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Debt Deal Graphics

The recent debt ceiling circus maximus was a sideshow to the real main issue: the imperative for a balanced budget. For years I’ve told my friends we’re screwed. Since the Reagan administration, the parallels between our decline and the Fall … Continue reading

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Norway Nutjob Anders Behring Breivik

BINGO If Anders Breivik isn’t actually mad, he’s certainly a little bit strange. In his early twenties, he had cosmetic surgery, on his forehead, chin and nose. After failing at various businesses, he lived in his mother’s spare room. And … Continue reading

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Facts about the debt deal

In the opinion of this Washington Post columnist, our representatives in Washington have accomplished the following: Assuming no hiccups in the House — and that might be a big assumption — we’ve got a deal. The deficit-reduction side includes $1 … Continue reading

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Kick The comment on Comment

It’s not over yet. Crisis has not been averted. However, in Washington style, the can has been kicked down the broadway because there is no balanced budget in sight. Projected potential savings, multi-billions per fiscal year instead of half a … Continue reading

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