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THE CAMPAIGN OF 1814 Napoleon and the campaign of 1814 By Houssaye Henry Napoleon, 48,000, had the Army of Silesia, say 100,000, Blücher… trapped…. Without going to pretend with Koch, that by the capitulation of Soissons Blücher created a … Continue reading

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The Muslim Mind

“Western students of the Arab world have repeatedly remarked on the violent hate that Arabs feel for the West. Wilfred Cantell Smith wrote in the mid-1950′s: ‘Most Westerners have simply no inkling of how deep and fierce is the hate, … Continue reading

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Islam 101 truth about Council on American-Islamic Relations wants Islam to be taught in public schools Arabic is now the fastest-growing language in the U.S. Both Sunni and Shiite Muslims accept the Koran and the teachings of the prophet Muhammad as … Continue reading

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1965 blame the Democrats FACTact

How a 1965 immigration reform created illegal immigration From 1980 to 2010, the Border Patrol budget rose 16 times, despite the fact that the number of attempted undocumented entries was not itself rising. Faced with the significant risks of crossing … Continue reading

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Heroin comes to town Dayton

Once associated with the urban ghetto, the scourge of heroin addiction has spread into suburbs throughout America. Common sense indicates the massive number of Mexicans who have infiltrated our neighborhoods are responsible. Their numbers give cover, normalcy in the neighborhood, … Continue reading

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Carly Fiorina Really Was That Bad

Carly Fiorina Really Was That Bad SEPT. 25, 2015 Steven Rattner HER silver tongue honed by decades in corporate marketing, Carly Fiorina has used two debates, and a steely determination on the campaign trail, to climb near the top of … Continue reading

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