” Britain’s Daily Mail tabloid proclaimed in 2009, France “and its army have been seen by many as standard-bearers for surrender, cowardice and military ineptitude.” In 2015, … Continue reading

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Two time LOSER

But Clinton’s great failing, the book — not to mention the election itself — makes clear, was her inability to fashion a message. She knew why she was running for president: It was her turn. But she could not say … Continue reading

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Why Trump’s Wall Won’t Keep Out Heroin By SAM QUINONES FEB. 16, 2017 Less than 40 grams of black-tar heroin in the evidence room of Post Falls Police Department, Idaho.CreditShawn Gust/Coeur D’Alene Press, via Associated Press New research finds the … Continue reading

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