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Chinese Military Culture

As budgets soar, China still fears its military isn’t growing fast enough     When China looks at its own army, it is often with fears that it is not big enough and is lacking in competence and modernization.           … Continue reading

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Something You Should Hear and See

This ceremony is as Beautiful as war is evil, a Michelangelo in voice. We join together here today, To help two people on their way, As Leah and Chris start their life together, And now they’ve reached their special date, … Continue reading

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Reality for Millenials

Readers discuss the huge disparity in pay between top executives and most workers. BARBARA J. PERENIC | DISPATCH Roberta Garber, an assistant vice president of the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority, said many people who have jobs “are not making … Continue reading

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Media Bias MSNBC slides toward irrelevance Media Bias

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Opinion About Obamacare

Health-care act’s bugs transcend politics Wednesday April 9, 2014 6:24 AM I continue to be frustrated by individuals who politicize the facts surrounding the Affordable Care Act. Add columnist E.J. Dionne to that list (“In spite of doom and gloom, … Continue reading

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Future Warfare

Based upon my knowledge of current military history and experience as a soldier in a previous life, in my opinion, active warfare in the future will focus on special operations and cyber-warfare. The civilized world can not survive a major … Continue reading

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FACTS about Obamacare

sandiego1969 wrote: 8:34 AM EST As bad as the roll-out of the law has been so far, the worst part is the law itself. Wait until someone tries to get medical attention and have the provider paid. The individual market … Continue reading

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