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Desperate Democrats Trash Trump

Scapegoats? Illegal immigration is related to many of the problems we face, if not their cause, ranging from unemployment and depressed wages to access to healthcare to overcrowded underfunded schools to environmental degradation to national security to corruption at every level. Illegal aliens get their share of the blame. Continue reading

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Opinion about the VA – Veterans Issues

VA strikes against Hill assertions over corrupt agency Bruce Steele 2:01 PM EST Q: What is the difference between the VA administration and the Boy Scouts? A: Adult leadership. mercedescls 1/21/2016 7:41 PM EST Then VA is corrupt! It is … Continue reading

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The new economy 1099

Rocky stock markets currently resemble a “game of chance” as “nobody knows” where they will go from here, billionaire investor Mark Cuban said Wednesday. Continue reading

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Obama affect on America

amvet 11:16 AM EST I can’t wait for the turf war between MS-13 and ISIS sleeper cells in the US. Thanks, Obama Cabal. Diversity: Failure to assimilate, or selective segregation. Multiculturalism: Cultural enrichment through national suicide. Progressivism: Progress through perversity. … Continue reading

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George Bush dumb ass

social share buttonsdocument.write(“”); workingoutmysalvation 12/17/2015 11:40 PM EST One of the biggest disservice to the American people was after 911 when Bush claimed that Islam was a religion of peace. This was a lie. We have been at war with … Continue reading

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bimbo eruptions

As we revisit the exploits of Saturday Night Bill and listen to biographer Taylor Branch’s taped private rumination after his series of interviews with the former president, the obvious question arises: Was the 42nd president a sociopath? Sociopaths are often … Continue reading

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little kids

The most inspiring story you will read today: Mothers share heartwarming ‘before and after’ pictures of their premature babies as tiny newborns – and as thriving healthy children today Now THAT’s puppy love: Video of pug playing with a … Continue reading

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