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World War 2 in color Hitler video

Hitler has only got one ball The other is in the Albert Hall His mother, the dirty b*****, Cut it off when he was small Hitler has only got one ball, Göring has two but very small, Himmler has something … Continue reading

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Obama and Syria

From the start, President Obama’s Syria policy has foundered because of a gap between words and deeds. And he’s done it again. Having declared that the aim of U.S. policy is to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the Islamic State, Obama … Continue reading

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Arab Spring Success

Possible scenario: Leadership and pragmatism will determine the outcome of the Arab Spring in Syria, as well as Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia…. Probable scenario: Ideology and division condemn Arab countries to turmoil in the near term. Tunisia boldly embraces democracy … Continue reading

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Job Market Reality

Jobless Rate in U.S. Falls Below 6% as Hiring Picks Up Ross Salinger Carlsbad Ca 14 hours ago When I was young, they wanted young people so I got hired. After 10 years everyone wanted people with ten years so … Continue reading

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Common Sense about Afghanistan

Afghanistan will revert to being a terrorist haven after Allied military withdrawal, U.S. study warns Continue reading

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