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Job Scams

Job scams proliferate by offering easy pay Those desperate to make money fall for swindlers’ schemes Sunday, October 31, 2010 03:00 AM By Stuart Pfeifer LOS ANGELES TIMES LOS ANGELES — A weak labor market is hurting the U.S. recovery, … Continue reading

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BEWARE Islam in America

American Muslims are the new faces of the American reality, and they are not going anywhere. Mohammed (saw) said: “The whole earth has been shown to me until I saw the east of the east and the west of … Continue reading

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Broken Government Serves Politicians

Columnists, through their travels and with their contacts, command a more detailed perspective on current affairs than the general public. The following is an important column written by Robert J. Samuelson. It spells out in detail why the government is … Continue reading

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Jobs Jobs Jobs

Jobs are tight. Unemployment is scary, yet people cope. Many men and women in middle age have become too old to rehire; younger workers with children and aspirations are too young to retire. The unemployed place their hopes in a … Continue reading

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4th Virginia Textbook

Southern apologists continue perpetrating and perpetuating the fiction that slavery was not a cause of the Civil War by insisting that numerous blacks served the South in combat. While it is true that blacks did pull triggers aimed at Yankees, … Continue reading

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Obama AD 2010

To the dismay of his MSM acolytes and Democrats, Barack Obama has proven to be a dud president, so far. In foreign policy and domestic policy, the president has produced no decisive results. Talks between Israelis and Palestinians have not … Continue reading

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Rare Earth

If you thought China has US by the nads regarding “free” trade, their overvalued currency and their multi-trillion dollar cash reserves as opposed to our increasing debt, then consider rare earth minerals. China controls the world’s supply of these minerals … Continue reading

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Tea Party Hearty

During the current election cycle, cultural anger and frustration over the flaccid economy has produced anti-incumbent fervor among conservatives, libertarians, evangelicals and independent voters. This anti-tax and spending discontent has been directed primarily against the party in power, incumbent Democrats. … Continue reading

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Cancer is a Modern Disease

Cancer claims the lives of too many people in the prime of their life, like WBNS news anchor Heather Pick and Stephanie Spielman, wife of All-American linebacker and ESPN analyst Chris Spielman. Certain every day foods are known to inhibit … Continue reading

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Cambridge Holiday

Diversity means choices in your music: rock, soul, jazz; entertainment: music, sports, movies; food: Whopper, Big Mac, Olive Garden. Diversity of opinion triangulates the truth. Diversity in the weather and in the occurrence of natural forces such as earthquakes compelled … Continue reading

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