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Detroit Schools Archaeological Evidence

A Picture of Detroit Ruin, Street by Forlorn Street Workers are cataloging the tens of thousands of abandoned and dilapidated buildings in Detroit Credit Fabrizio Costantini for The New York Times Michigan Central Train Station Who’s to blame for … Continue reading

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NYC imam True Face of Islam

Big spender: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf allegedly spent more than $3 million that was meant for charity for personal gain What is an imam? A prayer leader. It takes one to know one. When you can longer face Islam, … Continue reading

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Obama Scorecard

The thrill is gone A Return to Normalcy By ROSS DOUTHAT Published: December 26, 2010 Over the past three years, American politics has been dominated by a liberal fantasy and a conservative freakout. The fantasy was the idea that Barack … Continue reading

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Arizona Massacre

This guy should be executed yesterday. There are few individuals in any society who are lower than pedophiles, abusers of the elderly or mass murderers. Hypocrites would seem to follow close behind. The attempt by the loony left to portray … Continue reading

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Chinese Advantages Problems

China’s economic transformation from a central-planning economy to national capitalism has changed history. Beijing’s economic muscle and cash reserves are unprecedented in world history; China’s economic development has impacted every continent. Oil price increases are based on voracious Sino demand, … Continue reading

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