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Another Wall Street scam

China to Wall Street: The Side-Door Shuffle By DAVID BARBOZA and AZAM AHMED Published: July 23, 2011 Dalian, china IT was the hot new thing on Wall Street — one of those exotic investments that seem to promise untold riches … Continue reading

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China means cyber-warfare

Every major company in the U.S. has been hacked by China’: Cyber-espionage warning from U.S security chief who warned of 9/11 Continue reading

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Beyond Devotion to Service

Despite the loss of a leg, Army Ranger is back in the fight By Gregg Zoroya, USA TODAY FORT BENNING, Ga. — From the moment his broken body was pulled from an armored vehicle in Iraq — after an enemy … Continue reading

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who cares gr$$dy NFL

Albert Haynesworth “made almost $35 million in just 20 games for Washington.” An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of republics. Plutarch Paul Daugherty, columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer, hits the nail on the … Continue reading

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Wisdom about Fools

In a previous post, this blog stated: Peggy Noonan has written recently that the country has reached an “existential challenge” regarding the debt ceiling, yet our leaders in Washington choose to dither instead of engaging in order to resolve this … Continue reading

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Our Friends in Pakistan

Why does the West refuse to act over the Kashmir stand-off? Pakistan’s fixation with Kashmir lies at the heart of the West’s problems. It is why Pakistan tolerates Islamist groups and continues to develop nuclear warheads U.S. Shift Poses … Continue reading

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Facts about High unEmployment

U.S. Payrolls Grow at Slowest Pace in Nine Months as Jobless Rate Climbs By Shobhana Chandra – Jul 8, 2011 4:32 PM ET The spoils have really gone to capital, to the shareholders, said David Rosenberg, chief economist at … Continue reading

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Arab Spring update Libya

In April, this blog predicted: Until Europeans intervene on the ground or Gaddafi flees into exile, the military and political stalemate will continue. Senior Rebel Is Doubtful Qaddafi Can Be Routed By KAREEM FAHIM Published: July 7, 2011 RUJBAN, Libya … Continue reading

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Comment on the debt limit crisis

Observing the made for TV drama this summer, The Perpetual Campaign, will they or won’t they raise the debt limit in time, is not exactly like waiting for Godot. Eventually, a deal will be made, a compromise has to be … Continue reading

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Color photography 1940s

A young boy in Cincinnati, Ohio – 1942 or 1943 Jack Whinery, homesteader, and his family in Pie Town, New Mexico, October 1940 Children eating barbeque in Pie Town, New Mexico The Faro Caudill family eating dinner in their dugout. … Continue reading

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