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Where is Obama?

Nonetheless, it was Obama who set himself the task of becoming a transformational political figure in the mould of Ronald Reagan or JFK. “I think we are in one of those fundamentally different times right now where people think that things, the way they are going, just aren’t working,” he said. It was he who donned the mantles of “hope” and “change”. Continue reading

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What I Know From Experience

In October 1971, I attended basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. One day while maneuvering up a muddy trail through the woods, it felt like I had been here before. On another occasion while marching on a sandy road … Continue reading

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Blanket Amnesty

Never ever forget that the community Luis Gutierrez represents is a gringo/foreigner tribal group that can never themselves be American because none of their ancestors fought at Bunker Hill or Gettysburg… Dem Luis Gutierrez (in Spanish): Republicans Looking to ‘Punish … Continue reading

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John Bell Hood unlucky general

When the colors of the twenty-ninth Alabama were planted on the enemy’s fortified line, the Confederates were huddled in the ditch like sheep in a shambles. They had not been there long before men were being killed and wounded in more rapid succession than the writer saw before or since. They were crowded together as closely as it was possible and were practically helpless. To go over the works was certain death, or wounds or capture. To run to the rear, aside from the shame of it, was almost of equal hazard. To remain was to accept the most fearful odds imaginable…death was holding high carnival. Continue reading

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