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coming soon Mexifornia

Coming soon to a neighborhood, a state near you, our country: Mexifornia. Mexicans believe they have a right to invade our nation because they are natives, while los Americanos, son los Anglos. Pues, en realidad, los Mexicanos son los gringos … Continue reading

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Get Out of Afghanistan

Map of attacks in Afghanistan. Kunar province is the second-most violent in Afghanistan. Map from ANSO. Afghan army successes cannot mask fears of what happens when US goes Bing West, former Marine, Vietnam combat veteran, former assistant secretary of … Continue reading

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Arab Spring Egypt update

The Arab Spring, which erupted in Tunisia in December, quickly spread to Egypt. Due to massive protests, the president for the past thirty years, Pharaoh Hosni Mubarak, was forced from office February 11. In the wake of this tectonic change … Continue reading

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Chinese business model

China became the world’s second largest luxury market in the year 2009. By constituting 27.5% of the global luxury market share in 2009, China surpassed the United States for the first time in luxury consumption and was only second to … Continue reading

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Arab Spring Syria

The Syrian government hails from the Alawite minority. But much of its administration and its military ability depend on Sunni bureaucrats, soldiers and officers like Captain Trad, whose alienation has been growing and whose defections risk increasing as Syria’s internal war takes on deepening sectarian tones. Continue reading

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People Need Good Jobs

In a previous post, this blog confirmed the fact that the economy was essentially going no where. The latest job growth figures confirm that April conclusion. Due to uncertainty, oil prices based based on speculation rather than demand, and health … Continue reading

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Debt-ceiling imperative

Peggy Noonan has written recently that the country has reached an “existential challenge” regarding the debt ceiling, yet our leaders in Washington choose to dither instead of engaging in order to resolve this impending crisis. Past precedent is not promising. … Continue reading

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