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Judas the Galilean and his Unterbrink writings

“It is no accident that virtually all mythicists (in fact, all of them, to my knowledge) are either atheists or agnostics. The ones I know anything about are quite virulently, even militantly, atheist. One the surface that may make sense: who else would be invested in showing Jesus never existed? But when you think about it for a moment, it is not entirely logical. Whether or not Jesus existed is completely irrelevant to the question of whether God exists.” Ehrman, 337. Continue reading

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Dick Cheney doinks history

On August 26th, 2002, Vice President Cheney addressed the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Nashville. After the customary remarks about increasing veteran’s health care spending by 8 percent (“although we are holding most discretionary spending to 2 percent increases…”) Cheney … Continue reading

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Arab Spring Reality

Heat-Seeking Missiles Are Missing From Libyan Arms Stockpile Among the missiles taken away were 480 Russian-built SA-24s, designed for use against modern warplanes, which the US had been attempting to block from falling into Iranian hands, and the older … Continue reading

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Facts About Climate Change

No more glaciers in Glacier National Park by 2020? A team of scientists from the University of York examined the movement of 2,000 animal and plant species over the past decade. According to their study, published in Science last … Continue reading

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Hackers SpyEye

Hackers affect ordinary people, corporations, and governments. This post is presented to inform the internet community about the latest threat to free traffic and commerce. Recommendations to protect yourself are listed below the story. Spam attached to this blog until … Continue reading

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There are the Jobs

…82 percent of Walmart shoppers say they haven’t seen any improvement in their financial situation in the past year, and 70 percent don’t expect their finances to get better next year. Everyone knows that multi-national corporations are screwing US, the … Continue reading

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Xi Jinping new leader in China

Xi Jinping, likely China’s next leader, called pragmatic, low-key By Keith B. Richburg, Published: August 15 XIAMEN, China — When Vice President Biden visits China this week, his official host will be his counterpart, Vice President Xi Jinping, who has … Continue reading

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Comment on 2012 Candidates

Michele Bachmann says if you turn Herman Cain’s “9-9-9″ plan upside down it becomes 6-6-6. “I think the devil is in the details,” she said at the GOP debate hosted by Bloomberg and Washington Post. CLASSIC As a member of … Continue reading

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Afghanistan reality check

This year’s summer ‘fighting season’ had seen considerably less violence than previous seasons with incidents down 43 per cent over last year which meant 70 fewer attacks each week. President Obama’s “surge” of troops into Afghanistan to continue the … Continue reading

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Comment on Iran

Iran has had expansionist and imperial ambitions for centuries. A nuclear deal won’t change that. [Ali] Younesi defined the territory of the Iranian empire, which he called “Greater Iran,” as reaching from the borders of China and including the … Continue reading

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