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Obama foreign and domestic

Alas, in the case of Obama, “anger” and “frustration” are simply buzzwords that reflect the degree of the narcissism (it’s all about him, no matter what the tragedy) and refusal to accept responsibility that plague this president. Continue reading

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Boko Haram and Nigeria

Boko Haram’s terrifying regional ambitions and a politician’s kidnapped wife Nigeria’s Boko Haram isn’t just about Western education Ho/AFP/Getty Images – Boko Haram released a video showing some of the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls. By Sarah Chayes, Published: May 16 … Continue reading

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Gun Control

30 mass killings, 137 victims: A typical year At the time of the passage of the Bill of Rights, every Euro-American man from sixteen to sixty was a member of his state’s militia and was expected to bring his … Continue reading

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December 1860

The Polarized Court Adam Liptak MAY 10, 2014 WASHINGTON — WHEN the Supreme Court issued its latest campaign finance decision last month, the justices lined up in a familiar way. The five appointed by Republican presidents voted for the Republican … Continue reading

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Chinese Consumption

@RiskAdjustedReturnChina’s Global Ranking: • Economic: Nominal GDP (2) PPP GDP (2) Net Investment Position (1) Labour Force (1) Gross Savings (1) Total Investment (1) Manufacturing (1) Household Consumption (3) Trade (1) Exports (1) Imports (2) Annual FDI (2) Total FDI … Continue reading

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The Kremlin

Catherine Merridale’s award-winning Red Fortress: The Secret Heart of Russia’s History unlocks the myths of ‘spellbinding’ Kremlin Merridale’s book won the Pushkin House Russian Book Prize this week Catherine Merridale Thursday 01 May 2014 The Kremlin is one of the … Continue reading

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Amazing Technology

Write before your eyes! Amazing 3D printing PEN ‘draws’ plastic objects in thin air London-based Lix have unveiled their innovative 3D printing device The device is about the same size and weight as a regular ballpoint pen It can be … Continue reading

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