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VIDEO – Trump can not win…

According to the ABC/WP poll, among 2016 voters, @realDonaldTrump would beat Hillary Clinton in a rematch — in the popular vote, no less. …And were the 2016 election held again today, it shows Trump would avenge his popular-vote loss. … Continue reading

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Threat of Islam Threat of Islam

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Founding Fathers Believed in God

The founder’s shared beliefs in divine Providence, the nation’s divine mission, God-given individual rights, the superiority of Christian ethics, the necessity of religion and morality to survival and success of republican government, spiritual equality, free will, and the existence of … Continue reading

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H-1B visas screwing US

Not only have tech giants like Apple and Google engaged in what a federal court called an “overarching conspiracy” to prevent wage competition, but Silicon Valley firms also abuse H-1B visas to bring in immigrant competition at lower wages, a … Continue reading

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Help the Homeless

Fourteen years ago today, I became homeless. By the grace of God, I have survived. Meet the outsider who accidentally solved chronic homelessness Meet Sam Tsemberis. According to academics and advocates, he’s all but solved chronic homelessness. His research, which … Continue reading

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